Another Frontier Online

Request for cooperation

I've decided what to do.Persuade Diete. We have to make a lot of preparations for that, but it won't end in a day.

Hayat thought so and contacted Nay first.

I got through as soon as I sent my voice chat application.

"Hayato? What's wrong?It's the last day of the Clan War, isn't it?

Ney, do me a favor.

"Well, what happened suddenly?I'll ask Hayato for anything. "

"Then please. I need you to go where you're going."

"Okay. I don't know what it is, but I'll ask Hayato for a favor!

"Thank you. First, go to the residential space in the fourth sector of the factory--"

"Wait, wait, wait! Where to go is real!?

"That's right. I've saved a lot of time explaining in detail, but now I can't log out and log into this game again."

"... what?

"I still have something to do in this game.I can't log out. "

I haven't heard back from Nay.You may not believe me, but Hayato kept going.

"The headgear is safe, and it seems to be a mechanism that forces me to log out when my body gets weak.I want to avoid it. That's why I want you to put an energy tube in my body. "

Three energy tubes a day will give you enough nutrition to live.I want you to inject it into Hayato main unit.That's Hayato's favor.

"Ney, you're the only one who can ask for this.Of course, the members of the Black Dragon are the same, but I trust Nay the most. "


"And Nay was born on Earth, wasn't she?Closest to the Seventh Satellite Station where you can access the factory space colony. "

"Chi, no, I'm a career woman working in a city like Central!

"Enough of that lies.Besides, people who can work in Central were born on Earth in the first place... Ney, listen, I'm from a factory - a working class.Ney may have been born into the capitalist class, but please, please listen to me. "

Hayat admires that Nay, who didn't need a bounty in the first place, is probably a capitalist class.Then you don't have to ask a working-class request like Hayato.

There was a class difference that I couldn't even talk about, but even so, Hayato had to ask Nay.

Nay is silent.

The moment Hayato gave up, I heard a voice.

"Hayato, what are you talking about?We're friends, aren't we?You've been playing with me for over two years.Our friendship will not change now that the ranks are so different!


"Tell me where it is.Our foundation is responsible for protecting Hayato's body!Whether it's a week or a month, I'll protect you generously!

Did you say foundation?Which lady... no, but that would help.If you don't have to worry about body and forced logout, you can focus on this)

Hayato gave Nay the address and told her she wanted her to come back because she had more things to do in the game.I also contacted a former member of the Black Dragon and asked him to do so.

I would like you to gather the materials to make the weapon written on the paper that Asha gave me.

The members of the Black Dragon asked Hayato if he was too nice or because he had friendship with Hayato.They said they would gather it immediately and each acted on it.

(I can't thank everyone.I was told we were going to have an off-duty meeting, and I had to pay the full amount.That's not enough.)

Hayato once again thanked everyone in his heart and decided to go to the maid's guild.

A maid guild in King's Landing.As usual, but sometimes during clan wars, the number of players is small.Mostly NPC.

(Esha must have been fighting the maid captain.But Esha came to help me.I don't know how you got here, but at least Esha won, right?If the Clan War was over, there would be a maid commander.)

Hayato enters the coffee shop thinking so.

And I talked to a maid who was a waitress.As Hayato predicted, the maid chief is already back.

When Hayat told him that he wanted to see him, he was taken by the waitress to the office where the maid was.

The maid captain welcomed Hayato with a smile while sitting in the chair.

"Welcome, Hayato.Congratulations on today's Clan War. "

I felt a little uneasy about the fact that the maid chief was in a good mood, but Hayato cut out the story.

"Mademoiselle, I'm the messiah for the Mademoiselle Guild, right?

"Did you finally admit it? - Sure, I'll give you some shade."

"No, it's not."

"That's fine. I understand.Esha today was very serious.I thought it was something, but was that the case? "

Hayato doesn't know what the maid chief is saying.What does it mean to say that Esha was serious in the first place?

"Um, what are you talking about?

"We're talking about taking Esha, right?Esha said today during the Clan War.I'm going to go to my husband's, so I want him to miss it.Of course I did. "

That doesn't make any sense.Hayato thought so, but left it.It would be a waste of time explaining.

"Well, I was actually asking you to talk to me later."

"What is it?I'll arrange a wedding. "

"That's not true.I want you to spread the rumor. "

"What's the rumor?

"I want you to spread such rumors everywhere that there is an event at Demon King Castle.The maids are all over the world.If you spread the rumors, everyone will go to the Demon King Castle. "

Dite is at the back of the Demon King Castle.However, Demon King Castle is a cave of vicious monsters and it is impossible for Hayato and members of the Black Dragon alone to go there.Having said that, Hayato has no other player but the Black Dragon.

Then I came up with the idea of spreading false information that an event had occurred at the Demon King Castle.That way, a large number of players will definitely go there.It's an operation to get behind the Demon King Castle by mistake of the group.

And it's the maids of the maid guild who are the best at spreading that lie.That's why Hayato came here.

"Master Hayato? Is that really a story?

"No, it's a lie."

"That's just not possible.If you find out it's a lie, your maid guild will be criticized. "

"Please do something about it.Yes, please make me the main culprit and make it look like the maid guild was tricked, then... "

"When you are deceived, your maid's guild's reputation will be lost.In the first place, why do you lie about the event that took place at Demon King Castle?

Hayato wondered whether it would be good to tell the maid.

In the first place, it is possible that the maid leader is on the side of god-dite.I don't want Diete to give me the truth.I don't think I will be harassed to make the monsters of Demon King Castle stronger now, but I don't want to be informed of our actions as much as possible.

The maid chief nodded with a smile, wondering how Hayato felt.

"Is there something you can't say?And I saw that Esha was involved, so what do you think?


"Is it a maid's guess?Hayato seems very anxious from earlier.I just thought it was because Esha was involved. "

It's not wrong.I'm in a hurry, and I'm shabby.However, when I looked at the maid's eyes, I felt something warm.I also feel like I'm making a terrible mistake.

I wondered what Hayato was doing, but nodded that there was nothing I could do even if I was lost.

"Exactly. I can't tell you more, but I really want you to make sure that there is an event at Demon King Castle."

"... I see.In that case, let's hold an event hosted by a made-up guild.It turns into a real event by offering a prize. "

Events hosted by players, rather than operations, are common in other online games.The NPC is hosting this time, but it's not that different.

Hayat was delighted that players would gather at Demon King Castle.

"Thank you!

"Please wait. But if we're going to do it, we have to solve another problem."

The maid chief stopped Hayato from lowering his head with pleasure.

"Event prizes, it's hard to get them ready in a made-up guild.If Hayato is excelling in production skills, what do you have?Hopefully, it would be more souvenir than food or equipment. "

"A souvenir? - I don't know if it will be a souvenir, but I have the demon king's signature colored paper. What about this?

Signature of Demon King Lunaria. Items with attributes that cannot be discarded, but are transferable.

"You have a lot of rare items.This will definitely make people in the Devil's Land want it. "

(I see, I don't want a player, I don't want an NPC... if I think about it carefully, I don't want a player.)

The maid chief nodded after receiving Lunaria's signature colored paper from Hayato.

"I see. Host an event with this as a prize.So, what type of event would you like to have?

"What format?

"There are many types of events.Defeating monsters is probably the most common form.Or collecting items that monsters drop. "

"Then please collect the items you want to drop.If possible, I'd like to make it into something that only Demon King Castle can drop, and a way to defeat a wide range of monsters. Is there such a convenient item?

Hayato's aim is to secure the castle.There is no point in defeating only certain monsters and leaving others unattended.

"That would be around the daemon horn.Since Demon King Castle is home to the majority of demonic monsters, I will adjust it by giving the demon King Lunaria's signature color paper to those who collect it the most.How long do you want to stay?

"Three days, please."

"I understand.I'll make that announcement right away. "

Thank you very much.

Now one of them is ready.I thought so and the maid chief stopped me.

"Dear Hayato, I think this is a loan to me, but how about it?

"Yeah, yeah, that's right.Thank you very much. "

"You don't need gratitude, but you need a reward.Please laugh that it's a disgusting maid. "


"I'd like to have dinner alone with a nice man."

"... my clan has a nice butler, what do you say?

"That's the Savior.Great insight. "

(There's something wrong with him that I don't know.I'm sorry about Relic, but I'll lower my head later... or what happened to everyone but Esha?We need to make sure of that.)

After that, Hayato left the details to the maid director and Hayato left the facility.

Thirty minutes later, the Made Alliance announced that a Clan War End Event would be held for the entire world in the game.