Another Frontier Online

Demon King Castle

Hayat has returned to his base.

Nobody's home. The base is too big.I feel lonely there, but I'm not immersed in that sentiment.We need a lot of preparation to make this place a fun place again.I sorted out the situation first.

I asked Ney to take care of Hayato's body, asked the members of the Black Dragon to collect materials, and asked the maid guild to hold an event at Demon King Castle.

But it's not enough.Hayat has no means to fight.

Hayato intends to persuade Diet.I don't think I can convince anything in my current state.This is a world controlled by Diete.You don't have to admit what you don't want.

Hayato refused Dieter's wish to stay here.Then Diete doesn't have to fulfill Hayato's wish.Because it has no benefit.

So what matters is how to manufacture the weapon that Esha gave me."AI Killer · H Custom".We know that it is a performance weapon that destroys the AI of this world.

It will be a powerful weapon against Dite.If Hayato had it, Dite would also have the advantage of fulfilling Hayato's wishes.

Instead of using a weapon to wipe out Diete, ask Asha to help us.

That's Hayato's scenario.

But there's one problem.

Even if you have a powerful weapon, it makes no sense if you can't handle it well.Having a weapon alone cannot be used as a threat.I'm not actually going to erase Dite, but it makes no sense unless Dite is considered a threat.

I was thinking of getting others to use it, but it was a Hayato weapon.H Custom H is probably "Hayato".

Hayat saw his feet.

It's not like it won't move.When you try to exercise hard from pain or fear when you get injured, your body becomes stiff.In other words, it's a mental problem.

But there is hope.It was when I sheltered Esha in the battle against the "Devil's Summoning Society."After all, it didn't make sense, but Hayato was able to move.Hayato told himself that he should be able to move again this time.

(We'll have to do it.You promised me you wouldn't do anything to Esha until I got there.I think Dite keeps that promise...I think it's okay because I asked Nay to force me to log out due to weakness.Nevertheless, you need to be able to move your body a little bit.)

Hayato thought so and headed for the multi-purpose hall on the third floor.

Hayat prepared everything in three days.

We created items that could be useful with production skills, and prepared "AI Kill · H Custom".

"Hayato, are you ready?

Oh, let's go.

Hayato replies to Nay's words.

From now on, Hayato enters the castle with former members of the Black Dragon.After being transferred using a transporter to the Devil's Land in King's Landing, it was about 30 minutes on foot.

Today is the last day of an event hosted by the Maid Alliance.Players and NPCs will be gathering the last demon horn.

I have heard that Demon King Castle has been in a state of chaos for the past three days.Besides, the Devil King is absent. I also heard that the people who serve the demon king are resisting.

(Lunaria and everyone else are nowhere.Probably at Diete's.We need to help everyone, not just Esha.)

I don't know what Diete is going to do to everyone.Maybe there is nothing.But I don't know what to expect, and I can't just log out and stay out of it.

Hayato has relied on many players and NPCs.I can't do anything by myself now.Everything prepared in production skills and the chaos in Demon King Castle are all thanks to someone else.It will be the same in the future.

(But I'm the only one who can do this.Be sure to persuade Diete)

Hayato was so determined to go for Demon King Castle.

In Demon King Castle, many players and NPCs defeated demonic monsters.He took it to the back of Ney and the Demon King Castle.

"Nay and I have been here before, haven't we?

"Of course. Nevertheless, the items you drop are not very good, and when time passes, powerful monsters… no, powerful NPCs appear and run away.That's why they barely come. "

Really?By the way, what is this powerful NPC?

"You look like a Godzilla-like woman.I'm coming for a big scythe, but it's strong again.I don't think we can even win now. "


Mr. Gothlori, who was a member of the Black Rose?

When Hayato thought so, he heard a scream coming from the hall in front of him.And slightly, "Godzilla's coming out!- Run! "I heard a hurried voice.

"I'm not letting you escape!

There was a Gothlori woman chasing down NPCs and players at super high speed.Very smiling, but you can say you're crazy.

"Oh no! You're already in Mad Warrior mode!I'm pulling!

I don't know what Nay's mad warrior mode is, but I understand it's dangerous.I tried to leave the scene while Nay and the others were protecting me.If we fall here and return to our base, the loss of time will be intense.

But when I tried to escape, a Godzilla woman found me.

"I thought you said I wouldn't let you go!

"Everybody, protect Hayato!

Nay pulled out an excalibur replica on her hips while saying so.Prevent an attack by a Godzilla female sickle approaching at high speed.

The high sound of metal hitting the surroundings.

"Guys, let me handle this. Go ahead!Get Hayato in the back!

"... Hayato?

A Godzillari woman reacts to Nay's words.And Hayato and I met.

For a moment, the Gothlori woman rushed to Hayat.

"Ahhhh, you!What's wrong with Lunaria?He hasn't been back in three days!Running away!

"Wait! Calm down!Uh, yeah! Mr. Lunaria, no, we're going to help everyone!That clue is the deepest part of this Demon King Castle!So let me go!

The Gothrilli woman looked at Hayato with suspicion, but breathed heavily.Then the red and black aura worn by the Godzillari woman disappeared.

"I can't believe it, but I owe you... okay.Then I'll guide you.But there may be a god in the back of the Demon King Castle.No one's actually seen it. "

"... I've met you so many times."

"... I can't believe it, but Lunaria looked at you.Then maybe it's true.All right, come on.Come with me. "

When the Godzillari woman said so, she went into the back without confirming this.Hayato and the others chased after each other in a hurry.

On the way, Nay came to Hayato.

"Hey, Hayato, do you know that woman?He said he owed me. "

"A little before.But I don't even know your name.I know you're one of the ten black roses. "

"Really!? If I thought he was nowhere, I wonder if he was at the Demon King Castle.Besides, I never thought I'd talk because I just appeared as an enemy. "

That would be normal player behavior.In the first place, Hayato had met before, so I just thought I could talk to him, and I should have decided that if I met him for the first time, I would have to fight him.

Hayato missed the disturbance for a bit.

"I don't know why you're laughing, but we're here."

Hayato finally realizes that the Gothrilli woman told him.There was a fairly large door in front of me.

This is a passageway further back than the Throne Room of Demon King Castle.And there is a door made of double-opened metal.I didn't intend to open any doors that looked heavy, creating such an atmosphere.

"They say it's not open, and no one's ever opened it.Are you sure there's a god behind this?

"Oh, yes. They'll welcome me."

Hayato touched the door while saying so.

Then the door, which was completely immobile, began to open without a sound.

"It really opened...."

Leaving the astonishing Gothrilli woman alone, Hayato turned his body toward Ney and the others.

"I'm going alone from here on out.Everybody get back here now. "

"Hayato, shouldn't we go with you?Something's coming out of Las Boss.

"No, I'm going alone.This is what I have to do. "

Nay stares at Hayato.After a few seconds of staring, she sighed.

"Hayato is stubborn... okay.We've come this far.I'm going home now, okay?

"Oh, thank you so much."

"Don't worry, I'm your friend... but I'm going to have an off-duty party next time, I'll pay Hayato in full.

"Of course. I'll buy you as much as you want."

Nay nodded satisfactorily and slapped Hayato's left arm with her right hand.And all the members of the Black Dragon slapped Hayato lightly.There must be a sense of encouragement.

And the Gothrilli woman told me to go if Lunaria was up ahead, but Ney and the others didn't.

"More than that, let me tell you the story of the Black Rose!

"Hey! Don't pull my skirt!?

For some reason, Hayato walked through the door and entered after laughing at two people who were a little friendly.