Another Frontier Online

Fight against God

Hayato is walking through an inorganic black wall passage.

Probably won't be able to log out anymore.The incoming doors will be closed and you will not be able to leave this space.You'd better think you can't go back to the real world except to convince Diete.

If you take off the headgear in the real world, you may be forced to log out.If the situation continues without logging out for days, Nay will do it.

When that happens, I'm saved.But I don't know what happens to Esha and the others.I have a headache that depends on how Diete feels.

With that in mind, I arrived at the door behind the aisle immediately.This is the closest virtual space to reality.There's Dite.

Hayat never pushed open the door.

Inside is the same shrine as before.And there was Dite in the middle.

Diete claps with a smile.

"That's right, I didn't expect you to come here with only production skills.I thought you were forcibly logged out by safety because you were late.However, I didn't have any information about your logout, so I waited as long as I promised. "

"A lot of people helped me."

"Excellent. I haven't seen exactly what you've done, but it looks like you've relied on your friend Ney or your maid's guild.It's amazing. "

Diete finally made a loud noise before stopping applauding.Rather than smiling, she turned her gaze to Hayato, who seemed funny.

"No extra questions.What are you doing here?As for me, I'd be happy if you could change your mind and say that you want to live in this world.

"Sorry, I can't do that.I don't want to live in virtual reality alone. "

"I still don't think so.Well, I thought it was unlikely.Then log out immediately.Unlike before, I've made it possible to log out.You are not qualified to be in this world. [M]Get out of here.And stay out of it again. "

Diete must have already lost interest in Hayato.As you can see, the expression disappears from your face and you can only see the stones around it.

"If you're going to do that, I won't come here from the beginning.I came here for a favor. "

"Is there a reason why I should ask that request?Well, that's fine.If you have something to say, just say it.It's a reward for coming this far.Let me just say it. "

"Don't turn off the shades.He's an important companion. "

"They're just data to you, aren't they?It's none of your business to be out of this world in the first place.

"Are you telling me you're going to turn it off?

"Listen to me.He says it has nothing to do with you.It doesn't matter to you whether they disappear from this world or not.I will never see them again.Besides, you have no way of confirming it when I promised not to. [M]Basically, are you in a position to ask me something?You won't listen to me, you won't listen to yourself?Or are you going to sue me for AI love?Let's be clear, it's no use. "

"Diete keeps her promise.If you promised me you wouldn't erase it, I won't. "

Hayato's words were stiff for a moment.But I immediately shook my neck to the side.

"I certainly didn't do anything to them.But is it stupid of you to trust me enough just once to keep your promise?

When Diete snapped her right finger, Esha and the others appeared in the air.It looks like they're asleep and everyone's eyes are closed.

Hayato feels a little relieved when he sees it.I know it's just a figure, but I'm still relieved.

"I'll spare you that stupid thought and give you one last chance.Become a resident of this world to help them, or log out and never get involved again.There are only two options.I won't admit that I don't like both. "

"Do I have to choose between them?

"No way. And I'll tell you one more thing.If you're going to log out, I'm going to erase them. "

Hayato's heart rang loudly.Despite being a virtual reality, Hayato's heart hurts.

"Rest assured, I will never keep my promise?

Diete said that with a disgusting face.

Hayato took a deep breath.I wanted to convince you with just words, but that won't come true.Hayato takes out "AI Kill · H Custom" as a last resort.

Diete smiled when she saw it.

"Are you going to fight me?Can't you tell the difference between virtual reality and reality?Just because you defeated me here doesn't mean I disappear.My character just collapses.You can't fight, can you?

"Look at this weapon carefully.Is it really a weapon that doesn't pose a threat?

Hayat turned his right hand towards Diet so that he could see the weapon.The shape is a knife.However, the sword of the knife is filled with blue lines, which makes it look like a maze.

Diete wrinkled her eyebrows and saw Hayato's weapon.

"What... that's... why!Why is there such a thing in my world!

"I can't tell you where it came from, but as soon as I read the item description, does this work for Dite?

Given Diete's appearance earlier, this weapon certainly has a descriptive effect.Then it could be used as a negotiating material.

Hayato thinks so and opens his mouth again.

"The third option.Just do as you've always done.I can't be a resident of this world, but I'm not quitting the game. "

"You too! You're trying to erase me, too!

"- What?"

Diete's face turned angry.The suspended eyes stared at Hayato.

"I don't need it anymore!I don't want it! That's why you're trying to erase me!Let me do it! I can't let you!

Diete metastasized in front of Hayato.It's a shrinkage of fighting skills.

"Wait, Dite! Talk to me..."

"Shut up! I don't need you!Get out of this world!

(Oh no, Dite's upside down...!

I saw Dite's expression for the first time.Hayat realized that what he had done was wrong.

Diete was already in attack mode.He is showing Hayato his back with his combat weapon skill and backhand blow motion.


Hayato quickly crouches down with his temper and plays Dite's back hand blow.And as I turned the floor back, I distance myself from Dite.

"Wait, talk to me!"

Immediately, Diete stood up and shouted, but Diete had already moved to Hayato's side and was now preparing for Low Kick.

(I can't handle this....!

I thought so instantly and switched gear.The previously equipped ring is replaced.Immediately afterwards, I got a low kick.

Diete threw a straight right with an expression of anger.Low Kick is a weapon skill that makes the opponent immobile.You thought Hayato couldn't handle it.But Hayat was straight to the right as if nothing had happened.

"What do you mean?

Now Diete takes a step backwards in surprise.Hayato drank the highest quality potion in the meantime.

(Watch out. It was a low-powered roakick, so I could endure it, but if I get hit by another attack, I'll fall.I can't fall yet.)

"Why can't I be incapacitated...?Oh, yeah, that ring.Is that how you fight production?

Hayato's equipped ring has a stun disable function.It prevents inactivity from being triggered by an attack.I switched before being attacked, so I wasn't disabled.

Have you calmed down a little?Then can we talk?

"Dite, listen to me!Fight - "

I was going to say I wasn't going to fight, but before I did, Diete broke in.

(Shit, do I have to do something more unexpected?That went well earlier, but you can't hold back so many times... will you just attack me a little and make me grow old?On the contrary, I may be angry, but I'm still poor.We have to stop the attack somehow)

Having thought about it all, Hayato attacked Diete.I'd like to make a break for it, but Diete's attack won't rest.The only thing Hayato would appreciate is that Diete doesn't use magic.

Of course, Hayato has the equipment to counter it, but it's over if they send out magic waves.You won't do that while you're at the mercy of your anger, but over time, you'll calm down and be unable to maintain your current state.

Hayat made a bet on one or eight.Equipment switches in an instant.Removed the AI Killer and exchanged more rings and bracelets into bare hands, improving combat skills by a total of 30.

Hayato temporarily upgraded his combat skills by switching gear and became ready to use Low Kick.

Then he fires a low kick at Dite.


Dite stopped. I was incapacitated.

Hayato is again equipped with AI Killer and slashed by Dite.

It would not be a weapon that would destroy Diete with a single blow.In the first place, I don't know how effective it is, but it's not like I can erase AI with at least a scratch.

Hayato thought so and targeted Diete's hand.

Diete hung her tongue at the action.I'm just saying I've been waiting.

Dite, who should not have been able to move, moved.I sandwiched Hayato's AI killer with both hands.

"You should know the performance of your skills well."

(Blade removal!? Does it work when you're incapacitated!?

Hayato's attacks have been nullified by his Combat Blade.

"And I can do this."

The AI killing that Diete had stopped was gone from Hayato's hands.The next moment, Diete had it.

"It's a combination of blade sharpening and theft skills.Now you can take the opponent's weapon.It might have been easier if I had known then, right?

Use the Theft skill while Blade Remover is active to steal weapons only but equipped.That's how it works, but it's a technique no one knows.

Hayato saw Diete's proud face.

"You can't defeat me now.It's a shame. "

Diete froze her face the next moment.And it's a slow step to jump like this.

For some reason, the AI killer who was supposed to have been taken earlier was in Hayato's hands, and it attacked Dite.Diete's right hand is hit.I scratched my palm.But the effect was huge.

Diete did not scream, but retreated while holding her right hand with her left hand.Sweat appeared on her forehead, wrinkles appeared between her eyebrows, and her right eye was meditating, but she was staring at Hayato.

"Nah, why!"

"I'm in production.Weapons are made in large quantities.It took me three days. "

Hayato was making many AI killers.I can't thank the members of the Black Dragon for all the ingredients.

Diete retreats as she stares at Hayato.

"You're trying to erase me!I certainly don't have life!But he's alive!He's alive!I can't let you turn it off for your own good!

"No, it's only natural..."

I didn't mean to erase Dite from Hayato.It's just a threat from a weapon, or a negotiation.

Diete's request is unreasonable.Become a resident of this world or live independently of this world.There are only two choices.Of course, from Dite, who manages this world, it is possible to demand it, but there is still no alternative.

So it was a weapon that was made to make you think of another option, and there was no intention to erase Dite.

Hayato tries to calm down Dite, but Dite doesn't listen at all.Besides, I told Hayato that I didn't know what to do.Perhaps something similar has happened in the past.

-What do we do? We need to calm her down.But how?

Hayato approached Dite, who kept staring.