Another Frontier Online

Last hospitality

Hayat stands in front of the bulletin board.

After seeing Hayato with surprise, Esha turned her attention to the bulletin board.

Esha's expression didn't change, but as Hayato, she couldn't speak up.I thought so, but Esha smiled and looked at Hayato.

"Looks like you can make your dream come true.But why are you looking so lonely?

"... I won't be seeing everyone for a while.Maybe we'll never see each other again.Thinking about it a little bit. "

It's not possible.Today is the last time I'll see you in person.That made Hayato feel even more chest painful.

(I was going to log out without seeing you...)

"Well then, make me a chocolate parfait.Of course, with the five stars. "

"Well, isn't that where you want to say goodbye to me?

"It's not wrong to say goodbye to a chocolate parfait."

Hayato decided to make this one instead of having a weird way of breaking up.

"Well, sit down in that chair.I'll make it right away. "

Hayato started cooking by putting the necessary ingredients from the warehouse in an item bag.

Unfortunately, it's four stars.Hayato tries again.

"Speaking of which, why was I sleeping at this base?I think you and your husband ran away from Dite. "

"I'm grateful to Asha.And a note on how to make the last AI kill you gave me.That allowed me to negotiate with Diete.But isn't it inconsistent to give me a note like that and log out?When I got back to the base, I laughed. "

"If you could negotiate with Diete, I'd appreciate it.Is it because of that that I am safe?You must thank your husband.But what did you say was contradictory at the end?I didn't hear it very well. "

Hayato wonders at Esha's words.I began to question more than that.

(I wonder if the word logout is AI protection.That's why I didn't hear it from Esha.But Esha definitely told me to log out.Do you think Esha knows that this world is virtual reality?In the first place, why would Esha know how to make a weapon that could defeat Diete?It wasn't a general-purpose weapon, it was my only weapon.I mean, that's what Esha prepared for me.How could you do that?

"Um, Master, what's wrong?I've been quiet for a while.Let me just tell you to give me the chocolate parfait as soon as possible. "

"Oh, oh, sorry.I could have done it sometime.Yes, this. "

Hayat gave the five-star chocolate parfait to Esha.

Esha lifted it up with both hands for a few seconds before she started eating it deliciously.

"Asha, you can have it while you're eating, but I need you to tell me something..."

"Whoever gets in the way of my snack time is Destroy.No exceptions. "

"... I'm sorry."

Seen by Esha with sharp eyes like a hunter aiming for his prey, Hayato gave up listening.

(I have a lot of questions, but Esha is Esha.Just to satisfy my curiosity.I wonder if it would be naive to listen to it digging for roots and leaves.And if you interrupt, it seems dangerous.)

Hayato notices when she sees Esha eating.And I made coffee with my cooking skills.It's the five-star coffee I always drank.I haven't drunk anything in the last three days.I remember that.

(Did you say goodbye to this coffee too?I liked it....)

It's the coffee I always drink when I was worried about something.I miss it a lot.I thought it was the end, and I slowly tasted the coffee so I could remember the flavor, the smell, and even the tongue.

Hayato drinks coffee while waiting for Esha to finish eating the chocolate parfait.

There is no word between Hayat and Esha.However, time flows slowly.

It would have been a few minutes in time.But Hayato had a wonderful and pleasant time like it was too long and too short.

When he saw that Esha had finished eating, Hayato asked.

"How was the taste?

"It's as good as usual.It's a happy taste. "

I see.

Having such a conversation warms Hayato's heart.What I make makes someone happy.I'm not that happy.

But if we stay here any longer, we really can't go back to reality.Hayato stood up after taking a deep breath, although she felt her hair pulled behind her back.

Well then, I'll go.Split the money in the clan.I think that Esha will be fine for a while. "

"... I see.Would you hire yourself with that money?That way, you can eat and sleep in a maid's guild. "

"I think they'll kick me out.Oh, yeah, I'll give the clan leader to Esha.I can't split the money or the items if it's disbanded.You can dissolve me when everything's over. "

Esha leans her neck.

"Your husband will be back here, won't he?

"... that's what I'm going to do.But there's a good chance we won't make it back. "

I can't really go back. It may be cruel to the Asha people who live in this world to leave the possibility of coming back.But I couldn't say I could never go back.And Hayat doesn't want to give up hope that maybe.

Then I'll wait.


"I will wait here for your husband's return.I don't know about you, but I'm here to wait for your husband's return.I'll let you know that your husband hired me for a long time. "


"I look forward to your souvenir.With food, of course. "

Hayato is about to cry.

My head knows it's a virtual reality.Nevertheless, is there anyone who has made such a bond in reality?There will be the possibility of one's own unilateral thoughts.Maybe it's just a convenient employer for Esha.

Even so, Hayato was delighted.

"I wanted to see Esha in real life."

The truth leaked from Hayato's mouth.I didn't mean to say it, but I was so impressed.

Hayat panicked, but Esha leaned her neck.

"Why did you say you wanted to see me?

"Oh, no, it's nothing.I'm glad Escha came from the maid's guild, watching the chocolate parfait and drooling. "

"Do you want to eat Destroy before you go anywhere?I think it will be a good experience. "

The usual funny conversation.Hayato is the only one who knows the situation, but this kind of parting suits us better.

Hayato smiled at that thought.

"I don't want Destroy, I'm going."

"Yes, welcome, Master.Please come home soon.Without a chocolate parfait, I can't do anything. "

I'll do you a favor.

That's what Hayat said and left the base.

It is ill dressed to go back to my room after breaking up with you.The logout was to go to King's Landing in order to go to King's Landing.

After logging out, the real Hayato wakes up.After that, I conflicted many times in the inn of King's Landing, but I eventually logged out.

Then I slowly removed the headgear.And look around.

Is this a hospital?I'm sure Ney arranged it for me.Thanks, but I've been lying down for almost three days and my body hurts - no, I have to make sure it's not like that)

While moving his slightly painful body, Hayato wore headgear again.Then launch the game "Analyzer Frontier Online".

The login character that appears in front of you.

Hayat chose to login but immediately encountered an authentication error.

(I knew it was no good. I knew it, but it's quite painful to make sure it's actually no good.)

Hayato once again removed the headgear and leaned back on the bed.

(We've got a foothold on the coffee shop, but we can't see each other anymore....)

Hayato thought so while choosing a nurse call from the monitors on the bed.