Another Frontier Online

When you develop your production skills,

Six months have passed since Hayato was unable to log in to Anather Frontier Online.

During that six-month period Hayato opened the coffee shop he had dreamed of.

Retro coffee shops many generations ago can be said to be antiques in themselves.This is the result of Hayato's careful application.Sometimes that's unusual, and that's where the guest feet are.

It is unusual to open a coffee shop in a colony, not on Earth.It would have been impossible if it had not been so pleasant.But Hayato has money.It's the money Diete gave me as a prize for the game.

Money is not enough to open a coffee shop.Having been busy preparing for the opening, Hayato finally opened a coffee shop by running around various places.

No matter how busy Hayato is, he has never forgotten about the game.

What are all those people doing now?I can no longer be involved in that game.It bothers me, even if I know it.

Sometimes I ask Diete and Nay about the game.In the first place, Neys and the members of the Black Dragon often hold off-duty meetings here.Feel free to stop by and ask for something simple and talk.

It is sad that it is the main source of income for coffee shops, but it is likely that the sales of coffee shops that have just begun are like that.

And here comes Ney again today.


"Hmm, there you are!Do the usual today!Everyone's coming!

"Another chocolate parfait?Sometimes I need coffee. "

"... that's because it tastes like an adult.I don't know the taste until it gets a little bigger.Well, one day, please. "

(You must be over twenty years old.So chocolate parfait gets fat every day?

Even with that in mind, Hayato made the requested sweets.

Around six in the afternoon, Nay and the others left.

Clean up the dishes on the table that Nay and the others ate and start washing.

(We need to make a little more sales.Thanks to Ney and the others, we have regular sales, but we can't afford it forever.Should I change the coffee beans?Or do we have to sell a little more?

It doesn't make sense to think about it a lot, but it doesn't make sense to make it feel very strange.

Well, I was thinking a lot about what to do, and it was quite a while ago.

The customer didn't come, and I thought it was time to close the store.

The doorbell rang.

A woman came in through the entrance.

She wore sunglasses despite these hours in a white shirt with an off-shoulder and light black jeans.

The temperature in the colony is kept constant, and its appearance is not particularly cold.However, I don't feel too defenseless or feminine.All you have to do is dress like that.

I don't know because I wear sunglasses, but when I saw the contours of my face and the hair that stretched to the middle of my back, I felt like Hayato had met somewhere.But I can't remember where I met him.

(Come on, because you're a customer who came so hard, we need to deal with it properly)

"Welcome. Have a seat of your choice."

Hayato said that with a smile.

Although it was Hayato's prejudice, since she was a woman, I wondered if she would sit at the table by the window, and the woman sat at the counter.Then I looked at Hayato and I could peel my mouth a little bit.

(Where is that face after all...?

Immediately after Hayato thought so, he remembered that there was no water or menu and hurried to prepare it.

"Thank you for waiting.This way... "

Hayato placed a glass of water in front of a woman and tried to give her a menu.

The woman stopped the menu with her right hand and didn't accept it.

Immediately after I thought it was a customer, the woman opened her mouth.

"May I have manga meat, bucket pudding and ultra-eclair with five stars?"

Hayat couldn't understand the words of a woman for a moment.But it's really just for a moment.I immediately remember what the menu is.

There's no way to forget. The food I prepared when I made her my friend.

"Eh, Esha...?

Hayato asked the woman that with a faint voice.

The woman smiles and takes off her sunglasses.There was Esha's Niyaniya face, which I often saw in the game.

"It's been a long time, Master.But don't you realize it's too late?I was hoping you'd notice when I came into the store, but if I didn't tell you so far - well, it's fine because I saw your husband's surprised face. "

"Eh, ah, no, why... why...?

Esha is a game dweller in the first place.There can't be shade in reality.

Hayato had no idea why Esha was here.

But Esha smiled at the confused Hayato.

"My husband won't be back for long, so I came to pick him up.The Maid Guild told me to look for it, so I came here.It took me six months. "

"Is that so...?

The underlying problem is not there, but Hayato is confused and unable to think together.I finally gave it back.

"How touching is the reunion?I was hoping you'd be more happy.Let me tell you that I'm in a bit of a mood. "

"No, I'm so surprised... I'm glad, but I can't sort it out because my head doesn't follow.Did you say you just picked me up?

"Yes, I did.If you don't hire me as a maid, the guild will send an assassin, so I'm in danger.Please go back to virtual reality and hire me again. "

"Um, I don't know if I can get through to Esha, but I can't log in to that game anymore.Looks like Dieter destroyed my biometric data. "

Then I fixed it.And it took too long to get here. "

"Yeah? But no one can fix Diete-chan's story in this era."

"Because I am not a person of this age.I mean, I made part of the program, so I can do that. "

"I see... is Esha human?

"From there?Well, shall we talk about it from now on?I'll slowly explain why I became such a cute maid. "

Hayato naturally loosened her cheeks when she was shabby.This is how I interacted with Esha even in virtual reality.This is not a reality, but a virtual reality.

"Can I help you?Will you buy me some?

"Of course. I'm going to put in some coffee right now, so wait a minute."

"No, it's a chocolate parfait.I want to eat real food. "

Hayato makes chocolate parfait at Asha's request.Coffee, of course.

Esha set the chocolate parfait for a few seconds and started eating it with a spoon.It would be a normal girl to put her left hand on her cheek and eat a delicious parfait.

Hayat was gradually able to accept this reality.

Well then, I'll explain while eating.

Esha started talking about the past.

By the end of the chocolate parfait, Esha told Hayato everything.

"So, Esha and the others are human beings a hundred years ago, right?Is Diete-chan the only AI and all the NPCs human? "

That's what I'm talking about.

Hayat listens to everything from Esha.I heard all about the spaceship Aphrodite, the AI, and the fact that Escha NPC was a hundred-year-old person who slept in cold sleep.

"But how did Esha get to reality?You've lost your memory of reality, haven't you?

"Actually, I've been back for a while.It was when the mistress held the princess. "

AI protection is said to be a measure to prevent NPCs from remembering reality.However, in the case of Esha, the memory is recovered in a different way.This is probably because it was Esha, who had a major memory alteration before and after the final update.

"Ah, the pain at that time was the pain when my memory came back - oh, yeah.That's why I told you to log out when you ran away from Dieter.And you knew how to make an AI kill because you were a programmer?And that's why you were able to repair my biometric data?What a surprise. "

"Now that you can log in, you can say thank you for eating as much chocolate parfait as you want.

"No, even if my mouth is ripped, I wouldn't say that.By the way, I'm not even gonna tell you about it in the game, am I?

Hayato is about to cry for the first time in a long time.I thought I'd never see you again.I didn't expect to see you in reality.

And being able to log in to the game means you'll see Ash and the others again.I can't thank Esha enough.

I want you to eat as much as you want, but this is real.It costs a lot of money.

"Still, you don't have customers at this coffee shop, do you?

"Don't say that. I've just opened the store, and it's about to start."

"Could this be your husband's dream?

"Well, I didn't tell you because I couldn't talk about reality in the game, but it was my dream to run a coffee shop.That's what I've achieved, so it's probably my future dream or a challenge to treat as many customers as I can, because if we don't sell well, we'll be crushed. "

To be realistic, Hayato gets a little sad.

In front of such Hayato, Esha had a thoughtful face.

"Uh, what's wrong?

"I have a suggestion for your husband."

"That's fine, but can you please stop, Master?Because if they say that in real life, they're pretty dangerous. "

So you're Hayato then?

"... I feel chilly."

"If it was in the game, you'd have taken out Belzeve and shot him."

"Hayato is fine.I don't need you. "

"I see. Okay, Hayato.I have a suggestion. "

It is a little itchy even if I call it off.But I was careful not to put it on my face.In reality, I don't want to be teased as much as possible.Because unlike games, they are more likely to blush.

"Um, what suggestion?

"I live and work in this coffee shop.I'll be a waitress as a sign girl, so thank you very much. "

"Living in the house is not a suggestion, it's a decision.

"Is that something you don't like?You don't have a place to live at this hour, you throw a weak woman out?

"I can't stay if they say so, but I'm a man, right?

"It's a mess to say it yourself.Hayato sleeps in this coffee shop and I sleep in the bed upstairs. "

"How do you know the schedule?Well, if you're staying, that's fine, but are you serious about the waitress?

"Yeah, I'm serious.Or can I just have dinner without working?It's the best for me. "


"Then it's settled.Even so, Hayato is lucky.I never thought I'd be able to hire such a cute cheetah waitress. "

"You're as cute about yourself as ever.Well, in order to secure new customers, it might be good to make changes because of that.Well, thank you for being real. "

"Yes, please stay on the big boat.I don't know what to say, but... "

"Huh? Is there something wrong?

"Yes, I'm actually having trouble in the game right now.I need Hayato's production skills, so please help me. "


"Now, hard-line dragons are raging in various countries in search of the treasures of Dragon Seoul.It's called a stampede.Ash-sama and the others are trying to stop it, but it doesn't seem to be working. "

"Why is that happening?I mean, if it's a game event, why don't you just keep it that way?You're not going to lose, are you?

"Actually, there are a lot of problems, and if hard-line dragons win, virtual reality could end."

"Why are you doing this...."

I'll ask you tomorrow.You can log in now, but please entertain me today. "

"Huh? I have work to do tomorrow."

"It's hard to say, but this coffee tastes like two stars.I don't have any customers. "

"Don't say anything....!

Hayato knows that best.The least successful seller in this shop is coffee.

"Now I'm going to fight to get customers.Chocolate parfait is so delicious.Why don't you go to a chocolate parfait?

"I want to compete for coffee!

"Well, that's fine.But if that's the case, do your best.By the name of this store, hey?

Esha smiled when she said so.For a moment, I didn't know what I was talking about, but Hayato was bloodthirsty all at once.

I never thought this would happen, so I've forgotten the name of the store until now.

"The coffee shop crown... doesn't Hayato like me too much?I'll just say I'm a little dissatisfied that it's a last name, not a name. "

I took a name from someone who I thought contributed the most to fulfilling my dream.It was because of pure gratitude, but I was embarrassed when this happened.Nevertheless, Hayato thought that if he had come this far, he would have said it properly.

"I appreciate you, Asha.It was thanks to Ash and the others who started the coffee shop this way, but I still think it was thanks to Esha.That's why I named it after the store.Thank you very much. "

Esha looked a little surprised at Hayato's words, but soon she smiled.

"You're welcome. I appreciate it too... because Hayato didn't feel afraid to recover my memory."

"Um, I didn't hear better at the end...?

"Nothing.Well then, my name is on the shop, so let's make this the best coffee shop in the world.We have to aim for the best. "

"I think that's hard."

Hayato said that, but I thought it might not be impossible with Esha.