Another Frontier Online

Nonsense: brother and sister

"Brother, are you sure you want to go?

"Oh, don't you care?Blackjack has won this clan.I didn't have to fight after all, so I wanted to talk to you for the last time. "

On an evening when the sun was already tilted, two men and women were walking on the meadow.He is a famous brand brother and sister in this virtual world.

The destination is the fort, which is the base of the clan "Blackjack".

Today is the day when this virtual reality world ends.All the inhabitants here enjoyed their last hour.Many felt anxious about it, but felt more hopeful than that.

The real world is coming to an end.There are no dreams, no hopes, just wasted days.Still some people resist it.And maybe we can avoid the end of the world.

But that would be years away.The same days will continue.It's not the same in their own generation, but it's the grandchildren who are close to it.Most people think it's impossible to live with that in mind.It will be difficult for people who can live only about a hundred years, such as living fifty or sixty years away.

Permanent login to the proposed virtual reality.The people who had originally lived here for a few years accepted the proposal because they were less resistant and had no expectations of reality.

And today is the last time I have such a real memory.As the sun falls, the memory of reality disappears, and the next time I wake up, another life awaits that fulfills my request.

Ash wanted to speak with a member of Blackjack, the winner of the Clan War, and was on his way to his stronghold.

I don't know how far I can erase my current memory.However, Ash and a member of the clan said to be the strongest still wanted to talk.

It is difficult to take the best.There is something there besides effort and strength.Talk to the strongest clan member and you may know something about it.That's what I thought.

My sister Len was worried about Ash, but she wasn't very interested.

"I think it would be better if you were with your dads."

Ash stops at the words.

"So you're going home? I don't really want to talk, so I can come back.You can decide. "

Len smiles at Ash's words.My brother always gives himself priority.I often make such remarks because I want to hear the words.And it's the usual word to give it back.

"If you can't help it, I'll respect your opinion this time!

"I see! All right, let's go!

Ren looked at the delightful Ash with a smile, and they walked toward the "Blackjack" fort.

There were many people gathered around the fort.

Everyone seems to think the same.With that in mind, Ash moves to the end of the line of people lined up at the entrance.

Len slightly leans out of the row and looks ahead.

"It's going to take a while, isn't it?Can we get in before the world's over?

"Well, you're all right.This fort is the largest in the clan.Maybe we can fit 500 people in.Plus, the line is moving at a fairly high speed.I think I'll be in in five minutes. "

During such a conversation, the man in front of him turned around.It is a smile, but my cheeks are peeling.It's a virtual reality, but I think he's suffering from some kind of disease.

The man opened his mouth with a smile.

"Excuse me, are you the brand sisters of Dragon Seoul?

"Yes, but you've seen it - oh, no, Clan War.Was it the Mist of Undead?

"I'm glad you know.But I'm lucky.I didn't expect to see Ash from Dragon Eater and Len from Dragon Curse on the last day... oops, before that.As you know, I'd like to say hello again.My name is Mist. "

As Mist lowered his head, Ash and Len lowered their heads.

Len looks at the mist with a smile.

"Did Miss Mist come to talk to members of Blackjack?

"Yes, yes, but you two?

"I'm the only one who wants to talk, and Len is like my escort."

I see.I also wanted to talk to the last of my most powerful clan-but I don't think there's a leader, Ivan, who I've heard of. "


Ash shouted in surprise.I came here to see the Ivan.Ivan, the "Brave One" who leads one of his most powerful clans.I once wanted to talk to someone I called the strongest.

"Do you know why I'm not here?

"They went to see Lunaria in Ambrosia.Something like a confession. "

"Oh, I've heard of it.Is it likely to work?

"Given Lunaria's personality, Ivan's hot and bitter personality is impossible.Besides, it seems that there are quite a few people gathered in the other fort today.I heard from my acquaintance in a chat that they are in a line of serpents longer than this one.It may not even be easy to meet. "

"Ambrosia has a lot of clans around it.The Godzillari group, "Black Rose," it's crazy. "

"My clan lost there..."

Ash and Mist sigh as they go crazy or think of something they don't like.

Seeing Ash like that, Len managed to change her story.

"Well, there are other famous people in Blackjack, so why don't we talk to them?There you go, "The Goddess of Destruction."

"Yes, but it's a wizard.As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to talk to someone strong with a melee weapon. "

Mist opened his mouth to Ash's words.

"What about the Collector?Blackjack's deputy leader is also a proximity weapon, right?

"That woman - that's right.Let's talk about it.Speaking of which, did Mist come to see someone specific?

"Yeah, I'm in Primadonna.I would be happy if you could tell me the song again.It was great when I heard it before. "

"Oh, you're a support expert.Even in reality, you're a singer.It's unusual for electron synthetic sounds to be mainstream. "

Mist looked a little surprised at Ash's words.

"Oh? But Ash and his parents... oh, no, sorry."

Mist lowers his head as if he were sorry.It was Ash who panicked.

"No, don't worry about it.It's been a long time - and I'll forget about it anyway... ah, sorry "

Now Ash bows his head to Len.

"I told you not to worry about it anymore.If you're with your brother, it's fine. "

"I see.Sorry about that. "

"Ash's father is Ver Brando, isn't he?I knew you were in the same clan, but will he stay here too?

"That's what he said.I don't think he's interested in the world, but I think he's worried about me and Len.It's like we were worried about this virtual reality. "

"Why do you always fight when your brother knows so much about your father?

"I don't want to fight.It's blowing up.I got it by doing the same job as my father.My father is amazing. My father doesn't have a shadow to see.That's why I wanted you to go back to your old father.... "

When Ash said that, someone called at the entrance to the fort.He asked me to come in quickly.

Looking around, there was no one in front of Ash and there were a lot of people lined up behind.

Mist urges Ash and Len.

"I think there are many things, but let's get inside first.That's right, if you lose your memory, you can let me know.I'd love to hear more.What happened to Ash and your father?

"... well, then it's not bad to tell someone at the end.I'll forget about it anyway. "

"I want to hear it too!But if this happens, I wonder if you asked me to leave a memory because of my desire for AI. "

"That's exactly what you want."

That said, Ash and the others entered the fort.

Many of my compatriots who enjoyed the last hour were having fun there.