Another Frontier Online

Dragon Seoul's Treasure

The day after Esha arrived, Hayato, who had finished his work at the coffee shop, locked the entrance and windows of the coffee shop firmly before turning off the electricity.

The only lights are the artificial moon lights that come in through the window.After seeing the gentle light from the window, Hayato slowly exhaled after sitting in the leather chair in the coffee shop.

There is a headgear on the table in front of me.This is the headgear for logging in to Analyzer Frontier Online.

Hayato was unable to log into the game six months ago, but thanks to Esha, he was able to log in again.

Asha is already logged in and wearing headgear in Hayato's room.

Hayato held the headgear with both hands and put it on his head.Then launch "Analyzer Frontier Online".

The "Login" character is displayed in front of you.

Six months ago, I was unable to log in due to an authentication error.

Hayato takes a deep breath only once and then selects "Login".

The characters being authenticated are displayed, followed immediately by the characters of successful authentication.Immediately afterwards, Hayato tasted the floating feeling and his vision darkened.

(It's been a long time...)

Hayato leaned on the chair, relinquishing himself to his senses.

Hayato wakes up.

A large full moon and starry sky were seen in front of me.A sky-filled starry sky that is virtual reality but difficult to see in reality.Looking at it, Hayato could feel it coming back.

It's a bit unfortunate that I've been logging in for a long time at night, but I can't help it because I work.This kind of thing is also B, just a little laughing.

Hayato wonders for a while, rejoicing.

When you log in, the game will resume from where you logged out.Sometimes under special conditions, Hayat can be put in jail, but he was last logged out at the inn of King's Landing.

You can only safely log out of your home bed or bed in a hotel in a town or village.You can't log out in the open where you can see the sky like this.

Hayato wakes up in a hurry.And I looked around.

Hayat was in the pile of debris.The place where he slept was a sign of a broken building.

But that doesn't matter.

It was night, so I hadn't noticed until now, but there were five dragons about 10 meters long looking at Hayato from a place a little far away.These dragons aren't so-called general-purpose monster dragons, they're obviously powerful dragons with their original appearance.


The dragons approached.

"He showed up all of a sudden, but what is he?

"You mean you've been on a special attack by yourself?You don't have to go crazy here anymore, do you want me to take it down?

"No, wait. Did you see that face somewhere...?

That's what the dragon said when he looked at Hayato.

It is illuminated by the moonlight, but the body of the dragon looking at Hayato is said to be dark.In the current time period, the contours are dull if you don't keep an eye on them.

"Ah, he was in Ash and Ren's clan, wasn't he?I think he was the leader of a clan called "Daedalus."

Somehow a dragon other than the Dark Dragon knew about Hayato.And I know Ash and Len.

Hayato was somehow predictable.

(Is this a dragon called Genesis Dragon?If there are five of them, are they tough guys... then there's Ash's father?

I suddenly logged in to the wrong place, but there's nothing I can do anymore.He may be defeated, but he tried to have a conversation and get information.

"Ash's father?

A dragon with a dark body did not answer the question, but suddenly his body glowed.And at the next moment, there was a human man.

It is a way for people to get angry if they wear a suit that is thin in fabric and only wear a tie around their neck.

However, he looks handsome even in his late forties, and his inert beard also brings out the charm of a man, saying he's a little evil.Conversely, it is likely that its lewdness will attract many women with a wild feeling.

Hayat realized that he was the man who was confronting Ash in the last clan war.

(I see, only Ash and Ren-chan's father.When I was young, I suppose I was famous.If you're in reality, you're going to talk - no, are you in reality?)

The NPCs in this game are humans from Earth a hundred years ago, entering the cold sleep of the spaceship Aphrodite and permanently logging in.Memories of our time as human beings are gone, and the world of this game is the only reality for them.

(But it's strange.I feel like I've seen you somewhere before.Like I've seen it before that last Clan War...?Instead, it would be rude to sit down.)

Hayato stood up. And he moved to Ash's father.

"It's called Hayato.Are you sure it's Ash's father?

"Oh, yeah.Perfect, I'd like to ask Ash to leave a message instead. "

"Before that, where is this place?

"This is Anhemdal, the king's capital."


Hayato looks around, thinking he's such an idiot.Although it is a pile of debris, the surrounding buildings certainly look familiar.

Is this where King's Landing was?Did you start on debris because the hotel broke down while I was logging out?)

"Stampede, you know?Our hard-line dragon attacked King's Landing.The secret treasure of Dragon Seoul, its shards, was stolen from this king's capital.Some of them were trying to protect us, but they weren't with us. "

In other words, the stampede defense event failed.

Hayato remembers that this is the first time a dragon has attacked a stampede that generates a lot of monsters.However, it was the first time in Hayato's memory that the city had broken down before that.

However, if you look closely, it was the building of the facility that broke down, not the private house.I speculated that some facilities were set to be limited if defense fails.

"So, a message to Ash, tell him not to seek the treasure of Dragon Seoul."

"I don't mind, but why?

Ash's father looked a little surprised at Hayat's words.And immediately raise the corner of his mouth.

"Doubting everything is a good thing.But curiosity kills cats.You don't need to know why.Besides, I'll get it first if Ash and the others want the treasure.Think of it as troublesome and don't disturb me. "

Really? Then I'll just say it.I think Ash decides what to do. "

"Oh, that's fine.By the way, is Hayato a friend of Ash's?

"Yeah, well. I think I'm your best friend."

I don't know what you think about NPC, but Ash is not an AI, but a human.Even if it was NPC, Hayato felt that way, but now he can shake his hand and say that.

I see. Did he have any friends?That's not why, but I'll name it.I'm Val. Ver Brando.So I left you a message. "

"I see. By the way, do you have a message for Ren-chan?

"... fufu, that's interesting.I've got a lot of guts to do in front of this dragon. "

(That's virtual reality.Well, I'm scared if a giant dragon tries to bite me.)

"For Len, like her mother, she's beautiful - no, forget it.Just tell them you're close to your siblings. "

Ash and Len's mother.Hayat has never heard of it.I have heard various stories at celebrations and so on, but I remember that there was no such topic.

"I see. I'll tell Ash and Ren-chan."

"Oh, please. From now on, get along with both of you.Goodbye. "

Val became a dark dragon again just for a moment.And spreading the wings with momentum.

The other four dragons similarly spread their wings, putting their weight on their feet before kicking them to the ground and flying.

Having dropped it off, Hayato thinks a little.

(I wonder why Ash and his colleagues decided to abandon reality and become residents of this virtual reality.I hear that times of resource depletion have been tough, but... well, that's how we met.Think positively. Okay, let's start with the base.)

Hayat took out the "ring of transition" and teleported it to his base.