Another Frontier Online

Virtual reality for the first time in six months

Hayato had a safe base in front of him.

As Hayato guessed, only facilities will be destroyed, and private homes and player bases will not be destroyed.Rather, it can be said that it is the level at which a claim occurs if it breaks.Hayat looked up at the hub, hoping it wasn't rubbish that had been back for a long time.

It's a place that I haven't been able to come for about six months, but nothing has changed since then.Hayat is pleased with the fact.Now it's night, so I'll head to the entrance thinking about seeing it during the day.

Hayat approached the entrance to the cafeteria on the east side.

Light is leaking from the small window on the door.Asha was logged in first and was waiting inside.

I took a deep breath only once and then opened the door and went inside.

There is a maid shade in there.When I checked Hayato, I lowered my head with a smile.

Welcome back, Master.

Um, I'm home.

A maid who looks like Asha after a long time.Except for the clothes, it's not different from the reality, but somehow it's better this way.

In reality, Esha was doing her job in the coffee shop without difficulty.Sometimes it is said that there are few customers, but it can be said that Nay and the others were normal customers.But on the contrary, I felt uncomfortable.

(Speaking of which, they say it's okay to pay the salary on track, but I have to prepare all the food, clothes and shelter for you.We still have the rest of the prize money, but we're still on the decline.We have to do something.)

I was thinking of such a difficult reality, but I thought of something else.

"Do you call me Master again?

"We do that in virtual reality.I think people will be surprised if you suddenly call me Hayato.Especially Ren-sama. After that, the maid chief is scared. "

Hayat was convinced that that was true.

"Hey, Hayato, you're back in the world, right?


I didn't notice it because there was Esha just after I came in, but there was Dite here.He was sitting in a chair and drinking a cup of coffee at the table.

The diet stood up from the chair and stood in front of Hayat.

"I exchanged e-mails, but it would be nice to see you again.I wonder if it's because I said that brilliant line.

"That's right. I'm glad to see you in person like this."

"Thank you, Asha-kun.Because she was a programmer, and I was able to fix Hayato's biometric data. "

"I heard about it.What a surprise. "

Esha looks a little loud at the words, but soon she becomes serious.

"I don't care about that, so please have a chocolate parfait.I think it's a legitimate reward. "

"Will you stop holding Belzeve when you ask for something?I'm scared because I've been knocked down several times.Hold on a second. It's been a long time, but I'll try to make it. "

Hayato went to the warehouse and returned with chocolate parfait ingredients in his bag.Then take out the "Adamantite Knife/Pole", which can be called Hayato's main weapon.

The choice of chocolate parfait from the menu was filled with rainbow light, resulting in the highest quality chocolate parfait.Hayato is happy that the best quality in the first creation is good luck.

"Yes, please."

"If you don't eat this, the day won't be over.Now, please continue your conversation with Mr. Dieter.I'm enjoying this. "

"You're eating in reality, but you want to eat in virtual reality?

"You can eat as much as you want with virtual reality.And I don't get fat. "

"Asha-kun, what a terrible thing to say, but the characters in this world are getting fat?It's how calories are calculated and reflected. "

Hayat remembers in that word.That's the main reason I was taken to the Maid Alliance.

"I know. But with virtual reality, you can lose weight efficiently.In reality, it's not going to work, so the main thing is to have fun here.Now, please be careful if you disturb me any further, it's a destroy. "

Esha said so and started eating chocolate parfait once.

Diete looked a little stunned, but immediately smiled and looked at Hayato.

"Well, let's leave Asha-kun alone.Well, I'd like to talk to you, but do you mind?

"Of course. Esha told me a little bit. What do you mean you need my help?

"Let's sit in the chair first... yes, to put it simply, I need Hayato's productive skills.I'll explain the situation. "

Here's what Diete said.

Currently, there is an event called Stampede in Analyzer Frontier Online.Stampede is a mass runaway phenomenon in which monsters invade the city in large numbers.

Although there have been several events in the past, this time the monster is a dragon and has been attacking major towns and cities in the past few months.

Players defeat and defend dragons in the towns being attacked.

Defense can be successful or fail, but this event is different from the previous one, and there is a gimmick that destroys the town's facilities, regardless of success or failure.

Bases and private homes built by players are not subject to destruction, but facilities with various functions are subject to destruction and will be destroyed if the durability of the facility is lost.

The player will not be able to use the necessary facilities.

However, the destroyed facility can be repaired.It requires productive skills.

"I mean, I need your help fixing the facility.If the facility remains destroyed, the game will only become harsh.I don't mind that, but I don't like games that are too harsh for most players, right?

The lack of facilities in the town is subject to various restrictions.

You can't apply for a clan, you can't shop, and Tamer can't keep pets.

"I understand the situation, but why is the facility set to break down?Dite, why don't you just make sure it doesn't break?

Diete is the AI that manages this virtual reality.Hayato doesn't know what settings are possible, but he knows that many things can be done.I thought that the more Hayato himself could fly, the more he couldn't destroy.

"I want to, but I can't.I don't know what this is, but I can say it's Hayato's fault. "


Diete smiled a little and showed Hayato the palm of her right hand.It's a beautiful hand with no scratches, but Hayato knows what I'm trying to say.Of course Hayato remembered attacking Dite six months ago with the "AI Killer".

"Hayato broke a part of the program, so it has limited functionality.This event and my skill settings have been restricted, so I can't set them up.Of course, there are things I can do, but it is almost impossible to set up the character relationship between the mainly event related and this Dite that I am manipulating.Asha-kun can't fix it until then, so we have to wait for the automatic repair, but it's going to take a couple of decades. "

"That's right... but do you blame me for that?I certainly did. "

Does that mean it's my fault?

Soon after eating the chocolate parfait, Escha looks at Hayato with a jito's eye.

It was Esha who taught me how to make AI Killer, but Hayato didn't think so.

No, it's not Escha, Diete-chan deserves it...

"Oh my God, Hayato, you're a man and you're responsible for a woman?


When Hayato was confused, Diete laughed like she couldn't help it.

"Well, I see, I know how Escha feels about seeing Hayato's troubled and surprised face.This is a habit. "

"Do you understand?Something's twitching like seeing a dog in trouble, right?

"I don't make chocolate parfaits anymore.And, Dieter, I'll just tell you that there are a lot of AI kills in my item bag. "

"I'm really sorry about the ride."

Esha immediately lowered her head.Chocolate parfait is strong.

Diete was laughing too, but she lowered her head.

"That's a scary threat.I'm sorry, of course I'm kidding.This is all my fault.Nevertheless, I no longer have the ability to play with my skills.That's why I need the help of Hayato, who has all the skills in the production system. "

"That's fine, but I think there are many other players with productive skills?Besides, I don't know what a town reconstruction system is, but I can't do it alone, can I?

"Well, come on, I'll explain.The hard-line dragon will win this event.I'd like to explain that, but it's too late today, so I'll stop.From here on out, Hayato, I'd like to be happy to see you back.I want to explain what else has happened since then.Of course, I'd like to hear about Hayato.I've been texting, but I need you to let me know. "

Hayat nods at the words.

Virtual reality has returned for the first time in six months.Now let's chew on the joy.Hayat talked to each other about the past until it was time to cross the day.