Another Frontier Online

Event Details

The day after logging in, Hayato decided to log in again in the morning.

Unlike six months ago, Hayato is working now.Anyone who neglects to respond in real life can quickly see that it is going to be a big deal.Nevertheless, if Diete asked me to help you yesterday, I'm in the mood to help you.

The NPC in that virtual reality is not NPC in the first place.I could have left someone I didn't know at all, but it's a world where Ash and the others think it's real.

Diete hasn't told me much about it, but there's a problem if a hard-line dragon wins.In order not to do so, they have been asked to restore facilities, and to equip Ash and the mercenary corps with more equipment.

Hayato tried to make a modest contribution by logging in to Anazar Frontier Online in the morning and working in a real coffee shop in the afternoon.There will be no guests in the morning, so you can do it.

Even though it was a little sad, Hayato wore headgear and logged into the game.

Hayat wakes up in his cell at the base.

Then I will organize the event I heard from Diete yesterday.After all, the event people were concerned and asked Diete what the situation was until it was quite late.Thanks to that, I was able to listen to the whole story, but not all.

For this event, "Stampede", the value of contribution points is set for each individual.When you accumulate it, you get items and in-game currencies for every certain number of items, but this time you will also get prizes in the real world.

This time, it's not just a mechanism for winning players like in clan wars, but everyone has a chance if they earn points to contribute.As a result, the prize with the point reward itself is small.

However, at the end of the event, 10 people with the highest total number of points will be paid 10 million yen per person in Japanese yen.In addition, the same amount is to be paid to the top ten clans on a clan basis.

(Too much money, but in the first place, Diete's goal is to "find people who want to live in this virtual reality."Even though we're looking for people who want to get into virtual reality by throwing away reality, how about fishing with money?I was caught at the last event, but the reason the players went to the top of the rankings was money, not the game itself.)

Diete said he was trying to select people to immerse themselves in virtual reality by offering large prizes to the top of the rankings.

Virtual reality must take precedence over reality in order to rank higher in Clan Wars.

Diete had this idea, but the reason players want to be at the top of Clan Wars is money, not just virtual reality in the first place.So did Hayato.

Yesterday, I made the explanation about it into a dite, but it didn't seem like it was very pinky.

In Diete's opinion, the reason we want to get a lot of money is because we are dissatisfied with reality, so we don't have to abandon reality and live in virtual reality.

When Hayato said that he wanted money even if he wasn't dissatisfied with reality, Diete said, "Is that so?" and thought a little bit.And he said, "We need to study more humans."

(You said you wouldn't solicit like I did, but should I stop?I wonder how humane it is to live by virtual reality alone, but I feel that it is not good if the person wants it.And because Ash and the others want to live in this world, I wonder if we can force them back to reality.But if Ney and the members of the Black Dragon want to live on virtual reality alone, I...)

Hayat thought of many things, but the answer was not.

If it doesn't make sense to worry about a future that hasn't happened, you stand up to do what needs to be done first.

Hayat left his base to go to the maid's guild in King's Landing.

The reason for going is simple.Esha is asking for help rebuilding the Maid Alliance headquarters.

Hayat remembered what Dith had told him as he walked through King's Landing.

It's about the system of reconstruction.

Simply put, you can talk to the NPC near the broken facility and get the necessary items ready.However, there are a wide variety of requests.It can be cooking or furniture.And in the form of delivery, the item will be handed over to the other party, but instead you will receive contribution points.

Hayato can handle anything, but most players have only one or two productive skills.And most of the skills you have are blacksmithing or cooking or pharmacy.Less popular skills, such as woodworking, will be possessed.

Diete asks me to deal with such unpopular skill items as much as possible.

I don't know what the Maid Alliance is asking me to do, but I get tempted to start there first.

Members of your clan are supposed to gather at your base tonight.I want to be prepared for that.Unlike before, I couldn't afford the time, so I decided to proceed efficiently.

As Hayat went further, he saw Esha waving his hand down the road.Next to that is the maid director.Hayato is just a little happy to meet a nostalgic acquaintance other than Asha and Dite.

Shortly afterwards, the maid chief appeared in front of Hayato and I was surprised.It's a shrinkage of fighting skills.

"Long time no see, Hayato."

"Yeah, yeah, it's been a while.Why are you holding your breasts?My HP is slightly reduced. "

Although it is a nostalgic response, I felt a little scared by the power of the maid head.I'm more scared than I was yesterday when I got caught in a dragon.

"I'm sorry to say hello there, but Hayato owes me.When will it be returned?

Hayato didn't know exactly what the maid chief was saying, but he remembered immediately.That's what we traded to get you to do an event hosted by the Maid Alliance.

The maid said he wanted to have dinner with a nice man.And Hayato could say that he gave me a relic.

At that time, I nodded without the consent of the customer, even though it was stuck.Hayat doesn't know what happened to it.Hayato logged out and didn't talk to Relic, nor did he email Diete.

Hayato feels like a virtual reality with cold stuff flowing through his spine.

"You're not eating with Relic, are you?

"Yes, I thought there was an introduction from Hayato to Relic, but in Asha's story, he went on a journey immediately after the event.I've been expecting you all day.Do you have anything to say?Depending on the content, I think it will be revived at the base. "

"Um, I'm really sorry.As a matter of fact, we're all coming together tonight.I was hoping you'd celebrate my return.Relic will come, but how about the maid?Then I'll tell Relic about the meal again. "

The killing spirit disappears from the maid head, and my eyes are gentle.

"That's a perfect answer.That's what I told you about the Saviors. "

"I really want you to stop that."

"But only Hayato can hire Esha.Besides, I can say that it is thanks to Hayato's return that Esha is safe.From our point of view and that of Esha, Hayato is definitely a messiah.I can only say that if Hayato-sama came home a little later, what would have happened to Esha... it would have been a terrible thing. "

(Isn't that what Esha hated about my biometric data?

Esha had her memory back, so if she logged out, she could escape, but she certainly didn't want to be attacked by the maid captain every time she returned to virtual reality.Hayat prayed that the main reason why Esha came to pick him up was not that.

"Maid, what are you doing?Besides, I'd be desperate if it didn't hurt your husband. "

Esha came closer with Belzeve in her arms.

"When I saw Hayato-sama, I used a lot of shrinkage of joy.It's embarrassing. Well, Master Hayato, I've heard from Esha.Help me rebuild the facility. "

"Yeah, say anything.It may take a while to collect ingredients. "

"As long as it's reliable. Then put on the maid's clothes, white brim and maid's apron 50 at a time, and 50 pairs of maid's boots.Ten more swords and ten morningstars, please. "

Some of the lineups are strange.

"Um, the first half is fine, but what are the second two?

"It's a weapon. Should I say that the sword is a sword dedicated to slashing?The Morningstar is chained to a spider's sphere of iron and can only be said to be a swinging weapon. "

I don't want to hear that, I want to know why.When I thought so, Esha opened her mouth.

"The militant maids also fought the dragon with stampede, but it looks like their weapons are broken.I want you to have it. "

"A militant maid...."

Hayato thinks that "maid is nothing", but doesn't say it.Though I thought it was a little different from the reconstruction items I had in mind, I started to prepare them.