Another Frontier Online

Return Banquet

Hayato wakes up with a bed in his home room.

In the morning, he made and delivered reconstruction items at the behest of a maid guild, and in the afternoon he worked in a real coffee shop.And I logged in again.

The same goes for Asha.I think I woke up in the next room.

Hayato thinks only a little of Esha.

Esha logs in as a player just like Hayato, but it's NPC.It hasn't changed, its name is yellow, and there are no player-like restrictions.

I used to ask for a store number all day, but now I have a real person working for me, so I have time for a character named Esha to disappear from the world of this game.

In contrast, the maid director is not surprised, but the lack of the store number of the base is a problem for Hayato in the production position.

In the future, there will be means of utilizing the auction system, but there are stores in the base.I started thinking about hiring decent people from another maid or a merchant guild.

Nevertheless, it's not that soon.In the six months that Hayato has been absent, most of the sales at the base have been sold, and recently are closed.I have to refill the store's products again.

I thought it was from there first, but Esha didn't hesitate to enter the room.

"It's time for you to get ready."

"That's right... you know, in games, that's how you can come in, but in reality, can you stop?

"If there's no hard work, there should be no problem."

He said, "I don't like it if it's not too bad."

"I will do good. Let's get ready before you get here.And I'm looking forward to cooking.Let's just say we're going to unlock the limiter today. "

"That limiter is always broken, isn't it?

After that conversation, Hayato and the others moved to the cafeteria to begin preparations for the banquet.

Then an hour later, people gather at the base.

Ash and Len and members of the mercenary regiment were the first to arrive.

Len smiled at Hayato.

"Mr. Hayato! Welcome back!

"Hi, Ren-chan.Ash and the mercenaries. "

Ash smiled a little without saying anything, then approached Hayato and turned his right arm around his shoulder.

"It's too late to come back.I've heard a lot from Dite, so I wasn't worried. "

After that, Ash taps Hayato's chest with his left arm fist.

"It's not painful, but I've taken damage, so be careful.And that's not good behavior in front of Esha. "

Esha was looking at Hayato and Ash with great power.Don't miss a blink of an eye like that.

Len, who was looking at such a shade, looked inspired by something.And whisper to Hayato with a small voice.

"I grew up in the last six months, too.Hayato, this is Esha's jealousy!I'm getting along with my brother, so I'm feeling a little jellyfish!You're so hot!

That's not true. Hayato thought so but did not say so.I just had a bit of a dry laugh.

And other members will come.

Relic, Mist, Maris, Lunaria, Dite, and others who are not members of the clan but were involved.

First of all, Ney and the other members of the Black Dragon.Nay was the only one who knew about Hayato, but Hayato was calling out at the restoration banquet.

And maids and maids.The maid chief had a different purpose, but the maids hired Hayato for only one day this time.Because it is a standing meal, it is to prepare food, etc.That's because I wondered if the main self was preparing during the banquet.

And a woman dressed in Gothlori, one of the ten sacred black roses.I asked Lunaria to take me to the back of the Demon King Castle.

Maris brought in pets, so it was a good number of people.

And everyone sees Hayato.

First, Hayato's words.The return of Hayato, also known as the main one this time.It would not have started without words from the lead actor.

Hayato scratches her cheeks with her right index finger and makes them look stinky.

"Um, I'm home.Thanks to everyone, I came back because I was able to make my dream come true for a little bit. "

When Hayat says so, everyone throws a different word to the effect that they are back.And the feast began.

Hayat walked around to convey his gratitude to each and every one of them.

Start by bringing your legs to Relic and Mist.The two greeted Hayato with a smile.

Welcome back, Hayato.

"Finally, you're back."

"Mr. Relic, Mr. Mist, it's been a while."

Hayat lowered his head.

I've only seen him sleeping in his bed since we broke up in the last clan war.After that, I just wrote a farewell message on the board.

It's been a long time since we met. Nothing has changed.Naturally, Hayato's situation was different from that.They both felt even more nostalgic about being human.

Relic stares at Hayato with a smile.

"As you said earlier, did your dream come true?

"You just said that part of your dream was fulfilled.We're still on our way. "

I was able to open a coffee shop.It's only a start.We need to treat as many people as we can from now on and further stabilize the coffee shop.Esha says that the best coffee shop in the world is impossible, but she is aiming for it emotionally.

"It's a pleasure. By the way, have you been at this base all this time?

"Um, I'm only at the base in the morning and at night.I had something else to do somewhere else. "

Another place is a real coffee shop, but Hayato can't say it.Relics are human beings, but there are no memories of their time, and this world is their reality.

Bringing reality stories there will stimulate their memories.As in the case of Esha, it is not bad to regain memory.But I don't know what happens when I get my memory back.

Hayato heard from Diete that there was a possibility of confusion.For this reason, there is a system called AI protection, but it is said to try to avoid real stories that bring back memories.

"I would appreciate a little time at the base.This is rude, but do you think you can hire me as a butler again?

"Yes, of course. I'm sure I can ask you a lot more, but I'll hire you."

"Thank you very much. Thank you again."

"... that's right, I just asked Relic for a favor."

"Please say anything."

"Actually, I'd like you to take the time to have dinner with the maid captain of the maid guild.I want you to talk to me as much as you can today. "

"With the maid?May I ask why?

"Well, the Made and Butler Guilds aren't supposed to be face-to-face, but I think it's a rival relationship."

"You're absolutely right."

"The maid chief said he wanted to improve the situation, and first he wanted to talk to Relic, who was more or less involved.I've taken care of the maid chief a lot, so I'd like to do something about it, but what do you think?

Of course, that's why I lied.Simply the maid director wants to eat with relics.However, it is irritating to say it directly, so the maid chief himself thought about the reason.

"If that's the case, I'd like to ask you to do the same.Alliances cannot compete with each other in situations like dragons.Then I'll talk to you about it.Mr. Mist, I'll take it off a little bit. "

"Yes, please. Please talk slowly.We'll talk about wine again. "

Relic lowered his head to Hayato and Mist and walked towards the maid.

And Hayat and Mist will remain here.

"I'm not much of a snooper, but did the maid say you really want to talk about the alliance feud?

"... it would be helpful if you did that."

"I see. So, here's the story.It was really nice of Hayato to come back. "

"Is there something wrong?

"Even in the Magic Land, the dragons went wild and my Mansion was damaged.At that time, the coffin broke.May I ask you again?Of course, I'll pay for it. "

Hayat wonders if the house where Mist lives was destroyed is some sort of facility.I just can't imagine what kind of facility it is.When I hear that later, I open my mouth that it is a reply first.

"Yes, of course. But can I bring in the ingredients?That's because it's hard to collect a lot of magic trees. "

Mist said, "Of course," and smiled with a weak face.

After that, I talked to Mist about health goods and the mansion.

I heard that Mist's Mansion was one of the establishments known as the vampire circle where vampires gathered.It is a circle seeking immortality, but recently it has become a reputation for health goods.

I didn't particularly want to know, but it seems that Hayato has a good reputation for creating health goods.

It doesn't matter to Hayato, but I'm glad to be able to talk about it again.

While Hayato is feeling joy, the night slowly goes on.However, the banquet was showing even more excitement.