Another Frontier Online

My unchanging friends.

Hayat broke up with Mist, and now came near where Maris and Lunaria were.

They are talking while stroking Maris' pet, Sieg, and her son-in-law.

"I want you to rent a pet.I'll make Demon King Castle a cat castle, so lend me a lot of cats.Personally, I'd like to guess with a black cat. "

"The Demon King Castle is no good because demonic monsters appear.The demons attack people in the vicinity in a blind eye, so we can't rent them out to such a dangerous place. "

As always, Lunaria is a trick as a demon king, but that makes Hayato happy.And Maris was as comfortable as ever with a pet girl.

I'm home, both of you.

"Ah, Mr. Hayato!Tell Lunaria.You can't have a cat at Demon King Castle. "

"I am the Demon King. I'll break those rules."

"Well, I haven't been back in six months, but is that through?

Hayato, who can also be said as the star of this banquet, is treated normally.It's not that I don't like it, but as Hayato, I think it's okay if something happens.

They're just looking at Hayato with a decent face.But soon he looked like he remembered something.

"That's right!Then give me a souvenir!And to our Siegs!

"I'm looking forward to it.Pretty, if you can.Cats are fine. "

"I won't do anything to you."

Hayato looks a little angry, but that's all she does.I didn't expect much from these two in the first place.

But contrary to Hayato, Maris smiles.

"I'm kidding! Welcome back, Mr. Hayato.But when I woke up in bed after losing consciousness immediately after the last clan war, I was surprised that Mr. Hayato was gone.I don't think there's any way to get mad at me for paying back this much!

It is true.Hayat doesn't know about the end of the last Clan War.However, since the members were captured by Dite, it would be like waking up on the bed immediately after the Clan War.

After that, there was only a message from Hayato on the bulletin board at the base, and no one was there.After all, Escha and Diete followed me, so I got away with it, but if nothing happened, it's only natural to be angry with Hayato.

"Sure, we had to hurry, so we all went on a journey without saying goodbye.I'm really sorry. "

Hayato lowers his head when he says so.

"Well, I can't help it!Diete said we need to hurry somewhere far away.That's why I look forward to souvenirs!

"Uh, sorry.Actually, it's a souvenir.I told you I wouldn't do it, but there's actually nothing... "

Hayato was going to the real world.There are no souvenirs. Nevertheless, two people who do not know the circumstances are clearly depressed.

Until then, Lunaria set up the Arondite for some reason.

"Okay. Turn Hayato into an Alondite rust.Sadly, I'm the Devil King.I can't be licked. "

"Change your perception of being licked if you don't get a souvenir.Uh, look, I'll make you something you like, so give me a break.I'll make anything. "

Hayato said so, they lifted the sweets they wanted to eat from one end.Almost all kinds.

I can't prepare it right now, so I'll leave you two behind after I make a promise to do it again.

Then Hayat headed for Ney and the others.

Hayato hasn't told anyone but Nay what happened.

I'm just talking about going to Demon King Castle at a game event and having trouble logging in due to a system issue.

I only talk to Nay about the situation.Because I needed to explain what happened more than having the hospital arranged in reality.I have also obtained permission from Diete to explain.

When I heard that, Nay said, "Wow!I only mentioned the feeling, and did not particularly pry.

Naturally, you wouldn't believe it, or you'd listen to more root digging, but Ney never did.

And Nay said, "You can count on me if you need me again!Hayato is deeply grateful because he smiles.But on the contrary, I can say that I am in trouble with how to repay my gratitude.

In the first place, Nay is in a position to order or request foundations in the real world.

(Even the foundation that manages the colony... is the hub of the hub in Central.I didn't know you had a name there.)

There are several foundations.Although there are several foundations, what all have in common is that they can only belong to the blood line, and Ney is a relative of some foundation.

(Ney's eyes are about to change, but he probably didn't like it and was playing weird roles.Rather than a lady, I want to hide it in the princess class.I don't know about the Bali career woman.)

Approach Ney and the others with that in mind.

There was someone unexpected there.

"It's time to shake your neck vertically.That's not a bad story, is it?

"I serve Lunaria, so I won't join the clan," he said many times.

Somehow, Ney and Godzillari's woman were having a conversation, and the members of the Black Dragon were talking together.

"Ney, what's going on?

"I'm soliciting a clan.Can Hayato tell us more about the Black Dragon?

I heard that Ney had re-launched the Black Dragon clan shortly after the Clan War event.

And Hayato couldn't log in, and even if he did, he was unlikely to return to the Black Dragon, so he heard that he was soliciting someone else.

I didn't know it was a woman dressed in Godzilla, one of the ten sacred black roses.

A woman dressed in Godzilla sighs with a tired face.

"I'll ask you no matter how many times you say no, but please tell Hayato that you can't do it.Recently, I've been in trouble because I invite you to the Demon King Castle as I do every day. "

I've told Nay about the situation, but I haven't told her that the NPC is human.Hayato found out about it recently.In other words, Nay is soliciting a woman dressed in Godzilla because she knows she is an NPC.

Hayato was pleased with it.

Hayato himself invited the NPC to belong to his clan without knowing it was human.Of course, it was initially used as a force to win clan wars, but I found it attractive to hang out for a long time.

I think it was because I was not an AI, but because I was a human being, I was delighted that Nay and the others tried to treat NPC like human beings, just like Hayato did before.

"Mr. Gothroli, why don't you try something and get into the Black Dragon?You can try it.Whatever I say, they're good guys, right?

All the members looked illuminated by Hayato's words, but the Gothlori woman took out the sickle and hit Hayato's neck.

Who's Mr. Gothlori?

"Oh, I'm sorry. Or I didn't know his name."

The woman in Godzillari's clothes exhaled heavily.

"My name is Rosalie Quantis.Even the Demon King Castle is troubled by many people who say, "Godzillari is coming out!"

"Oh, that's my name!Then Rosalie, belong to the Black Dragon!

"Were you soliciting without even knowing your name...?

With Nay and the others continuing their enthusiastic solicitation, Hayat decided to move to a different place.

I used to meet Nay and her in the real world, and Rosalie took care of me, but I didn't get to know her that deeply.Because I thought we should talk to someone else.

Let's talk to Ash and the others, when Hayat thought so.

That's where everyone hears what's called a world announcement.

"There was a stampede in the Imperial City of Glamorolato.Fire Dragon Eddie Oulu is beginning an invasion.Please hit the defeat.I repeat... "

It was a stampede announcement that a monster herd was attacking the Imperial Capital.