Another Frontier Online

Unexpected Events

Ash, Len, and all the mercenaries who heard the World Announcement were on the move.

Ash lowered his head to Hayato, feeling sorry for him.

"I'm sorry at this time.We're going to the Imperial City. "

"Really?I haven't talked to you at all yet.... "

"Let's have another banquet.We'll do it all next time. "

Ash said to Len, "Let's go!".

Len said, "I'm sorry! Please talk about the curse again!After lowering his head, he left the base with all the mercenaries.

And Hayat and the others will be left behind.

Hayato finds this situation a little strange.

Ash and Len are dragons.And now dragon stampedes.The battle will have no choice but to set it up.Except for Ash and the others, they didn't really try to move when they heard the announcement.

Ney and his players still know.

Unlike Clan Wars, you are free to participate or not in Stampede events.Defeating a dragon will give you points to contribute, so there are benefits to participating, but if you're not interested in points to contribute, you don't have to participate.

However, the people of this world are different.The dragons are supposed to be in trouble in this world, but they're flat.I decided to talk to Dite to confirm that.

"Diete-chan, don't we all have to go to the Imperial City?I'm not really trying to move. "

"The place is the only problem with the place."

"Is there a problem with the Imperial Capital?

"Exactly. NPCs - For convenience, let me call them NPCs, but they have a setting called their country.A kingdom, an empire, a country of demons and spirits.This is determined by your Alliance, but there is a tie in Stampede that you can only fight in your region.If the NPC can fight all of us, we won't lose Stampede without the players. "

This is the first time Hayato has learned that a player has a setting that doesn't exist.However, there is something strange about the explanation.

"But what about Ash and the others?You mean the country of the Empire?

"No, they come from many different countries.They can fight outside their country because they are mercenaries.The "Beast of the Moon" led by Ash-kun has established itself as a mercenary group.I'm not tied up in a stampede fight.There are other exceptions. "

I think the more Hayato, the better.

Esha belongs to the Made Alliance, but the Made Alliance is headquartered in King's Landing.The same goes for the Relic Butler Alliance and Maris' Tamer Alliance, so they will belong to the Kingdom.

"By the way, when the damage occurred in King's Landing, did Ash and the others participate?

"Of course. But with five tough dragons, we can't win without countermeasures.But... "

Diete stops her words there.He seems to be thinking about something, but Hayato doesn't know why.

"But what?

"Oh, I'm sorry.Simply put, it's strange.The dragons also belong to a country or region.There is no way we can fight away from it, but yesterday in King's City, the Genesis Dragon of the Five Bodies broke out.Apparently, my inability to set things up is affecting me. "

"... are you talking about something that Diete-chan, who controls this world, doesn't understand?

"That's what I'm talking about.As a matter of fact, I can't predict what will happen at this event.We talked about hard-line dragons winning, but that's actually what it's about.They really want the treasure of Dragon Seoul.Setup alone is not such an important item, but what happens when it's taken away is subtle.Worst case scenario, dragons will rule the world as they set it up.You'll be pushed into a situation where you won't be able to play this game.It's only possible. "

I don't think it's okay if you're having a banquet, but Hayato has something to do with the situation.In the first place, Diete created a reason why she couldn't set up the event.

(It may have been shallow to scratch without thinking, but there was nothing I could do at that time...)

Diete smiled slightly at the thought of Hayato appearing on her face.

"Hayato, this is my fault, so you don't have to worry.But I appreciate your help.Though it's possible, I'd like to make sure it doesn't become a problematic situation.I want you to support Ash as much as possible so that the moderate dragons can win.If you invest in rebuilding the facility, you won't be deprived of the Shards of the Treasure.That's how all the buildings in the town that were attacked were taken when they were destroyed.They've already taken one, but they'll be fine if they protect the other three. "

"Is that what this is all about?Then we have to do our best to rebuild the town and support Ash and the others - oh, shit, I got a message for Ash and the others. "

"What is a message?

"Actually, yesterday, before I came to the base, I started at the destroyed inn in King's Landing.Meet the tough dragons then. "

"... you're amazing.Is the timing good or bad? "

"Well, that's fine, but I talked to Ash and Ren-chan because I found out that they were their father.At that time, they asked me to leave a message.I was going to tell you today, but I went to the Imperial Capital after tomorrow. "

In Hayato's words, Diete put her arms together and turned into an ideological face.

"By the way, what did Ash-kun's father, Vel, say?

Diete-chan, can I say it?Ash told me not to ask for Dragon Seoul's treasure.And I told Ren-chan that I was close to my brother and sister. "

"... is that what he said?

"Is there a problem?I don't know what Ash and the others are set up for, but isn't that okay?In the first place, dragons called Genesis Dragons are set up to fight for treasures, right?

"Yes, but don't ask for the treasure."

Diete puts her right hand on her chin to think further.

Hayato asked about something else while thinking that it was human.

"By the way, where's Ash and Ren's mother?

"That's a lot of sudden questions.I can answer that question, but is that what you want to hear in virtual reality?Or are we talking in real life?

"Um, what are the settings in virtual reality?

"The secret treasure called Dragon Seoul is your mother's soul.But it's not just a setup, it's not about being somewhere as an NPC. "

"Is that the setting? - What's the reality?

Diete opened her mouth a little, but after thinking twice she opened her mouth again.

"Because I am an AI, I don't care about that type of thing, but I think it is good to say it from my mouth.It's private for you, Ash.If you really want to know, I can tell you. "

"Ah... that's true.I'm sorry, I want you to forget the question. "

The Ashes are not NPCs.They had their lives and tried to live only in virtual reality for various reasons.I don't know if it is directly related to my mother, but it is not a good story to ask with interest.

Hayat sees Ash and Len as friends and best friends.That's why it's not a good idea to listen to a third party on your own.

"By the way, why did you suddenly hear about Ash and your mother?

"Ash's father tried to tell me, but in a message to Ren-chan, he said," You look like your mother. "

"I see. You just said you had an accident just like me."

"Huh? What do you mean?

"No, it's nothing.Now, Ney, it looks like you guys want to talk. "

Diete said so and Hayato turned around.There were members of the Neys Black Dragon.

"Hayato, why don't we all join Stampede?

"... yes?

"It's a party to celebrate Hayato's return, but let's do it more flashy.Let's all join the stampede and riot.We're giving Hayato our victory!

"Because we're not the monsters that can stampede, right?

Hayato said that, but after listening to Dite, he began to think that he couldn't lose at the Stampede event.

I can't fight, but if a stampede still occurs in the future, I wonder if I can confirm the situation on the spot and provide Ash and the others with anticipated support.

But there's a problem.We're in the middle of a banquet to celebrate Hayato's return.Everyone here can't participate in the stampede because they are tied to their country, so they have to stay here.Hayato, the star of the feast, cannot disappear under such circumstances.

Because there are circumstances, you may be convinced if you explain them, but it is difficult to determine how much to explain even though the circumstances are complicated.Just explaining it to everyone will end the stampede.Therefore, I decided that I could not participate this time.

"That's a good suggestion, but we can't just leave everyone behind to participate."

Hayato said so, and Esha broke in.

"So what do we do?Stampede can be viewed on video without having to participate.What does Nay and the others say about participating in the stampede and your husband and us seeing it here?If Nei-sama and the others were active, we'd be thrilled. "

Esha had only eaten sweets and didn't participate in the conversation, but she probably heard Hayato and Diete talking.

"Oh, that's a good idea!That's your maid!

Nay seems willing to accept Esha's suggestion.And Hayato is also worried.I don't know the exact method, but if we can figure out the status of Stampede from this location, it will also help us analyze him, and we may be able to provide accurate support to Ash and the others in the future.

Soon the proposal was passed, and the members of the Black Dragon headed for the Imperial Capital.

Diete will then set up a giant monitor in the dining room where the party will take place.Then the video of the stampede began to flow.