Hayato and the others sit on the chair and look at the monitor.

There were already many dragons in the Imperial Capital, and players and NPCs were fighting.Most players do it because they work during the day.This is the time for labour-class players.

Although it is Hayato's prejudice, social workers are very tense after work.It was also meant to dissipate stress, and it was launching a heavy attack on the dragons.

Looking at those players, the monitor heard Ney's voice.

They must have used a transporter in King's Landing.

"Defeat the dragon that is after the facility first!This time it's a dragon led by Flame Dragon Eddie Oulu, so fight with Flame Resistant Armor and Ice and Water Class Attacks!

Stampede fights so-called boss monsters and monsters under his command.Monsters under your command are influenced by the nature of boss monsters, so attack attributes and weaknesses are similar.

Flame Dragon Eddie Oulu is the flame dragon as its name suggests.In other words, they are vulnerable to ice and water attacks.Attacks are flame-based, so if they are flame resistant, they do less damage.What Ney said was in anticipation of it.

Boss monsters aren't there from the start as a stampede mechanism.To some extent, it is a system that comes out when you defeat the monsters under your command.

Basically, the stamping takes place in an hour.Defeat the Boss Monster within that hour and you will be defeated successfully.The defense will fail if we do not defeat it.That's the rule.

However, apart from that rule, there is a gimmick that this time the facility will be destroyed.There is also a mechanism that destroys all facilities in the location where the stampede occurs, and if defense fails, the shards of the treasure are taken away.

Naturally, there are similar rules for moderate dragons, so if you defend all your buildings and succeed in defense, the moderates will get the Shards of the Treasure.

Diete explained the situation.

Esha saw Hayato as if she had seen the conversation over.

"What type of party are Nei and his family?

Black Dragon is not picked up in the video even during clan wars, so anyone who knows how to fight is probably as good as Hayato or Dite here.

Everyone seemed interested in Asha's question.

"If we were talking six months ago, it would have been balanced.Each of the front, middle, and rear guards has three people.Looks like a Bandit clan that fought before.However, not everyone can do all sorts of things like Bandit, because they're all about each other.I don't know now. "

Everyone saw the monitor with interest in Hayato's words.I'm looking forward to what kind of battle you're actually going to play.

And Esha also watches the monitor while eating the chocolate parfait.

I see, that's what you're looking at.

"That's a good line of sight... Well, I came first in the rankings in the Clan War, and that's fine."

"I ended up in fourth place.I lost the last clan war. "

"Oh, really?I wonder if he won the last clan war.Esha came to help you in the first place, right?

Hayat said so to Esha in a small voice.Everyone is around.Because I didn't know what to say.

Except for Esha, I don't know that Dite is the god of this world, the AI that manages it, and I don't know that Dite caught me.Hayato, Esha, and Dite have a common sense that there is no need to dare say so.

Esha turned to Hayato for a moment and replied with a small voice.

"When I found out that your husband was being taken away by Dite, I advised you on that occasion that we should go to help him rather than win or lose.I needed to end the Clan War as quickly as I could to chase him, so I lost on purpose.Rather than winning, I feel like I was missed by the maid chief. "

Why did only Esha win?Because when defeated in a Clan War, they will wait elsewhere.

Hayat disappeared from the rooftop of the base with Diet, the god.If everyone is defeated and waiting elsewhere, we may not be able to chase Hayato.That's why I asked the maid chief to win.

He was defeated in the last clan war, but at the same time as the victory and defeat were decided, there were no glass partitions that divided the space.Esha hurried to her base, found a hidden staircase on the floor, and followed Hayat.

"Regardless of Relic and Mist, I think there was resistance to Ash and the others deliberately losing."

"Well, Ash seems to hate his father, so it must have been tough to lose for me."

"You can pay back your Clan War debt with stampede."

"That's a big responsibility.I don't have much time. "

Stampede events are never a successful defense event, even if only a dozen people are strong.Nevertheless, a small increase in combat power will lead to a successful defense.

Hayato looked at the monitor seriously with that in mind.But the monitors can't see Ash just by looking at Nay and the others.

"Can't you see what's going on with Ash and the others?

Did you hear that word? Dite sighs a little.

"I'm sorry. That setting doesn't work either.Ney, wait till you meet Ash. "

Hayat looks around the neighborhood if he has no choice.

Hayato has never been to the Imperial Capital.I used to go shopping, but I never went shopping after leaving it to Relic.

And now, at night, the monitor's visibility is generally dark.So I can't say for sure, but Nay and the others seemed to be protecting the church's facilities.

"Do they protect the church?

Esha nodded at Hayato's words.

"That would be the best.Churches and shrines can be registered as places of resurrection. "

Players and NPCs are returned to their churches, shrines, and strongholds in the event of resurrection.There is no problem with resurrecting on the spot, that is, being able to resurrect with sacred magic from allies, but otherwise we will have to return to the registration location.

When a church or shrine is destroyed, it cannot be destroyed.If you have a base around the Imperial Capital, you will lose a lot of time if you can get back around the King's Capital.Although there is a transporter in King's Landing, it is quite a loss compared to the situation that can be revived in Imperial Landing.It is temporary, but it leads to a reduction in defensive strength.

Therefore, it is known that it is the right strategy to prioritize the preservation of church and temple facilities at Stampede.

I see. But aren't there unusually many dragons around the church?

A considerable number of dragons roam around the church.And the players were blind and targeting the facility.

Nay and the others continue to raise their hat levels to attract the attention of the dragon, but it doesn't seem to be working very well.

Diete shifted her gaze from the monitor to Hayato.

"Hayato, you said hard-line dragons really want the treasure of Dragon Seoul?They will certainly try to destroy it from important bases. "

Basically, monsters don't use AI that performs so well.It's an AI that can attack even if it knows it's going to lose, and most of it just repeats what it's decided to do.

But the dragons called Genesis Dragons are humans, not AI.And give orders to the dragons like Tamer.Targeting a disturbing facility would be a natural strategy.

"That's a lot more difficult again.But wouldn't that be dangerous?If the Empire Capital fails to defend itself and even gets the shards of the treasure, it's bad, isn't it?

"That's true, but the Imperial Capital might still be fine.It's not good to be slow. "

"Uh, what do you mean?

"I think Esha-kun knows the reason better.Why don't you ask? "

Dith said so, Hayat sees Esha.

For some reason, Esha had a little wrinkle between her eyebrows.

"What's wrong?Is there a problem? You mean you don't want to say what Dieter was saying?

"No, it's not particularly a problem.There were just about two people I knew in the Imperial Capital, and I think that means it's okay if it's the Imperial Capital. "

If it means that you know Asha, it is likely that you are an original clan member.

Esha and Relic are members of the clan where the brave Ivan was.The clan was the winner of a clan war three years ago.That member must be pretty strong, too.

For a moment, Nay and the other dragons were attacked and defeated by someone.

In Stampede fights, there is no Attack Possession for monsters, so anyone can attack.And the contribution points are determined by the amount of damage, so it doesn't matter if you stuck it or not.It is an act of stealing, but since there is no item drop during stamping, it is not a problem.

Ney and the others didn't seem to care, but Hayato was worried about something else.

The opponent of the dragon was the NPC.A slender woman in her early twenties with red hair as a shortcut.But the figure is quite unusual.

The shape was not unusual, but the equipment was unusual.The dress is a brown leather trousers look, and the upper body is just a light dress with a brown leather vest on top of a white long-sleeved shirt, but the weapon is different.

First of all, it is strange to have swords in both hands.In addition, they are equipped with two huge swords on their backs and only one sword on their hips.In other words, they are equipped with all five swords and swords.

Basically, weapons can only be equipped with two main weaponry and two sub-weaponry.Moreover, even if it is a sub-weapon, it is not an ambidextrous setting, such as a shield or an arrow against a bow.

Due to the circumstances, the NPC looked strange to Hayato's eyes.

I obviously try to look at Diete to have him explain the NPC outside the standard, but before that, I see Esha.

In any case, Esha looked disgusted.

"What's wrong?

"To put it simply, that's who I know.His name is Cecil Arven. I loved collecting Magic Swords and Holy Swords and they called me "The Collector."


"However, the clan used to say 'Queen of Debts'.I always borrowed money from members because I replaced all the money I earned with weapons.I've never borrowed a 1G. "

"... um, is it strong?

"It's as strong as Ivan's.After all, I was a deputy leader in my previous clan.Well, it was a blow in my Destroy. "

"Does that mean you're stronger?

I decided to leave Asha with her face in her mouth and look at the monitor again.