Collector, Cecil Arven.

Esha said she belonged to the Knights of the Empire.

However, it seems that the position is ordered only by a special and imperial general, and that it is better to say he is a member of the Special Forces than the Knights, Esha says.

"That's fine, but he's ambidextrous, right?And they seem to be equipped with a lot of weapons. What is that?

"Clans who excelled in the previous Clan War are rewarded by God - that is, Diete.It's about unlocking my skill ceiling or interfering with a program to create recipes for items, but with it. "

"I heard about it at the coffee shop the other day.I was rewarded enough to change the virtual reality system. "

"That's it. Thanks to this, the top 8 clan members of the time have skills and items that are unusual.Of course, there are limits. "

"Cecil can equip himself with ambidextrous weapons with that reward?

"It's a recognition."

The more Hayat was convinced.But sometimes I'm not convinced.

"Um, I don't really know about the program, but do you usually do that?If it's ambidextrous or capped, you might be able to use updates, but the characters in the game interfere with the program to create recipes for items not found in this world.Besides, the program is running, right?

Typically, it is called an update, which stops the game and takes time for maintenance.

This "Analyzer Frontier Online" has never done anything like this before.It is said that there is no bug, and it has never stopped immediately after operation in the first place.

You will be notified that there was an update.It was also announced in the World Announcement when the last Clan War started.However, the service never stopped at that time.

There are several online games in this era that update without stopping the service, but it is normal to stop the service regularly because there is equipment maintenance.

"It's not normal, but the programs that build this virtual reality are not normal.In the first place, this is a space created for humans to live in virtual reality, not for games.It's built with the idea that there's a problem with stopping. "

I see.

Hayato has heard from Diete that this virtual reality program cannot be fixed by modern programmers.It seemed possible for Asha, who was a programmer at the time, but it took a lot of time to fix the data.

Hayato is interested in whether it is such a difficult program.

"By the way, what kind of program language is it written in?

"It's called 'Infinity' in an autonomous extended program language."

"Infinity? Infinity?

"That's right. Is it named after the fact that the program expands and optimizes itself indefinitely?Yes, Dite is also made in the same program language.That's why we have automatic program repair. "

Diete, who was hurt by Hayato's program, said that it would take years but it would be repaired automatically.It means that the program repairs itself.

(Could my biometric data have recovered over time?Maybe it didn't make sense in a couple of decades.Asha is a pretty amazing programmer who can fix it in about six months.)

Hayat was also interested in what the clan members were doing in real life.Imagine what kind of work would suit Ash and the others.

But the imagination stopped immediately.Because I was in the middle of a conversation with Esha.

"I know the program is amazing.Ah, maybe there's no bug in this game.... "

"Basically there won't be any bugs, but even if there are, they will be fixed instantly.From the human knowledge and online information that the recipe also creates, it gives you instant taste of the ingredients and performance that look like it.When you write what you want to make on paper, it's a mechanism that you decide for yourself.Carrot meat - well, it tasted like meat.It was delicious. "

"I forgot my real memory, but you remember cartoon meat?

"You remember that.I didn't remember where or how to find out, but I only remembered that there was such a thing.You must have remembered one day that you wanted to eat it. "

"When you thought about it, did you make a recipe for cartoon meat with enough rewards to change the system?

"Is there a problem?

There is no problem, but everything seems to be a problem.Nevertheless, Hayato didn't say anything more because she felt like she had no choice but to be shady.

And there's another reason not to say anything.

Lunaria came near Hayato and Esha.

"What are you two talking about in secret?I care about being a demon king. "

"You're just worried about Lunaria, not the Devil King.I've heard a lot about that Cecil guy.It seems that Esha was the deputy leader of the clan.And next to the brave Ivan, he's strong. "

That's right, because the program was a real story, I deceived him into talking about Cecil.

Did you believe in deception? Lunaria nods at Hayato's words.

"Cecil is certainly strong.I've never fought directly, but I've seen it before in the Clan War.But he's a little troubled, so he's not like Ivan. "

"I don't like it, but Lunaria is interpersonal in the first place, right?

When you get along a little, you get along a lot, but you can't talk to people you don't know very well.For some reason, there seemed to be no problem with Esha.

"Yes, but Cecil is a collector of weapons.When I see an unusual weapon, I'm told to give it to me.I was told to take my Alondite too.It's my equipment. "

Oh, yeah.

Esha agrees with Lunaria's explanation.

"It was the same with me and Ivan.I was told to give me Belzeve in person for the first time.You gave me Destroy.Afterwards, I collapsed into my clan. "

"It looks like Ivan's going to be troublesome in a different way."

Demon King Aron Dite, Brave Excalibur, and Esha Belzeve are definitely only one unique item in this world.I definitely want it as a collector.Hayato was convinced.

Hayato thought that was the end of the story, but somehow Lunaria stared at Hayato with a slightly dissatisfied face.

"I noticed when I was looking at the monitor, what was that about?Explain convincingly. "

"What are you talking about?

"Why does Nay have a replica of Excalibur?

Lunaria must have seen Nay's gear on the monitor.But I don't know why I'm angry with it.

"Whatever you say, it's just because I made it."

Excalibur Replica is the best weapon you can make with your blacksmithing skills.As Hayato, we cannot fail to challenge it.

It's a good memory that I gathered the ingredients and secretly made them for Nay's birthday.

Lunaria speaks Hayato's words.And he took out the paper, and he wrote something, and he gave it to Hayato.


"I wrote down how to make an alondite replica.Make it for Ney.It's cooler than an excalibur replica. "

"Hmm....?It's good to make it, but I don't think it's going to be equipped, right?That weapon is also a birthday present. "

Well then, I expect Cecil.

"What do you mean?

Lunaria did not answer the question and looked at the monitor.Hayato was also caught and looked at the monitor.

Looks like Nay and Cecil were talking.

"That's an excalibur replica!And the Five Stars! Oh, no!Sell it! "

"No, because this is an important sword."

"Do something about it! I'll buy it for the price!

"I refuse to be loaded with 10 billion Gs."

Cecil seemed to be asking Nay to sell her sword.Looking at the enthusiasm, it is a momentum that seems to settle down.

"What are you doing with the dragons around you?

"Did Cecil get sick?As I told you earlier, if you look at a rare weapon, you tell me to give it to me.I'm still asked to give up Belzeve, so you don't want to see me. "

That's what Esha said when she was stunned.

"Cecil, fight.If we take it, Nay will have to equip Alondite Replica. "

"Sometimes Lunaria is as bad as the Demon King, right?

"Lights up"

I didn't praise you.

Hayato sighs.I don't care about the weapon, so I first looked at the monitor and thought you could handle the stampede.