Another Frontier Online

Countermeasure research

Nay never sold the Excalibur replica to Cecil, but Cecil didn't seem to give up at all and began to act with them.

Then we work together to defeat the dragons around the church.

The way the Black Dragon fought was not different from what Hayato knew.Three people, including Ney, fought in a melee battle as an avant-garde, three of the central guards attacked with a bow, and the rear guards helped with magic.It's not flashy, but it's a solid way to fight.

"Ney and the others are a little weak."

Rosalie, dressed in Godzilla, said that while drinking orange juice behind Hayato.It sounds like a solitary conversation, but you told Hayato that you were close.

"I think Rosalie will be able to make a lot of firepower if she gets into that clan."

"So you're saying I'm working for Lunaria, right?And with Stampede, I can't fight outside the Devil's Land. "

(Somehow, it feels like I'm in a clan.If there is a proper reason, I think it will come in.However, is it meaningless during this event because there are restrictions in your country when it comes to stampede?No, Stampede in the Devil's Land should be fine.)

Well then, at least help Ney and the others when the stampede happens in the Magic Land.It doesn't matter if you're in the clan. "

Well, that's fine...

"Don't worry. At that time, I joined the Black Dragon clan as the Demon King.If you show me what Arondite looks like, Nay should be equipped with a replica. "

"Hey, Lunaria, what are you talking about?!Master Lunaria is the Demon King, so please stand firm in the Demon King Castle!

"The goal this year is to go unattended without listening to anyone."

With a little pity that Rosalie's struggle could be seen, Hayato turns back to the monitor.

Monitor footage shows that the dragon is considerably less visible.

Immediately after thinking so, Nay pointed to the sky.The monitor's footage also matches the sky.

There was a huge chunk of flame in there, and that was the image of it falling from the sky.Otherwise, the magical meteor soam.There was only one meteorite, but it fell towards the ground.

When it fell to the ground, a huge sound was heard, followed by a loud voice.

It is the roar of a dragon called Dragon Roar, an attack that produces a stun effect that stiffens the body.From Hayato's point of view, the effect range is the entire Imperial Capital.All characters in the Imperial Capital are presumed to be stunned.

(Stan, we need disabling gear.It's not necessarily one time, and if it's unprotected, the damage should be high)

Ash's mercenary regiment consisted of thirty people, including Ash and Ren.Hayat intends to provide all of them with Stan's invalid ring or bracelet.It will also be available to Nays and clan members, so a considerable number will be required.

After recovering from Stan's state, Nay and the others set out for the vicinity of the central square of the Imperial Capital where the Fire Dragon fell.

Heavy fighting is taking place there.Hundreds of characters are attacking a dragon of about ten meters in size.

The Dragon's HP is not reduced.Despite doing considerable damage, there was little reduction in the amount of HP left.

And the avant-garde job is pretty tough.The Fire Dragon regularly generates knockbacks due to the wind pressure from the wings to keep them away.He also spits out a flaming dragon brace and attacks far away.The Central Guard and the Rear Guard will be caught in the middle and defeated in an instant if they don't watch the attack carefully.

(We also need equipment that disables knockbacks.I made it for Nay and the others before, so just Ash and the others can do it.And flame-resistant armor.)

Hayato thinks about what is likely to be needed.Five tough dragons.All of them require countermeasures, but some attacks may have common parts, so watch carefully against the Fire Dragon.

And I ask the members who are here to tell me if there is anything necessary for countermeasures.I'm hoping Hayato won't notice.

As I watched the monitor's footage, Ash and the others appeared.Then Ash attacked the Fire Dragon first.

Ash's sword is called the Dragon Eater and deals five times as much damage to the dragon.This stampede will be quite effective.

And Len's Dragon Curse. The effect range is slightly narrower, but reduces the ability of one enemy to half.This also gains considerable advantage over Boss Monsters.

(Would a weapon with Special Attack against dragons make it easier for all mercenaries to fight?That's right, the dragon won't do five times as much damage, but it should have been able to do about twice as much damage.It's a random performance, so you have to make it over and over again.)

When making weapons and armor, the higher the quality, the more special the performance - sometimes the skill.But that's not what you're aiming for.It's completely random.You will have to try again and again to make the equipment with the performance you are aiming for.

Immediately after I thought I needed a lot of material, I heard a voice from the monitor.

"Ah, Ash!Give me the Dragon Eater!

I thought Cecil, who was working with Nay and the others, was heading towards Ash, and all of a sudden he asked me to give him my weapon.

Ash's face is clearly distorted.

"I'm sorry, but you can talk about that later.Let's start by defeating that dragon. "

"Yes, I'll take care of it!

Cecil put the swords of both hands into the sheaths on both sides of his hips and pulled out the sword.Hold it with both hands.

Then use the Sword Weapon Skill "Yamaha", which doubles the damage of the next hit.

But Cecil did nothing and put the sword in his sheath. Now he held the sword with both hands on his back and stood still.

Hayat leans his neck at the act.

"What is that doing?

"That's Cecil's way of fighting.Essentially, the Damage Increasing Weapon Skill would not have been equipped back to the item bag, but Cecil would not have been unequipped.I'm just changing it. "

"Haven't you taken off your gear...?Maybe you can use Damage Increase Weapon Skills with another weapon?

"Correct. If I could do that, I would be able to do more damage to Destroy and kill anyone."

When Hayato looked at the monitor with a stunned face, Cecil used the weapon skill of the two-handed sword "Hard Hit".This is also a Damage Increase skill that doubles the damage of the next attack and generates more knockbacks.

Cecil switches to another two-handed sword on his back.

The sword is the Magic Sword Sunset.Like Excalibur and Aron Dite, a sword can use a unique weapon skill.

Cecil uses Twilight, the weapon skill of his sword.An attack that quadruples the next attack damage.

Hayat gets a little anxious when he asks Asha about it.

"Um, it's a superimposed increase in damage that's not normal, but is it a superimposed increase?Or multiplication? "

"Cecil says it's multiplication."

"Two by two by four?Then the next attack deals 16x more damage.Do you think other players will get mad at you?

If you're doing something that no other player can do, it's an obvious case that players complain about.

The same goes for magic guns like Esha's Belzeve and Destroy, but things are different in clan warfare.

In Clan Wars, the opponent is the only one who knows.So if they don't pick it up in the video, they won't have much chance of getting to know other players.But this time, all players on the spot will see it.

Esha answers with a small voice so that no one else can hear her.

"It seems that I have been doing that at the Imperial Capital's stampede until now, but I feel that it is allowed because it is an NPC.Besides, it seems to be a previous implementation.Diete said that. "

"Do you think everyone will be able to do the update in time?Actually, can you do it?

"Well, I don't know.Ask Diete later - apparently Cecil will attack. "

Hayato looks back at the monitor.

"Blow it up, orah!

With such a call, Cecil slashed the dragon with his sword.Rather than slashing it, it is an image of hitting it from the side.

When struck, Fire Dragon's HP is sharply shredded and the dragon's bulk is blown away.

I bumped into a building near the central square of the Imperial Capital, but it didn't seem to be a facility, so it wasn't destroyed.

At the same time, the players cheered.

The Fire Dragon has about a third of its HP left.The players started attacking.

"You again! Then it's time to be serious!

Fire Dragon said such a thing.

Shortly afterwards, the Fire Dragon is wrapped in fire.The material flesh disappeared and the body became the flame itself.and deals continuous damage to nearby characters.

Hayato determined that the heat was damaging the surrounding characters.

(Will I continue to do damage if I take it seriously?Or is physical attack effective against dragons in that state?

The Fire Dragon loses its body and becomes a dragon-shaped flame.As far as Hayato is concerned, it does not appear to be an effective physical attack.

Hayato's guess seemed correct, and some players abandoned the fight and fled.The only characters left are those capable of magic, attacking attributes, and more.

Magic and Class Attacks alone didn't do that much damage and time ran out.The defense failed, but not all the buildings were destroyed, so the shards of the treasure were not taken away.

In addition, even if defense fails, players will receive contribution points, so they will be dissolved without being particularly pessimistic.

(Ash and the others won't be very active if the dragon changes form.Can you do as much damage as Ren-chan's curse?We need measures around here.)

Hayato was thinking about that while looking at the monitor.