Another Frontier Online

Secret treasure story

The day after there was a stampede in the Imperial Capital, Hayato had been thinking about making things in his home room at the base since the morning.

Reconstruction support is also needed in King's Landing, but so will support in Imperial Landing.In addition, we need to strengthen Ash and Nay's forces.

Even though it's a game, the residents of NPC are humans, and they don't know what to expect if they don't stop the world from being dominated by dragons.

Diete said that if the five bodies were not attacked at the same time, they would not be deprived of the shards of the secret treasure, but I can't be reassured.

Hayato doesn't have the power to fight, but he can use his productive skills to help.With that in mind, I was going to get up early in the morning and start preparing.By the way, Esha is sleeping in a real Hayato room.

Now get ready and get out of bed.

(In the meantime, a ring with a knockback or stun disablement skill.Ash doesn't seem to be able to replace a set of weapons and armor, so we need to do something with a ring or bracelet.)

With that in mind, Hayato began to make a ring with a knitting kit.

Three hours later, at ten a.m., Hayato was making a large number of rings.

That's 500. However, there are only about 10 with knockback and stun disabling skills.

(I couldn't do it better than I thought.It may be because it is said to be the iron with the worst performance as a material.Adamantite might have been more skilled, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't have the ingredients.Are you digging ore with Ash and the others again?)

I'm not tired of virtual reality, but somehow I don't like being in the same position, and I just look up and stretch.

"Hayato, are you there?

Ash's voice was heard from the dining room.

I told Ash to come to the base after the stampede.Hayato goes to the cafeteria with a ring just made.

Ash and Len were in the dining room.

Say hello to the three of you and sit in the dining room chair.

"Was yesterday's stampede a waste?

"No, it's not too bad.You can always escape in that state.We call that a flame, but when that happens, our physical attacks don't work.Attribute attacks and magic alone don't have enough firepower.My dragon bracelet doesn't work either.They won't be attacking me for a month, but at this rate, they'll be attacking me again in a week. "

Len nodded at Ash's words many times.

(They didn't attack me with five bodies yesterday.Does that mean there are various ties there?I will lose when I have five bodies, so I want to defeat as many as possible)

Ash smiles at Hayato's serious face.

"You're really bothering me, aren't you?

"Well, since Ash and the others helped me during the Clan War, I wanted to help as much as possible this time.Yes, I'll give it to you. "

Hayato puts ten rings on the table.

"What is this?

"A ring that disables knockbacks and stun attacks.Ash and Ren-chan can be equipped with this, right?I thought it might be necessary in the fight against dragons, so I made it.Unfortunately, we don't have enough people yet, so I'd like you to wait a little longer. "

Ash and Len stared at the ring with the understanding that they couldn't keep up.

"It was yesterday and today.How dare you make such a performance ring? "

"I made a lot of them.Don't hesitate to take it.I have a message for both of you. "

"Message? From whom?

"It's Ash's father.I met him in King's Landing the day before yesterday, and he asked me to leave a message.I didn't have time to tell her yesterday, so I was late. "

Hayato says so, and wrinkles appear between Ash's eyebrows.Len isn't, but Ash obviously feels disgusted.

"Well, if you don't want to hear it, what do you do?

"No, tell me.What kind of message?

"Don't ask for the treasure of Dragon Seoul."


"Well, that's right.I told you it was Ash's decision, so I think that's fine.I just want you to tell me, why would Ash want a treasure?

Hayat decided to listen to what Ash was about to say many times.Without asking specifically, it didn't affect the Stampede event, but I wondered why Ash was looking for it in what settings.

Ash exhaled a little and talked about it.

Ash's mother, Kilka Brandle, was one of the Genesis Dragons, but she became related to the same Genesis Dragon, Ver Brandle, and gave birth to Ash and Len.But then Kirka gets sick and dies.

Ver wished for Kirka's resurrection as a treasure that fulfilled the wishes of the dragon, because he didn't want to acknowledge Kirka's death.

However, the secret treasure of fulfilling a wish is the secret treasure of the commandment that if you have too much desire, you will destroy yourself, and the wish of resurrection will be fulfilled in another way.

The secret treasure itself contains the Kilka soul, and in the future, you will be punished for robbing forever and getting out of the circle of the soul.It became the treasure of Dragon Seoul.

Vel destroyed the treasure to free Kilka's soul, but without realizing it, the treasure splashed into four pieces.

Originally, there were moderates who thought that dragons should only coexist with hardliners who wanted to dominate humans.

The hardliners believe that humans should be attacked and the shards of the treasure recovered, but the moderates believe that this time as a precaution, the shards of the treasure should remain under the control of non-dragons.Because I don't know if I will return to my original treasure after collecting shards in the first place.

"That's why I've been fighting for nearly a thousand years.Simply put, it's mostly my father's fault. "

"That's right. As far as I can tell, Mr. Vale had absolutely nothing to offer.Regardless, do you think you can free Kilka's soul by collecting all the shards and putting them back together?

"I've never heard of it, but I'm sure you think so.Otherwise, there's no way I'm going to collect it.I don't know why it's been so active lately. "

(I guess that's because it's a game event.Nevertheless, Mr. Vale is just as human as Esha.Diete-chan couldn't set up the event, so why did she become so active?

It was strange, but I concluded that it was an event or setting that was originally prepared and decided to check something else.

"Why are Ash and the others trying to gather the shards?You don't know what happens when you collect it. "

"Having a shard of a treasure creates a stampede.If it is the dragon, not some country, that has the shards, the battle is with the dragon alone.It's true you don't want people involved. "

"My brother is moderate enough to be super moderate.Actually, I also ate Hayato's bucket pudding and leaned towards moderation!

"Can I use a bucket pudding?That's fine, but I know the general situation. "

(As far as I know, it won't affect the event, but you don't know any other players about this story, do you?Is there any problem even if the stampede starts without any particular reason?Maybe there's something like this in the monster atlas.The story of Dragon Seoul to Ney was also written in the monster's atlas, and it might be a mechanism to understand the situation by defeating all the hard-line dragons.)

When you defeat a monster, the information about the monster is written in the Monster Book.It doesn't change during the stampede.If you do damage without stopping them directly, you will be considered to have contributed to the crusade.Therefore, it is also written in the drawings.

(Should I join in when I think I can crush...?

Hayat thinks about it, but returns to me in Len's words.

"Um, Hayato, you have a message for me, right?What did he say?

"You said you were close."

"Huh? Is that all?I don't know. "

I do feel a little lonely just for that.Parent-child, though conflicting.You can tell me a little more.

Hayato thinks so and tries to tell him what Vel is about to say.

"Actually, it's still there.I was told to forget, but I don't think it's a problem. "

"Really? What did he say?

She said, "You look beautiful like your mother.Perhaps you've become beautiful. "

"I'm so glad!I only know about her in the video, but she was so beautiful!You mean my time has finally come!

"I don't know, Ash, what's wrong?

There are more wrinkles between Ash's eyebrows.But he reacted to Hayato's voice, and soon returned to his normal face.

"Oh, no. I was just wondering, so don't worry.Yes, I have a message for Hayato too. "

"Eh, to me?From whom? "

"Do you know Cecil Arven?

"I know because I saw Stampede yesterday - and the message from him?

"Yes, but I think they're coming already.It's faster to hear from the person. "


When Hayato said that, he heard the sound of opening the entrance on the shop side.The sound was opened with considerable momentum.

"Make an Excalibur Replica!... I don't know anybody!

When he heard that voice, Ash stood up from the chair.

"Well, then we're going home."

"Don't abandon me.I can't keep up with that tension. "

Having managed to retain Ash and the others, Hayat moved from the cafeteria to the store.