Hayato opened the cafeteria door and moved to the store.

Cecil stood there as she saw him yesterday at Stampede.Two double-handed swords on the back, one on each side of the waist, and one on the back of the waist.Because it's a virtual reality, Hayato's impression is that it doesn't hit somewhere and interfere with movement, but it looks difficult to move.

Cecil smiles when she sees Hayato with such feelings.

"Oh! Are you Hayato, the store manager?

"Yes, it's Hayato.Are you sure you're Cecil?

"What do you know about me?Well, that's a quick story.Make me an Excalibur replica.Five stars!

"I'll make it with 10G memory."

"Pay 10,000 G installments per month"

Go home.

Hayato could not calculate immediately, but the payment would not end in a few years or so.I mean, I'm going to step down.I still know if I brought the ingredients in, but I can't make a sweet face if I don't even have them.

Nevertheless, after seeing how Cecil fought yesterday, I think that if we support him, we will be able to fight quite advantageously in the Battle of Flame Dragon Eddie Oulu.

Diete told me to help you not to take away Dragon Seoul's treasure, and it's not too bad to support Cecil.

I was wondering what was going on and Ash and the others came to the store.

"Oh, it's Ash.Give me the Dragon Eater.I'll pay for it. In a split. "

"You said you didn't like it.And don't bother Hayato.If you don't have the money, at least bring me the ingredients. "

"It's a replica, but it's Adamantite, right?I can't dig. "

Adamantite can dig Hayato.With equipment that improves your Ore Knowledge Skill, you have a low chance of digging even if your Skill is 0.It takes a lot of trouble to get there, but there's nothing I can't do.

But Hayato is busy right now.The King's Landing, too, needs to be restored with yesterday's stampede.Given that, it is temporally difficult for Hayato to dig himself.

However, Cecil has a desire to sell her favors and play a role in the stampede.

Still at this point, if only a hard-line dragon could be taken from you, you won't be able to steal Shards of the Treasure.However, when the five bodies are together, they almost lose and take away the shards of the secret treasure.I don't know what the conditions are, but I want to defeat them as soon as possible.

Hayato thinks so.

Um, Cecil.

"Cecil is fine.I don't want anything. "

"Then Cecil. You can make an Excalibur replica.However, there are conditions. "


"Yes, if you defeat Flame Dragon Eddie Oulu, I will prepare it for you for free.That being said, it's a long way to go.Six months later, a year later. "

Hayato hasn't even heard from Diete what happens when the Stampede event ends.However, I thought it was not an event that would last forever, and it would have calmed down by then.

After hearing the terms, Cecil grabbed his hands and said, "Ha ha!"he shouted.

"Did I tell you? I told you!?You can't do that without me!

I won't tell you.

Ash had a slightly steep face by Cecil, who was delighted.

"All right, promise me that."

"I don't mind.I can't fight with Stampede in the first place.If I can motivate strong people with my skills, I don't have a problem.Ash and the others will be easier to fight. "

"... I see, thank you."

Ash said it smells bad and then looked at Cecil.

"Cecil, next time there's a Fire Dragon in the Imperial Capital, fight with us.You can't beat him in pieces.At least we can help. "

"Very good. If you can beat the Fire Dragon, give me the Dragon Eater."

"Why is that so? This is my weapon, so you can't equip it.I'm not going to give it to you in the first place. "

When Ash said so, Cecil laughed.

No one but Cecil knows why she laughed.Hayat, Ash, and Len tilted their necks.

"I don't have that kind of equipment restriction.The reward from God is that whoever can be equipped with exclusive equipment.Nevertheless, such equipment can't bring out performance, so it's just a collection positioning.But when you're equipped, you'll look good.The equipment looks good, but I think there's a better combination. "

(That's amazing. There are no equipment restrictions.In the case of a dragon eater, the inability to maximize performance means that the damage to the dragon is five times greater or that the bloodweapon can't be used... if you think about it carefully, it doesn't make any sense.)

The inability to use Dragon Eater's skills is no different than Adamantite's double-handed swords.It's not that we're looking for strength in our equipment, and Cecil simply thinks of it as a co-ordinator, so it doesn't make much sense.

"So either way, I want a replica that anyone can equip.Can't Hayato make dragon eater replicas?

"No, I can't make it.I don't know if there's a weapon like that. "

That being said, recalling yesterday's story about Esha, Ash knows how to make it - that is, he can write a piece of paper with instructions on how to make it.

Hayat sees Ash.

After some thought, Ash shook his neck vertically.

"I was going to give Hayato how to make a Dragon Eater Replica for the Regiment.Cecil, I'll give you what Hayato made, so you can play your part in the next Dragon War. "

"Oh, really?Will you just leave me alone?Hey, let me tell you something!Leave it to me, next battle I'll beat the Fire Dragon to pieces!

Ash let go of Cecil, rejoicing, and turned back to Hayat.

"That's why, Hayato, take it.If possible, I would like you to distribute it to the market so that replicas can be used outside our mercenary regiment.Don't worry about the ingredients.We'll gather them. "

"I think it would be better to distribute the paper with the production method to the market to improve overall combat power."

Many players have blacksmithing skills.Handing over the manufacturing method is more effective than distributing Hayato's crafts to the market.

Ash hung her lips from Hayat's words.In any case, it's the bad guy's smile.

"You can do that one day, but we'll have a monopoly for a while.First of all, we make money, don't we?

"Oh, that's what I mean.Ash was a bad guy after six months, huh?

"It's been like this for a long time.Hey, Len - what are you doing when you think you're grown up just now, taking out the five-meter nails and the wala doll?

"I thought Cecil wanted it, but it doesn't seem to interest me at all.It's not a sword, is it?Hayato-san would have made me as many nails and dolls as I could. "

"Ren-chan, I might say something shocking, but I don't really want to make either.At first, I tried my best to reach the fifth star, but... it seems cursed. "

They're not cursed, but they're both cursed gear.Honestly, I don't want to build as much as a coffin.

"Isn't it nice to be cursed!

"It's just Ren-chan, right?

"Oh, are you talking about cursed gear?I was about to put my hand on the cursed sword.Regardless of the performance, it looks cool. "

"From the moment I saw it, Cecil and I had a sense of sympathy as collectors...!Cute, isn't it?

Seems like a subtle difference in values, but with Len and Cecil's collector meeting starting, Hayato and Ash gently decided to move the place from the store.