Another Frontier Online

Fire Dragon Countermeasure Conference

A week after Cecil arrived at the base, Ash, Len, and Cecil arrived as Hayato was making items in her room as usual.

Ash said he fought the Fire Dragon Eddie Oulu about twice since then, but he couldn't reach a good line until he defeated what was going on.

The issue is Inflammation, which Nullifies Physical Attacks and Flame Attribute Attacks.Once in that state, you can't do extreme damage.

Players and NPCs are switching to Class Attacks to fight, but we're one step away from losing enough firepower.

"You gave Cecil a dragon eater replica, didn't you?Still no good?

"That sword is strong, but it's a physical attribute, right?I can't do anything when it's flamed.I have Weapon Skills for Attribute Attacks, but I don't have any water or ice.So when I'm in that state, I'm watching from afar. "

"Then what can you do with a sword with water and ice attributes?


Cecil looked at Hayato with his expected eyes, but unfortunately he didn't have Hayato, so he shook his neck and responded.

Essentially, a weapon capable of attacking an attribute cannot be crafted with a random skill.Originally, we had to build a weapon that could attack such attributes.Flame Swords for Flame Attribute Attacks and Lightning Swords for Lightning Attribute Attacks.

However, there is no weapon called a water sword or ice sword, only a crossbow called a water shot or a cane called an ice rod.

Cecil could only handle single-handed swords, double-handed swords, and swords, that is, those that could be used with swordsmanship skills, and could not use bows or canes.

Now, thinking about what to do, Len raised her hand with great momentum.

What about the cursed equipment?There is an Ice Magic Sword Pama Frost in my collection.It's a double-handed sword, so I think Cecil can use it. "

"Do you have a weapon like that?But it's a curse gear, right?How does it work?

"You're slowly losing HP just by equipping it.Gradually inflicts cold air damage on the surroundings.It's an incredibly annoying weapon!

"Why are you so happy?But I wonder if we can offset it with sweet dishes if we just slowly lose HP.And what if we equip it?If you put it in an item bag, it won't activate the curse, so you won't even have to eat.At the end of the day, you can attack with cursed gear. "

Equipment affects only when equipped, and does not trigger when placed in an item bag.The same goes for the equipment of the curse, which has no disadvantages unless it is equipped.

"Are you trying to make me do something terrible?He said, "Assault the flaming dragon."

"No, I'm telling you straight, not away."

Hayato's idea is that even if HP is gone and fallen, there will be no problem if it can be revived in churches and shrines.I don't even think about what I need to hesitate about because I don't have any penalties.

But it is not the side that is forced.

"Hayato is tough on me!I'm sorry I let you build the Dragon Eater until you get the skills you like, but I'm trying my best to keep an eye on it.Or is Hayato influenced by Esha?Should I be careful?

"What am I?

"Hey, there you are."

Esha came down the stairs from the second floor.

It's 10: 00 in the morning.Hayato wondered if he had finally woken up in reality and logged in.

"Cecil's bothering a lot of people, so that's all you have to do."

"But you know what, Esha?There are limits to the rewards God receives.I can't use item bags instead of equipping with any weapon.He said he had to equip himself with a curse from the beginning. "

The reward I received from Diete, the god of the world, is certainly enough to alter even the game's system, but it is not risk-free.

In Cecil's case, any equipment can be equipped, but instead it cannot be used for someone's exclusive equipment.However, there is also a limitation that item bags cannot be used.

Cecil can also equip multiple weapons, but he has modified other gear slots to equip them.

Equipment is originally divided into main weapon, sub-weapon, head, upper body, lower body, hands, feet, neck, fingers and arm frames.Cecil turns all the sub-weapon, finger, arm and neck frames into main weapon frames, so you can't equip shields, rings, bracelets, or necklaces.

Regarding Esha, his ability to shoot and magic exceeds the limit, but other skills are negative instead.

It is often thought that skills that are not used in the first place have no negative impact, but if the cooking skills are negative, there is a risk that cooked food will attack, and if the animal training skills are negative, even big monsters will always attack.

Because of that risk, Cecil can't keep a cursed gear in his bag and must always be equipped if used.

"There was such a restriction.Then why don't you give it to me directly from Renn-san at the scene?

"When you give me that, I have to give you my gear too.I don't know about that. "

The fact that the item bag cannot be used means that it must be equipped the moment it is handed over.You will not be able to receive weapons unless you give any of the five main weapon gear.

As a collector, Cecil had the idea that he didn't want to give his weapon to anyone temporarily.

"It's a hassle. Then why don't we just keep four weapons from the beginning?"

"No, because it's not dressy, is it?It's not beautiful. "

"I don't care about your aesthetics - but it doesn't change.If it weren't for that, I'd be in a decent class in that clan. "

"Were you decent in that clan?I don't think everyone, including Esha, is decent.

(You think that you are not decent either.But it seems impossible for Cecil to do anything else.It seems that it is faster to think of another hand.)

Hayato thinks so and thinks about stopping using cursed equipment.Because I thought it would still be more constructive to come up with another idea than to convince Cecil.

"Then let's not fight with the cursed equipment - Len, don't be overtly disappointed.So, is there anyone from the Empire with a high magical firepower?Speaking of which, there's another Esha friend in the Empire, right?

"Yes, but it doesn't come out.I think they're defending the Imperial Castle.And because it's a so-called shield, magic is very much. "

"That's right.Then there's nothing else... "

"Hayato, can I have a moment?

After Ash said that, he looked at everyone and then opened his mouth again.

"It may not be a straightforward approach, but how about defeating it before it flames?

"Before flaming...?What do you mean? "

"Simply defeat Eddie Oulu with a Physical Attack before he flames.How can I tell you not to flame it? "

"No, you can't, can you?That dragon's HP isn't unusual, is it?

At the stampede Hayato was watching on the monitor, the dragon's HP was barely reduced despite the considerable number of players and NPCs attacking.

"But Cecil would have lost a lot of HP with a single hit.Decrease HP until it flames, then have Cecil stab it.I will probably not use that flame until my HP is reduced by about a third.It should be easier if we can identify the area. "

Without the firepower of water and ice attack attributes, it seems not a bad idea to physically push it out before it flames.Hayat thought so and saw Cecil actually doing it.

Cecil smiled.It seemed to Hayat that Cecil's eyes were telling him to do it.

"In that case, we need to update the record of the greatest damage!I'll do more damage than Asha's Destroy!

Well, good luck.

Against Cecil's will, Esha is not smart.I don't know if you think it matters or if you think you can update the records, but I didn't think you'd be very interested.

It makes Hayat think of something else.

(That dragon is also moving by humans.The timing of the flaming should be free.Should I check how it can be used just in case?I don't know if it's a game like watching a strategy book, but if you lose, there's a possibility that Dite will help you.)

Hayato thought so and contacted Dite.