After a brief cooking session with Ash and the others, Hayato returned to his room and contacted Diete via voice chat.

It's to get information about Flame Dragon Eddie Oulu.This Fire Dragon is a monster, but its thoughts are human.It is not a simple AI that is used for generic monsters, but it can change the way you fight on your own will.

The Fire Dragon is a type of dragon that can't fly, but if it can fly over the sky, it can't fight unilaterally from a range beyond its reach.

There will be various restrictions so as not to be in such a state, but the Dite that can be set up is in a state where the content of the current event cannot be controlled.

Ash's plan is to defeat the Fire Dragon before it flames, but Hayat thinks it's a good idea.However, even if the first battle succeeds, if there is a second and subsequent battle, it will be clogged if the battle is flamed from the beginning.As it stands, I can hardly win if it flames.

That's why Hayato is trying to get information from Diete about Flame Dragon Eddie Oulu.And I was thinking of consulting whether it would be okay to fight like that.

It is in the form of confirming the contents of the story to the manager of virtual reality, but I can't say such a thing just because of the circumstances. Hayato waited for Diete's reply while thinking so.

And soon Diete will respond.

"Hi, Hayato.Looks like you're working hard on rebuilding King's City and Imperial Capital. "

"The points of contribution to reconstruction are so high, I'm glad.I'm absent from the coffee shop in the morning, but I think I can earn about 1,000 yen an hour. "

Occasionally it is sad that Hayat makes more money than the coffee shop's sales on that day, but Hayat vows never to say it for his honor.

"Above all else.How about running a coffee shop in virtual reality?I'm always welcome, right?

"I'm not going to solicit you, but I'm going to solicit you a little bit, right?You still haven't given up?

"There's no reason to give up once or twice.I'm not going to force you into virtual reality, but if you want me to, there's no reason to refuse.Of course, if you can't, I can't help it, but you can always tell me if you feel that way. "

"Yes, yes. So, it's a little serious, but..."

Hayato told Diete about the fire dragon countermeasure.

Simply doing such a thing is a confirmation that there is no problem.Especially after the second battle, I want to avoid a terrible situation.

And this way of fighting is the only way Cecil can fight.In other words, it is a way that players alone cannot achieve.Multiple weapons and other equipment are considered as early implementations, but there may be objections from players when it comes to events where NPC can only defeat them in the first place.

I talked to Dite, including those fears.

Diete heard Hayato's words with a gavel, but after Hayato's explanation, she said, "I see."

"First of all, there is no problem with winning the battle against the Fire Dragon that way.Once defeated, it reappears after a certain period of time, but does not flame from the beginning in the second battle. "

"May I ask why?

"Simply put, it cannot be activated unless it has less than one-third of its HP.Don't worry, even if the person wants to use it, it's not usable.It's possible that they'll do something about it, but it's impossible to inflame it from the beginning. "

"Is that how it works?But isn't this event challenging?I suppose you have to attack an attribute after reducing your HP by one-third, but isn't it quite difficult to hold it off with normal firepower?

Hayato has recently heard that he has still not succeeded in defending himself in this Stampede event.In other words, I have never defeated a hard-line dragon.

The players didn't seem so dissatisfied because they earned contribution points even if they didn't defeat it, but the situation that could not be defeated for nearly six months persisted, so it was rumored that it was an event that could not be won in the first place.

"It's certainly very difficult.But Eddie Oulu wasn't the dragon that attacked the Imperial Capital in the first place. "


"In the first place, the Imperial Capital is Tyrannosaurus Agress-Bellion - to be precise, Agress-Bellion.The dragon was supposed to stampede in the Imperial Capital.Instead of any Attribute Attack, he is a Dragon vulnerable to Physical Attacks.And there are Cecil and other powerful NPCs in the Imperial Capital, but most of them are physically attacked.Working with the NPCs shouldn't have been so hard to defeat. "

"The dragons are ignoring your region, so it's getting harder?

"Exactly. Basically, the country where the dragons are going to go wild is weak to the NPCs in that country.There was a story that I was able to defeat the dragon because of it.But ignoring it made it more difficult. "

"Perhaps the other stampedes are the same?

"That's a good guess.In the present situation, if the dragons use their natural powers, the NPCs in that country will be almost useless.We need to defeat the players alone.However, Stampede does not happen on the same day as in Clan War.It was originally completely random, but now you can say you're targeting less player time. "

"Yeah? Sure the dragons are human, but can they target less time for players?

The hard-line dragons are certainly human, but their reality is only this virtual reality.Hayato didn't think it was possible to target less time for logged-in players from real reality.

"It's possible, I guess."

For some reason, Diete's tooth cut is bad.Hayato seemed like Diete was hiding something.

"Are you hiding something?What can't I tell you?

There are many problems with this event.Hayato wants Diete to help him, even if he hides something.However, if you are told that losing an event may prevent you from playing in virtual reality, you should know as much as possible.

I wouldn't ask if it was private like Ash's mother, but if there's a game setup or something wrong, you should share the information.Hayato thought so.


When Hayato called out his name, Diete said, "Okay, let me explain."

"Do you know the story of the last clan war that rewarded the top graders enough to alter the system?

"Of course, it's about releasing Esha's maximum skill and equipping Cecil, right?But what are you talking about?

"I want to talk in turn, so I want you to listen to me first.And I fulfilled all their requests.Of course, with the corresponding risks and disadvantages. "

Hayato knows that too.I just heard that Esha and Cecil's reward is worth the risk.

"Of course, Ash-kun is also rewarded.They belonged to a clan called Dragon Seoul at the time.I wanted to be able to transform into a dragon as a reward.The disadvantage is that half of the clan members become hostile.I'm just losing my real memory. "

"That's the way it was?But Ash and the others often agreed on such a disadvantage.You were one of them, weren't you?

"Being hostile doesn't kill each other.It's just a struggle to take away the dragon Seoul, which was your clan name.It's not like we hate each other, but rather like a rival relationship.I split it into hardliners and moderates. "

"Ash seems to hate his father for that."

"You've got your eyes on something nice.In fact, besides the desire to become a dragon, there is another person who is fulfilling the desire.I listened to the wish.I'm affected by the disadvantages. "

"... may I ask who that is?

"I think we should share the information.The person who made your wish come true, Ver Brandle.Ash-kun hates you in exchange for that wish.Besides, there's a limitation that nobody can say anything about that wish. "

"That's it again... so can I ask you about that wish?

"Of course. Simply put, he has a real memory."

"... eh?

"Ver's wish was to remember reality.I should say that he is logged into this virtual reality with real memories.Unlike you, Asha, you can't log out even if you remember. "

At that time, it was an era of resource depletion.Hayato has heard that many people were desperate to live.That's why I forgot reality and chose to live with virtual reality alone.Those are the NPCs now.

But Ash and Len's father, Ver, live in virtual reality without losing his memory.Hayato doesn't know why.


"Ash-kun and Ren-kun must have been worried.The two of you - no, Len - agreed to stay in this virtual reality.I don't know what you think, Vale, but I don't think you could have returned to reality without them.Even if it became a hostile relationship in terms of setup, I still had real memories in this virtual reality to protect both of them.I didn't actually hear that, but I think so. "

"Well, I don't want to tell you, Dite, isn't it terrible?Even though he's such a good father, he's hostile and Ash hates him.Wasn't that the other disadvantage?

"My ears hurt when I said that, but my emotional program was still incomplete at the time.Back then, Ash and Vel were in the same clan, but they fought quite often.If you think about it now, it's not a fight.Ash-kun must have been blasting Vel, who was indifferent to everything.Without realizing it, I thought there was some sort of obsession between parents and children, so I thought, "

"I can't say anything when they say that."

It was a hundred years ago when Dite was born.Diete, an AI, was still born at that time and could be presumed to be unfinished.Even a person cannot fully understand others.It was impossible to discern that relationship with Diete at that time.

"Well, it's been a long time, but it's probably because of Vel that the dragons have less time to target the players.Stampede does not occur from 1: 00 AM to 7: 00 AM due to the stampede setting, but recently, stampedes have occurred during the day when there are few social workers or close to it.Besides, I checked the stampede time in the last six months, but it seemed to be occurring at all times.Perhaps they've been looking into which time slots there are fewer players in the last six months. "

Hayato sighs in his heart.Val has real memories.You're using that knowledge to win a Stampede event.It will undoubtedly be a strong enemy.

However, Hayato has some questions.

"Why is Vel really trying to win this event?When it comes to Diete-chan, even if Ash hates you, she cares about you two, doesn't she?

"That's the problem.I'm working on it now, too.I'm reviewing all the logs and stuff in the past.We can't change the settings, but if we know what's going on, we might be able to negotiate.That's why I won't be able to help Hayato for a while.But I'll give you as much information as I can, so if you need anything, just ask me. "

"Okay. Then let me know as soon as you know something."

Diete replied with an understanding and the audio chat went off.They must have reopened the investigation.

(I was just listening to the Fire Dragon, but I got a lot of information.I can't tell Ash or Ren-chan about Vel, so why don't you talk to Asha?Even so, it was a difficult event)

Hayat left the room for the dining room with that in mind.