Three days after Hayato heard from Dite, the stampede started just as he was logging in.

Hayat travels to the Imperial Capital with Ash and the mercenaries, and Nay and the others.

Hayato couldn't fight, so he fought on the roof of a building that wasn't destroyed.And look out at the Imperial Capital. The view is quite different from the one Hayato saw over the monitor before.

Weekday mornings also mean fewer players.However, logging in at such a time can be said to be quite skillful.It could be said to be a battle with a few elites.

Ash said it would be better if there were fewer people.

This is because if there are too many people, it will be difficult to identify them, as it is the last operation to stab Cecil after reducing Dragon Eddie Oulu's HP to the critical point of not flaming.It is not an operation for all participating members in the first place, it is only an operation for Ash, so it is not a collaboration with other players.

(The monster's HP is not visible in numerical terms, but it can be checked at the so-called HP bar.It will be difficult to reduce it to just a third.If you lose extra HP by mistake, it will flame up and you won't win.)

And this time, instead of giving Cecil an Excalibur replica, he sounds like he wants us to do it our way.Cecil is definitely strong, but she is uncomfortable or restless.As soon as you think of something interesting, you do it.

Esha said, Cecil is stronger to let him do it freely, but this battle is not going to happen because Cecil is a liver.

So I brought Esha here to tell Cecil what to say.

Esha cannot participate in the Imperial Capital's stampede due to her country's settings.But that means you can't attack a Stampede monster, and you can be there.

Except for monsters, they can attack.

"Cecil, if you do something weird, I'll shoot you with this Belzeve, so be careful.This muzzle is always after you, isn't it?

"In the case of Asha, you don't have to do anything weird to shoot him, do you?

"I'm glad to hear it's been understood by my old friends."

"I'm not happy.Well, I'll do it according to plan.Well, this time, you can't attack until Ash gives you permission. I'm hunting regular dragons around here. - Hey, Hayato, I've been meaning to tell you, you hire Asha a lot?I respect that. "

Cecil said so and went down the stairs from the rooftops.

And there will be Hayat and Esha.

"I've never been respected before."

"A maid guild is a savior through respect."

"Don't say that - that's fine, I'll change the story, but what do you think about Ash's father?

Hayat talked to Asha about what he had heard from Dite.At that time, it was when the coffee shop became free in reality, but afterwards, it was unusual for the coffee shop to become busy, so I couldn't talk about it any more.

While closing her eyes, Esha roared, but immediately opened her eyes and looked at Hayato.

"I can't say anything.I don't have the same parents as your husband, and I don't know what parents think of their children or what they think of their parents.Somehow, I wonder if that's what parents would do. "

"It was harder in the era of Asha than it is now, so maybe so... that?Wouldn't it be unusual for Ash and Ren-chan to have a father?

"It's unusual. But Ash-sama was rich.Ash-sama or her parents. "

"What? Really?Then why virtual reality?

Most of the reason I chose to live in virtual reality was because I was desperate for reality.Money doesn't mean you don't despair, but it certainly creates a lot of possibilities.

But Ash and the others abandoned them and tried to live on virtual reality alone.Hayato doesn't know why.

"I don't know about the situation.However, it was also famous at the time when it came to branding brothers and sisters.My father hardly appeared on the surface. "

"I see... by the way, do you know why Ash and the others are rich?

"I'm not familiar with it, but Ash-sama's parents were movie actors.It was as famous as I knew it was. "

"Movie... actor?Was it a hundred years ago?

CG of this era is almost indistinguishable from reality.In addition, electronic synthetic sounds are no different from human sounds, so that they cannot be heard.For this reason, there are no real scenery or people in the movie.

For this reason, there are no occupations such as actors and voice actors.Words remain, but there is no one in the profession at all.

"I barely used to.At that time, I heard that the movie starring Ash-sama's parents became a global hit and became rich due to their interests.Ash-sama certainly appeared in some kind of work.I don't know if that was a hit. "

"That's amazing.Actually, I like old movies.Maybe it's in the movie I saw?You're looking at it a lot. "

"I think it's possible.I forgot the title, but it was pretty famous at the time. "

One of the reasons Hayato decided to run a coffee shop in the first place is the movie.Inspired by the movie, I am influenced enough to want to run a coffee shop.Initially, it was a ludicrous dream, but you can say that going to a coffee shop on Earth strengthened that will.

(Speaking of which, when I saw Ash's father in King's Landing, I felt like I had seen him somewhere.Are you sure you saw it in some movie?Will you check later?)

Hayat tried to hear more about Ash and the others from Esha, but she didn't know much about it.

Having such a conversation gradually reduces the number of dragons.

"The speed of destruction of dragons is increasing.Thanks to your husband's dragon eater replica.At this rate, we may be able to defeat the Fire Dragon without destroying any of its facilities. "

"I hope so, but I don't know."

It was only recently that the speed of the dragon's annihilation increased.Dragon eater replicas have appeared in the auction.

Performance varies slightly depending on quality, but is traded at a high price as a weapon that deals at least twice as much damage against dragons.Some players are so bloodthirsty about how to get it.

This "Analyzer Frontier Online" has no information online.

That's because Diete has been deleting it since the beginning of the Clan War.Initially, the game's information was acceptable to some extent in order to attract people, but in clan warfare, tactics and skill configurations became important information, so they were removed when the event started.Diete thought it would be better to enjoy virtual reality.

This is also the case, and the hiding of information is popular in this game.The information you find yourself telling no one and monopolizing it.

If Hayato is the only one who can make a Dragon Eater Replica, players may come to your base.With that in mind, several members of the mercenary regiment were present at the auction.That's how I protect Hayato.

And in terms of sales, Hayat and the mercenaries split up, and Hayat was able to get his money back as long as he was in the Clan War.

(It takes a lot of money to make reconstruction items, so it helps.The increased rate of annihilation has also reduced the number of facilities destroyed, and I wonder if it's time to focus solely on killing hard-line dragons.)

Immediately after Hayato thought so, a huge chunk of flame appeared in the sky.It falls in the square of the Imperial Capital.

In the square, a battle was about to begin with Fire Dragon Eddie Oulu.