Another Frontier Online

Flame Dragon Crusade

Fire Dragon Eddie Oulu does what Hayato saw last time.

It's a roar called Dragon Roar, which initially stuns a wide area.But Ash, Ney, and some members don't get stuns.This is because Hayato's rings and bracelets are disabled.

Essentially, the equipment of the state abnormality disabling system does not mean that it was not equipped after the state abnormality occurred.It's pointless if you don't equip it when you get hit by an attack that triggers them.

If the monster's behavior is AI, there are preliminary movements, but the opponent is human.There is no spare operation.But I have habits.Ash looked into the area and said he knew the general behavior.

First of all, when it comes to dragon lore, is the cool time spared? Always use it when you can.In other words, it is used when it first appears, and then it is always used every minute.

And wind pressure knockback due to wingspattering.This is used when Empire City Square is filled with players.It's a location for a range attack by a tail called Dragontail.Dragon thoughts are human, but winging can be said to be a dragontail prelude.

Plus a flaming dragon bracelet. This is usually preserved because it is used to sabotage the rear guard when using powerful magic.It's Ash's word to use when you say "here" because you can't shoot in a row.

All of this information has been shared with the mercenary regiment in the Black Dragon, and we are following this information in our fight.

There is no strategy information online in this game.So some players didn't know about this information, but Nay was fighting and spreading it out loud.

"Dragontails are coming after the wings!Watch out!

Nay was inspiring the surroundings by saying so, and the players followed his voice and took action.Of course, the voice reached the Fire Dragon, but even if I knew he was discovered, I was attacking him as Nay said.

Since the Fire Dragon is not AI, there is no Height value.Deals a lot of damage, but it makes no sense to use Walkman's ability to earn Hate Points.Fire Dragon can choose the target of attack by his own will.

Naturally, it's Ney who's after him.From the Fire Dragon, you can say that you hate someone who is saying extra things.Fire Dragon bites and scratches Ney.But it didn't work that well.

Nay's body is hardened with flame-resistant gear, reducing damage to 10% or less.

After seeing such a situation, Esha sighed once she saw Hayato.

"How dare you have such equipment?Is it the Red Dragon series? "

"Ash gave me a lot of red dragon scales.So I made a set of gear.But I only had one set, so Nay equipped me. "

A red dragon means a red dragon, but it refers to a flame-based dragon.Its scaled red dragon series, the gear set, significantly improves flame resistance.Conversely, water and ice attacks take more than twice as much damage, but with this stampede there is no problem.

And Black Dragon's members have healing magic and support magic experts, and Nay has almost invincible defenses in this place because he has a lot of Hayato food and medicine.

Now Nay is a shield, to put it simply.Inspiring the players around me was also a maneuver to direct the target at me.

And Ash and the others are attacking in a discreet manner.The Dragon Eater Replica, which was used to defeat regular dragons, is not used, and is attacked with normal weapons to prevent them from being attacked by Fire Dragons.It was to adjust the damage.

"Cecil, it's time to go.Are you sure you're okay?

"Leave it to me. I can't control my feelings, so hurry up."

Ash and Cecil's voice chat reaches Hayato's ears.

This time, Cecil is multiplying his previous attack by more damage.

The previous attack was 16 times greater, but this time the sword that attacked more is converted into a Dragon Eater Replica.Doubles the damage done to Dragons with a Star 1 quality, but triples the damage done to Stars 5.

And have them eat cartoon meat for cooking.It only works for a short period of five minutes, but you also get a drug called Power Drink that boosts your Attack Rating.With +75% Attack for manga meat and +25% Attack for power drinks, you can do double the damage you've done.

In other words, instead of dealing 16 times the damage of the previous 2x2x4, it deals 96 times the damage of 2x2x4x3x2.

It's quite a number, but it's hard to see if you can actually do this.

Last time it worked, Fire Dragon attacks a wide range of stuns and knockbacks.Knockback or Stan cancels the opponent's attack.Cecil's Damage Enhancing Weapon Skill can be canceled in the same way, so it's a blister in a blink of an eye.

Weapon Skills also have cool times, so it will take time for conditions to be met next.Cecil can't equip a ring or bracelet instead of the benefit of being able to equip multiple weapons or equip any weapon, and can't use item bags.

Cooking and medicine can be handed over by a team member and eaten on-the-spot, but abnormal conditions cannot be nullified unless the ring or bracelet is equipped.

Hayato is most concerned about this operation.

(Reduces Fire Dragon's HP by more than one-third with a single hit.I don't know the actual number, but I think I can probably do it.And even if you can't defeat it with a single blow, you can still hold it off with an attribute attack for a few millimeters.The problem is with Stan and Knockback.Be really careful.)

Hayat kept an eye on the situation as he thought so.

And Hayato told me to do it from Ash to Cecil.

Cecil said, "Ok!"and ran from outside the Imperial Capital to the square where the Fire Dragon was.

"Cecil, think of the cool time of the dragon lore!Too soon! "

Hayato is somewhat aware of the situation as he looks over the entire building from the roof.In about ten seconds, Dragon Lower's cooldown is over, spreading Stan around.

The dragon lore has almost the entire Imperial Capital.Absolutely involved. However, Hayat's words did not seem to reach Cecil, and he did not stop moving.

I can't help it.

Esha holds Belzeve.Then he looked at the scope and aligned it to Cecil's standard.

A normal attack, not a critical shot or a Destroy.He shot it at Cecil.

Naturally, I warned him not to hit him, but to hit him repeatedly on the ground.

"Wow! Esha!What the hell are you doing? I haven't done anything weird yet!

Are you still there?Get away from there, the dragon lore is coming. "

Ah, yabe

Cecil immediately returned to his original location.Shortly afterwards, the Fire Dragon fired a roar from the Dragon Roar.

Cecil will not get caught up in it and his Weapon Skill will remain intact.

"Now go quickly.I'll hit it before I blow my wings.In general, why use Weapon Skills first? "

"You'd be better off with a hit on the run, wouldn't you?Come on, let's go!

Cecil ran with a dragon eater replica on his shoulder.

Hayato breathed heavily and calmed down, but it seemed that there was something wrong with the situation in the square.

Are there too many people in the square?Can you reach the Fire Dragon?

You can push people in this game, but STR affects it.

In Cecil's case, his stats have been improved by the performance of multiple equipped weapons, so he won't lose in the STR, but it will take him some time to reach the Fire Dragon.

"Ash! Nay! Clear the way for Cecil!They're heading west to the square!

They said, "Leave it to me!A few seconds later, the people in the square split north and south.I don't know what Ash and the others said, but there's a flaming dragon in the center of the square, and there's a way to connect the east and west to the square.

"Nah, what?

Fire Dragon shouted strangely at the sight.But at the next moment, my face will pull.Cecil came running from the west with a fierce smile.

Cecil immediately stepped into the square and headed straight for the Fire Dragon.

"Turn it off, orah!

Cecil's Dragon Eater Replica hits the Fire Dragon's abdomen while intercepting the Fire Dragon's scratch attack.


The attacking Fire Dragon burst out of the square and rolled over the ground.Fire Dragon managed to stand up but fell on the spot.Then it becomes a particle of light and gives off an effect that makes your body disappear.

While everyone was gloomy, fireworks rose above the square with the fanfare.

"The Flame Dragon Eddie Oulu was successfully crushed.Stampede participants will be awarded contribution points and Dragon Seoul shards.I repeat... "

I heard a world announcement.Shortly after that, there was a great cheer in the square.We have been able to defeat a Fire Dragon that we have never been able to defeat in the last six months.Most players gave up in the middle of the year, so the joy is immeasurable.

And Hayato, who was watching it, also earned points of contribution and shards of Dragon Seoul.

"Is this the shard of Dragon Seoul?"

The shards were about the size of a palm and were like thin crystals.Nothing in particular seems to have changed.Hayato returns it to the item bag.

"Looks like the operation was a success.Let's meet Ash and the others and get back to the base. "

"Before I do, did you get points for your contribution?I was treated like an NPC, so I couldn't get it. "

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I've never attacked before, but I got it."

"I see, then it's yakiniku today.I'll have carbs and loin, please. "

"Is that a reality story?

"Of course. We're going to get a prize, so let's celebrate.Even a chocolate parfait would be fine. "

"That's a bit. All right, let's make it yakiniku at night.Sometimes you can be luxurious.But let's start with the coffee shop.I'll do my best this afternoon. "

Hayato sends a voice chat to Ash and the others, smiling at Sha who puts his hands up and gats.