Another Frontier Online

Dangerous person

The day after defeating Fire Dragon Eddie Oulu, Hayato had been using his Production Skills to create what he needed since morning.

No facilities were destroyed in the Imperial Capital this time.You don't need to make items to help rebuild, but you need to make the dishes and medicines that Ash and Nay need.

We don't have to hurry to make it right after we defeat the Fire Dragon, but Ash and the others are already looking to the next stampede and are busy getting ready for it.As a result, there was no celebration of the crusade, and we had to eat a slightly expensive meal.

Nevertheless, Len and Ney went out of their way to make them eat sweets, so they gave them a lot of cheesecake.

I remembered the situation, but Hayato had a few thoughts.

(Regardless of Ren-chan, Ash seems to be in a hurry.The timing of contacting Cecil yesterday was too bad.Of course, it was an act of watching the Fire Dragon's HP bar, but I forgot to attack the Dragon Roar)

The timing of the attack on Cecil was poor.Esha gave me nothing, but Cecil was unable to defeat the Fire Dragon because her Weapon Ability damage boost was canceled.

Ash apologized to Cecil on that occasion.

Cecil didn't seem to care at all, but Ash felt like he was blaming himself, and Hayato thought he wasn't so happy when he defeated the Fire Dragon.

(I know you're in a hurry because I haven't been able to produce results for nearly six months, but I was able to defeat you this time, so you can be a little more comfortable.But for Ash and the others, this is not a game, it's a reality.Ash has a strong sense of responsibility and his father is involved in the setting that he dislikes.I don't think you can take it easy.)

All NPCs in this world are human, but I don't remember when I was human.There are exceptions like Escha and Vel, but almost everyone thinks the world is real.And if hard-line dragons are trying to conquer the world, they won't mind.

However, monsters have invaded the country until now, but it has a history of being defeated.Some NPCs, such as Cecil and the brave Ivan, are treated as heroes, so they don't feel that sad.

Nevertheless, I was overreacted to the fact that Ash, which is at the heart of this event, would never lose.

(This is the first time I have defeated a hard-line dragon, and I have acquired a shard of Dragon Seoul.A bit of shoulder strength would have been relieved.I need to reduce the burden on Ash as much as I can.We need to support them in terms of feelings.)

Hayato thinks so, and then he moves to the warehouse to pick up the ingredients to make a potion.

As soon as I entered the warehouse, the base bell rang.It's the sound of someone coming.

Hayat leans his head against the sound.

No one is coming today, and clan members or Black Dragon members don't have to ring the bell in the first place.The store is closed now and I don't even have the product.Hayato wondered who had come to the store.

When I opened the door in the store, there was an unexpected person standing there.

Wearing a suit with a light beige fabric and a beard on the face.My hair is short, so I don't feel that filthy.Or is it forgiven because it is handsome?It was Ash's father, Ver Brando, who was there.

Hayato will be alert immediately.It's a good situation to say that Las Boss came aboard directly.

However, his opponent, Vel, lifted it slightly with his hands open.

"You don't have to be wary.I just want to talk.Please let me in. "

Val is a dragon in the first place, even if he appeals unarmed.I don't know what happens without the will to fight.Nevertheless, for Hayato, this is virtual reality.I decided to enter the base without fear.

Guide them through the shop to the cafeteria.

Then I suggested sitting in the chair and served coffee.

Though Ash's enemies, Diete told me a lot about Vel.It's no mistake to say that you're interested in what you're going to talk about.

After thanking him, Val sips a cup of coffee.Hayato is a little regrettable as the same man even looks like that.

Val placed the coffee cup before staring at Hayato.

"Yesterday's battle was brilliant.I didn't think Eddie was going to take it down before he took it seriously. "

"I didn't do anything, even though I was told it was brilliant.I just saw it from afar. "

Really? I'm sure you'll need a lot of equipment and items to carry out that operation.You must have prepared it. [M]You've done a hell of a lot more. "

Vel's face smiled.But you can say there's anger there.Although virtual reality, Hayato was under considerable pressure.

"Well, Hayato. I'm here today because I want you to pull back."

"Pull your hand?

"Yes, I want you to stop supporting Ash and the others.Without your support, Ash and the others will not be able to gather the pieces of the treasure.Ash and the others have never won before, but this is the situation as soon as you get back here.You are now the most dangerous of the hard-line dragons. "

(Dragon to danger.Are you proud of yourself?

"Don't worry.Even if our hard-line dragons win, they don't act like they control humans.I simply don't want to give Ash or Len the treasure of Dragon Seoul. "

"If you want me to believe that, could you tell us why you don't want to give Ash the treasure?

"... I can't say that."

Hayat goes on a bet.

Diete has not specifically authorized it, and AI protection may be effective.But Vel was so serious that I didn't think anything would happen unless I checked the situation.

"Mr. Vale has memories of his time as a human, doesn't he?I don't know, but is that affecting you?

Val opens his eyes to Hayato's words.

"Why would you do that - no way, you're the manager!?

"What? No, it's not.Administrators are God, right?It's not like that, it's just a player.It's just a lot of information. "

"... either way, the administrator.Then you're definitely my enemy. "

Hayato felt pressure that was unmatched.But here they swallow parallel lines to each other.Because this is a virtual reality, he looks back at Vel.

"Please wait. I do know the god of this world, the AI.But even the god doesn't know why Vale did it.And I don't know what the world will look like if Vale wins.So I want to know what's going on. "

Val looks at Hayato with his eyes closed.

It might be to find out if it's true or not, but Hayato is telling the truth.Ver is an actor, so I really wanted you to know that.

Vel exhales.At the same time, the pressure on Hayato disappeared.

"You don't look like you're lying."

Well then...

"Didn't you think the manager was lying?


Hayato didn't understand the meaning of Vel's words.But I understand right away.Vel says Diete is lying.

"Does the manager know why I'm doing this?That's not true. He taught me the secret of the treasure.He said it.If you don't seriously stop Ash and Ren, it's going to be a big deal. "

Hayato is confused.

Because it seemed like Val was serious about it.Hayato wonders how far he can go with acting, even if he was an actor.

But given the circumstances, one of them is lying.

As Hayato, I believe in Dite.There were certainly many things going on with Dite.Maybe it's a trick to get yourself into this world.Having said that, Hayat doesn't want to think that the previous exchange was a lie.

But I don't think Val is lying as much as that.

Hayato did not have a clear answer.

I'm sure Val saw through the conflict.Laughing a little with his nose, he stood up from his chair.

"Be careful.The manager would do anything for the world... the coffee I drank for the first time in a long time was delicious.Goodbye. "

Val said so and left the base before Hayato said anything.

Hayato, who dropped it off, took a big deep breath and then contacted Dite.