Another Frontier Online


Diete came as soon as she heard from Hayato.

Because this is a virtual space, there is no difference between a conversation in voice chat and a conversation toward the face, but even in virtual reality, Hayat's idea is to talk about the important conversation face-to-face.

And since there was nothing to keep secret, I decided to have Esha be there.That's not the countermeasure when Diete had the circumstances behind it.Simply for information sharing.

Diete seemed a little surprised the moment she stepped into the base cafeteria because she didn't talk about it when she contacted her.

"Oh, was Asha-kun there too?Hayato told me it was important, so I thought we were alone.

"I'll wake you up in the morning and say you're a little upset."

After that, the three of them greet each other and then Diete sits on the chair between the dining room tables.Hayato and Esha sat side by side, and there was Dite in front of them.

"Well, Hayato, what's the big story?For my part, I'd like to wonder if you've finally decided to live in this world alone.

Diete is joking, but I'm sure she's expecting some.Hayato seemed to think so.

But that's not true.I just heard about Val.

The manager tells Ver the secret of the treasure, and when Ash and Len get it, it's going to be a big deal.And that Diete is lying.

Hayat explained these things to Diet, mainly.Esha would also listen to the story on the spot and looked at Dite with a little wrinkle between her eyebrows.

Hayato takes a deep breath with his eyes closed.While opening his eyes, he also opened his mouth at the same time.

"Diete-chan, is there anything I can think of?

Besides, Diete was upset.Even though it is AI, you can say it is suspicious behavior.

"Wait, Hayato!Is that what you're talking about!?

Eh? No...

"I want you to listen. I really can't change some of the settings.It's hard to prove it.You can see all my programs, but it's impossible for even Esha-kun to confirm them.Besides, I don't know that I told Ver the secret of the treasure.I didn't know there was a secret there. "

Diete is desperate to explain.That's completely unimaginable.

"Um, wait a minute..."

"I am certainly an AI enough to lie.Besides, I can't say I fully understand people's feelings.I even tried to trap Hayato in this world with my ego.I know you're not trusted.But believe me.I'm not lying. "


"I don't care what anyone else thinks.But, Hayato, I don't want you to think like that.What am I supposed to do?Money? You can trust me by transferring money!?

"First, please transfer 100 million to your husband's account."

"So you can buy credit!?

"Dite! And Esha!

Hayato shouted loudly and both became scared and grown up.

I guess this is what it means to be running wild.Diete is clearly behaving strangely.Did you feel so scared that Hayato didn't trust you? There was no normal calm.

But Hayato stopped moving a little by calling out his name aloud.Looking at it, Hayat throws a chop at the two heads.

Nothing in particular, but we both saw Hayato's face with a neat face.

It was Esha who returned first.

"Master, why was I chopped?

"Esha is not evil.What do you mean, transfer 100 million?Dieter really cares, doesn't she?

"Because your husband is not worthy.I went to eat yakiniku, and it was really just carrots and loin.I don't need any rice or soup.A man's worth is money, right?

"You can tell by eating that much.Besides, you've even eaten the meat I cherished..... "

"Yakiniku is divided into people who cook and people who eat.Your husband is the baker, right?

"I didn't decide that."

Diete deliberately coughed while watching Hayato and Esha interact.

Having noticed that, Hayato lowered his head to Dite.

"Oh, I'm sorry. But, Dieter, have you settled down?

"That's right. It calmed me down, but I don't know what you were talking about - yes, trust me.Hayato, I swear... "

"Stop! Dieter, listen to me first."

Diete still slapped her mouth like she said something, but closed her mouth and stared at Hayato.

And Hayato smiles a little.

"Diet-chan, I believe in Diet-chan even if you don't tell me."

I see.

Diete looks relieved.But after I glanced at Esha, I looked serious.

"Isn't Asha-kun supposed to be here as a combat force when something happens?

"There's no reason for that.I simply want to share information.And it's troublesome to explain it again. "

"I can't believe you cut my sleep time for that reason... it's still yakiniku this evening.I'll have rice, egg soup, and dessert today. "

Ignoring such an eschatological remark, Hayato looks back at Dite.

"I don't think you're lying.When Vel told me, I was overwhelmed for a moment, but it was really a moment.I trust Diete-chan. "

"That's the way it feels when you say it, the program is a little rough."

(What's the problem with the program?Well, is that okay?)

Hayato doesn't suspect Dite.While it was true that there were many things about Dite, Hayato fully believed in Dite.Of course, you shouldn't say that, but you should also mention Esha.

But the problem was that Val didn't seem to be lying either.

Actors are professional professions when it comes to acting.I can't tell if it's an act or a real act for an amateur Hayato, but I don't think it's an act about Val's affection for Ash or Len, or what I care about.

That leads us to the conclusion that neither is lying, nor that both are telling the truth.It's the administrator that matters.

The manager told Ver the secret of the treasure and warned him that it would be a big deal if Ash and Len got it.Isn't that someone else, not Dite?

Such an idea came to mind in Hayato's head.

"Diete-chan, do you have an A.I. that can act as an administrator on your behalf?

"Hayato, what are you talking about?

Diete, who had regained her calm, felt as free as usual, but felt a little wary of Hayato's words again.

"No, Diete-chan and Vel don't seem to be lying to me.Diete-chan couldn't do anything about the event, and Vel had her manager give her the information.If both are true, I wonder where the bogus manager who gave Ver the information is. "

"Is that what you mean? But that's not true.The security of this virtual space is perfect.You cannot enter from outside due to hacking, etc.And even if you were an old programmer like Asha, you wouldn't be able to steal my eyes and train AI. "

Esha nods at the words.

"I agree with you, too.Diete should actually meet Vel because she's a little rusty, right?I think you can tell if it was the same avatar or a character.

"That's true.I wondered if I could move myself, but I don't think that's what I'm talking about.You should meet him in person.It's just... "

Diete thought about it with her arms around her.

"What's wrong?

"Vale is usually in a place called Dragongrave.We can't see each other unless we get out of there. "


"I should say the tomb of the dragons.Dragons are set to die there when they die of longevity.It's west of the Spirit Kingdom.But that's where the ban will be lifted at this event.I can't go straight now. "

Well, I'll call you as soon as Vale gets here in person next time.

"If you do that, you'll be saved..."

As Diete was about to say, the world announcement unfolded.

"A stampede occurred in Magic City Zardgear.Pluto Onyx Rod is beginning an invasion.Please hit the defeat.I repeat... "

(Stampede at times like this)

Hayato thought so, but it didn't end there.

"A stampede occurred in the Spirit Kingdom.Phantom Dragon Suien Mikazuki is beginning an invasion.Please hit the defeat.I repeat... "

"A stampede occurred in King's Landing, Anhemdal.Thunderdragon Odo Bayes is beginning an invasion.Please hit the defeat.I repeat... "

(Three places at the same time? No, that's tough, but why don't we do something else?

Hayat does not know all the dragons of hardliners and moderates.But I know it's balanced by five to five.There's a problem.

At least the hardliners are Val and Agresberion, and the Flame Dragon Eddie Oulu.For some reason, the Genesis Dragon, which I know for the first time now, has not stamped the three of them.

And Diete's surprised face.

Hayato understood without asking.

The moderate dragon turned around.