Hayat immediately checked the situation with Dite.

Diete explains that three simultaneous stampedes have never happened before.And Pluto Onyx Rod and Phantom Dragon Suien Mikazuki are hard-line, and Thunder Dragon Odo Bayce is moderate.

In other words, Thunderdragon Odo Bayes has turned back to the hardliners.

Dite-chan, is this a plan harmony, or was it originally planned for this event?

Diete was setting up the event.It is now impossible to do so, but it is possible that it was originally set to this situation.

As far as Diete's surprised face is concerned, it seems unlikely, but I checked just in case.

"There's no setting like that.Moderate dragons were supposed to appear as helpers when hard-line dragons went wild.But in the last six months, there was no such thing, so I just thought that the setting was gone, but I can't believe I'm going back to being a hardline. "

"Um, do Ash and Ren-chan turn around?

That's the most worrying thing about Hayato this time.

"I can't tell you without it.However, Ash-kun is set to hate Ver, the hard-line leader of his father.It's unlikely to turn back.Ren is subtle. [M]I don't particularly hate my father.Nevertheless, those two are close.I don't think they're going to turn around. "

It is only a hopeful observation.Dragons called Genesis Dragons have will in the first place.Somewhat tied to settings, but they can do anything for a reason.This turn around is probably one of them.

Now, thinking about what happened, Esha got up from her chair.

"Anyway, we'll need a defense.I will defend the kingdom with all the maid guilds. "

Hayat nodded at the words.

"That's right. I can't fight, so thank you very much."

"There are quite a few NPCs in King's Landing, so we'll be able to handle it.I don't think it's a problem to lose to that.The shards of King's Landing have already been taken, so if we destroy all the facilities and lose, nothing will change. "

"Asha-kun is right.Perhaps this Stampede is aimed at dispersing the players.By attacking three places simultaneously, we're reducing the number of people who can fight on the spot.That's why I think they're attacking King's Landing, which means nothing to hardliners. "

"That's a nasty way to fight."

"Val, I think I've taken you seriously."

"Perhaps it's the audacity to keep your husband busy while he rebuilds the facility."

Hayato is a producer and cannot join the fight, but he is quite good at supporting reconstruction.In addition, he has created many items to support the fight.

The hard-line dragons seem to be dangerous enough to put a strain on it.

"You're a little too careful with me, aren't you?

"As soon as your husband came back, the Fire Dragon was defeated.The opponent will be incompetent unless you are alert to it.Then it would have been easier - I'll go there.By the way, I'll take a lot of melon juice with me. "

Take as many as you want.

Asha left the base immediately after heading to the warehouse.

Only Hayato and Dite remain here.

Hayato stared at Dite.I'm also worried about the stampede, but I need to check it first.

"Can you tell me more about this event?You're gonna find out, but that's not what you're talking about, right?I want to know what kind of story it was originally, or whether it was a setup. "

"I think you should tell her.They're not already working as I set them up, so they won't find out. "

Well, first of all, what about this treasure?

Hayato took a shard of the treasure out of the item bag.This item was acquired when defeating the Fire Dragon.In the stories I've heard before, Dragon Seoul's treasure was the trap of the souls of Ash's mother, Kirka Brando.

"The setting itself is as I said before.However, there are other settings, and using the craftsmanship skill with four of them, it becomes an item called Dragon Seoul's hidden treasure. "

Crafting Skills can be crafted with Skill 0. Join a Stampede and defeat a Dragon to become an item for anyone.The necklace accessory has the ability to increase maximum HP, but it has other uses.

It's the key to getting into a place.

"The key to Dragongrave?

"That's right. Ver would never have attacked you in Stampede.Vale is attracted to Dragon Grave and is positioned as an event item necessary to fight him.When you defeat Vale, the secret treasure hears the voice of Kirika and Vale changes his mind.And the secret treasure was an inspiring story of unlocking true power and becoming quite capable equipment.Of course I thought about it. "

I told you I was impressed.Well, speaking of royal roads, it's royal roads.)

"But the hardliners are also collecting shards of the secret treasure, right?What happens when they take everything?

"In fact, nothing will happen if hard-line dragons take away their treasures.Simply saying that you won't be able to take the Shards of the Treasure with Stampede.It seems different now. "

"So you can't complete this event?You can't go to Dragongrave without gathering shards of the treasure, can you?

"You're just saying you can't get the shards with stampede.Tough dragons have been placed as rare monsters in the first place.If they take the shards, they must be defeated directly and taken back.Upon confirmation, the Tyrannosaurus Agnes Berion has the shards that should be available in King's Landing.Kill him in the mountains of Boboda so he can take back his stupid shards. "

(Does the method of obtaining the shards change?Would it be easier if it were a stampede?)

Dragons have Stampede stats - stronger than usual, but easier to defeat with many players and NPCs.Now that the settings have changed, it seems that we cannot win first without taking measures, but it should have been easier if the previous settings remained.

It is also highly unlikely that Stampede would have robbed you of your treasure shards.Or if the difficulty was high, Diete would have changed the settings and reduced the difficulty.

Now it's the most challenging situation, but it shouldn't be packed.Hayat thought so and thought about what to do.

(It seems that there is no problem even if you pull your hand as Ver says.But I can't explain it to Ash and if he finds out he's loose, that's probably the problem.Then we should do everything in our power to win the Stampede event.But Ash and Ren-chan are in trouble?The manager may have lied, but why would Vale believe that?I should have checked that too.)

Hayat thought a lot, but there was no answer.Then ask Dite.

"It doesn't matter if Ash and the others win, does it?Do you really not know the secret of the treasure?

"I swear, I really don't know.It's a key item in the event, and because of the settings, Ash's mother's soul is contained.Nothing else. "

"Ash and Ren-chan said they'd be in trouble if they got it, but can you guess?

"It's hard. In the first place, I don't understand the situation where it would be difficult for the two of us.Maybe that's because I'm an AI. "

"No, I don't even know that, so I guess I can think of two hostile people."

Diete thinks only a little of Hayato's words.But I immediately shook my neck to the side.

"I don't think there's anything hostile about them.Their friendship begins in reality.I didn't modify that memory. "

"From the moment of reality... is it possible to recover the memory of reality that things are going to be difficult?

It was something that came to mind during the conversation.I don't really think so.However, after one second and one second, it seems likely.

Diete thought it was possible, too, so she put her arms together and thought.

"But how do you remind me?Ver makes AI protection ineffective, but Ash-kun and Ren definitely have AI protection.Esha-kun's case is quite special, and I remembered it myself.Hayato pays attention, but it must be pretty hard to remind a third party of reality. "

There are many players in this game in the first place.There are many realistic conversations between players.Characters called NPCs sometimes hear those words, but they are subtly unaware of what they are saying through AI protection.

There has never been a time when such a situation lasted for nearly three years before when I regained my memory.The only exception is shame.

After that, I thought about various things, but I couldn't think of what I said.

"Hayato, will you help Ash win this event, as I asked for the first time?

Is that okay?

"I don't mind.I don't know what they're up to with me, but if they're trying to make Ver win, I want Ash to win.So thank you very much. "

Hayat nodded deeply after staring at Dite for a while.

"Okay. I want to support Ash and Ren personally.You helped me during the Clan War.I'll do my best in that direction. "

"All right, then, let's figure out what to do with the other dragons."

Diete puts three monitors in the cafeteria while saying so.The kingdom, the magic city, the kingdom of the spirits, and the stampede that occurred there were reflected.

(Is Ash the magical capital?)Then why not target the Pluto next?)

Hayato stared at the monitor with that in mind.