Another Frontier Online

Demon King's Weakness

Hayato sees a monitor where the magic capital Zardgear is projected.

The reason for seeing it is simple.Because there was Ash and the others.

Stampedes have occurred in King's Land and Spirit Land, but I'll leave them there for now.He who pursues two rabbits does not have a rabbit.If we take measures, one at a time.If Ash and the others were to go there this time, there are probably elements that can beat the battle there.

That's what I thought.

While looking at the monitor, Hayato asked Diete.

"It looks like it hasn't appeared yet, but what kind of dragon is Onyx Rod?

Undead monsters called Zombies, Ghosts, and Dragon Zombies were stamping before the Pluto appeared.As far as I can tell, the Pluto is probably one of those dragons.

Nevertheless, there is Diete who manages the world here.Hayat decided to rely on the knowledge, not on speculation.

"In the underworld, that is, a dragon set to be in the kingdom of the dead, it is basically the same as a normal dragon, but it can be described as a dragon with undead characteristics.That said, it's not a zombie or a ghost or something, it's just that it has that kind of trait alive. "

Undead traits are fairly weak to light attacks and strong to other attribute attacks.I do not accept healing system sacred magic such as healing or resuscitation magic at all.It also disables many bud stats such as poison and paralysis.

And Pluto often uses ghost magic.Speaking of which, I am good at attacking magical systems rather than physical systems.

In addition, if you use an "undead face" technique with special abilities, you will zoom in and fight players and NPCs that fell under HP 0 at that time.

Zombied players move freely and cannot be manipulated.You can either defeat it again or use the sacred magic dispenser to restore it to its original state, but even if it is restored, it will only return to its collapsed state, so you will need to revive it if you want to revive it immediately.

If I succeed, I will fall into a loop of zombies, de-curses, and zombies, so it is said that if I fall, I should revive at my base without waiting.

"I'm going to do something nasty.Speaking of which, isn't there a church in the Devil's Land?

"That's right.There is no temple rather than a church.If a player is defeated in a Magic Land, there will probably be no place to be resurrected.If you get along with the demons and immortals of the demonic kingdom, you can build a base, but there are a few players like that.Hayato, you and Lunaria are good friends, so I think it's probably okay to make them. "

"There's only one base per clan, so I won't build it.I like this place a lot, so I wonder if we can abandon it and build it in the Devil's Land. "

Hayat will not be able to build another base unless he relinquishes it.

There is no point in asking another clan to do this because you cannot register another clan's base as a resurrection site, but there is only one way out.

It is a product sold in a store.Products sold at the site have a search function.In a safe place without monsters, you can search for products from anywhere and teleport to the place where the product you are looking for is sold.With that feature, you can immediately return to the Devil's Land wherever you are resurrected.

Nevertheless, since players who do not buy products tend to be reluctant to use them on their own, clans based in the Magic Land rarely sell them in store.Even so, it must be far from the Magic City.

Therefore, it is important to revive them as soon as possible if they are hit.At this stampede, the priests' role plays were treasured.

"Ash and the others have a lot of potions and Elixirs, but it's dangerous because they don't have a healer."

"I'm sorry, I wish I could go, but I can't participate in the Demonic Stampede because I've been in my country for a while.That's fine, but I'm a little worried. "

"Do you care?

"The Pluto was originally set to attack the Magic City.Ver, I thought you were going to send me somewhere more unpleasant. "

"The Pluto has less difficulty attacking the Magic City?But NPCs like those in the Magic City are basically attacks of dark attributes, right?Isn't attacking the Pluto a little ineffective?

Those who live in the Magic Land basically attack Dark Attributes.Besides, few people can attack with light attributes.That's why NPC attacks are ineffective against Pluto and Undead monsters who are stamping.

The Tyrannosaurus Aggressberion, who was supposed to attack the Imperial Capital, was vulnerable to physical attacks.And the Imperial Capital has an NPC with a strong physical attack called Cecil.By doing so, Diete said it would balance and reduce the difficulty of stamping.

But the story and the situation in Magic City are quite different.The Pluto attacked the Magic City because it was a stampede that was very difficult.

Diete answered Hayato's strange face with a little smile.

"Sure, but in the first place, there's Lunaria in the Devil's Landing, right?The Demon King almost never loses when he enters Stampede.Either way, I set up the Pluto with Lunaria's countermeasures.Perhaps it is not wrong for the Pluto to attack the Magic City. "

"I see. But I don't think Lunaria came out?

Hayat has been watching the monitor for a while, but Ash and the others will never see Lunaria.

"You're absolutely right.There may be a problem with where the monitor is showing, but when I think about it, I've never seen Lunaria with a stampede before. "

"If you're not in a fight, can I send you a voice chat?I'll get in touch with Lunaria for a minute. "

There are many problems when voice chat is sent during a fight.Cutting off non-party audio chat to avoid picking up extra audio is a good thing.

When I saw Lunaria on the monitor, I didn't think she was in the fight yet, so Hayato decided to send a voice chat.

"Mr. Lunaria, it's Hayato. Where are you now?There's a stampede in the Devil's Land.

"Mr. Hayato? I am now in the throne room of Demon King Castle.I know there's been a stampede.I ordered members of the militants to join the fight.You can praise me for being a demon king.I grow when I'm praised. "

"... anyway, isn't Lunaria going to participate?

"I'm not in."


"... I trust everyone.He said he could win without me. "

What you're saying may be beautiful, but there seems to be another reason why you're a little late in answering.Hayat thought so and tried to pursue it.

"Mr. Lunaria, if there's a reason why you can't join us, can you tell me?Maybe we can work something out.I won't say no, but I'll figure something out.

"To see it through, that's Hayato.Cooking Skill 100 is not Date. "

"Does it matter? Well, fine, but why not join?

"Hayato has told me before why I can't fight."

Have you ever told me why you can't fight?Where did you hear that?Don't you remember that?

As Hayato leaned his neck, he heard a voice from Lunaria.

"You don't seem to remember, so I'll say it again."

Hayato heard Lunaria breathe heavily.I wait for Lunaria's words to say that it is so difficult to say.

"... I'm afraid of ghosts"

"... yes?

"As long as there are ghosts in the Magic City, I can't fight.I thought the hard-line dragons had quite a few warriors pointing at the demon king's weakness. "

"There's no one like that. Go to the Magic City."

"Ordering the Demon King is a one-sided pain."

"I have a headache...."

I do remember hearing that when I went to the woods in the Magic Land with Dite and Maris.Hayato certainly heard about the tolerances of eight legs, the demon king's fear of ghosts, and so on.

But I didn't mean it.In general, Lunaria is often not sure if she is serious or joking.

"Hayato, what happened to your head?Lunaria, what are you saying?Why don't you join Stampede?If she joins us, we'll be able to fight very well. "

"I think I remember Diete-chan because she was there, but Lunaria couldn't fight because she was afraid of ghosts.The Pluto is definitely a countermeasure to the Demon King.More than necessary. "

Diete stopped for a moment, but soon held her head like Hayato.