Another Frontier Online

Demon King Countermeasures

Hayato, who finished his work at the coffee shop at 8 p.m., logged in again.

Asha is already logged in and is waiting with everyone in the dining room.We're going to have a Pluto countermeasure meeting.

Regarding the three simultaneous stampedes, although they did not take away the shards of the treasure, considerable facilities were destroyed.Non-Hayato players are also providing recovery assistance, but if Hayato is not fully supported, there is likely to be a problem at the next stampede.

There is also the betrayal of moderates.The Fire Dragon was defeated once, so they won't be able to return for a while, but Thunder Dragon is on the other side.The other two moderates may have turned around, so I'd like to defeat them as much as possible.

If you stamped five bodies at the same time, they would take away the shards of the treasure.

So the next target is the Pluto Onyx Rod.In the current situation, it can be said that it is the most likely person to win.However, there are conditions.

Lunaria, the Demon King, must join the fight to win.If Lunaria leaves, she won't lose first.

However, there is a problem with Lunaria.Ghosts - that is, ghost monsters are scared, so I am attracted to the Demon King Castle.

Diete knew that Lunaria was "scared of ghosts," but she didn't think that she could fight a little too badly.It's not that Diete didn't notice because she was an AI, and Hayato did the same.

This happened, and pulling out Lunaria with the next stampede became the top priority.That measure is to be implemented from now on.

Participating members are Hayato, Esha, Ash, Ren, Lunaria, and nearby Rosalie.Diete has something to look into separately, and Nai and Relics are not going to participate because they are going to get materials to restore the facilities in the country of the devil and spirits.

Hayat went to the cafeteria, and there were members there.Everyone is on the table in the dining room, and drinks and desserts are placed in front of them.

For some reason, Lunaria was tied to the back of the chair with a rope, and there was no dessert.

"Looks like it's all there.Let's get started. "

"Mr. Hayato, I think I have something to say first by looking at my situation."

"Demon Kings who are afraid of ghosts and do not participate in Stampede have no human rights.There's no dessert left. "

Lunaria is afraid of the words.It seems that Rosalie, who is close to her, is not on Lunaria's side this time.

Rather, the close member did not seem to know why Lunaria did not participate in the stampede and learned from a communication from Hayato.And when he asked for a discussion to get the Demon King involved, he said, "I'll tie you up with a rope," with no emotion.

"Well, I'd like to think about a countermeasure, but how can we get Lunaria to join Stampede?

Ash answers Hayat's words.

"Why don't you get used to ghosts?If I throw it into a dungeon with lots of ghost monsters, I'll be fine in about two days. "

In addition to what I thought, sparta measures were necessary.Everyone saw Lunaria, but Lunaria smiled at it.

"I'm not going to be all right because I'm confident I'm going to faint.Rather, I don't think it makes sense because I will be resurrected at the Demon King Castle. "

"Why are you talking like that?So, Mr. Lunaria, haven't you changed a lot in six months?I used to be a lot bigger, but I don't think I was confident.

Hayato had been exchanging e-mails with Diete for six months, but members were getting the usual response.But when I first met him, it seemed like Lunaria had changed a lot since then.

There seems to be some kind of deviant demon king statue, and it seems to be role-playing with it.And I'm confident that it's a waste.The level of interpersonal phobia.

"That I have risen in level as a Demon King.From now on, you can worship Lunaria the Great Demon King.But if there's a ghost, I won't fight.Even the Great Demon King can't do that. "

When Lunaria said that confidently, Rosalie, sitting next to her, sighed a little.

"Lunaria seems to have gained confidence since she beat the brave.That's a good thing in itself, but I've gained confidence in the very wrong direction... and I've been crying over and over again, but you didn't listen to me... "

Hayato was surprised.I thought a proximity like Rosalie would affirm all of Lunaria's actions.I am surprised that the word "shrug" comes out.

Nevertheless, I found it difficult to make Lunaria do what she thought she hated.It's not selfish, but the idea that the Demon King is great is somehow conveyed.

Now, thinking about what happened, Len raised his hand momentum.

"What about stampede to destroy the Ghost?I think Lunaria can join us if we don't have ghosts. "

"That's a good idea.I'll give Ren-chan a demon cookie.Give it to me. "

When Lunaria said so, Rosalie took the bag out of the item bag and gave it to Len.Len immediately removes the cookies from the bag and starts eating them.

"I wonder, can you destroy all the Stampede monsters?

Asha, who had been eating dessert constantly for a while, said such a thing.

Unfortunately, Hayat doesn't know the information.Turning towards Ash, he shook his neck sideways.

"Stampede monsters gush out even when they are defeated.You can't destroy all the ghosts. "

"Um, is that what happens when a Pluto or something appears?

I don't know if there is a difference, but Hayato remembers that there were no ordinary dragons in the square in the battle against the Fire Dragon.

"It's gushing out. Even in the Fire Dragon, we were hunting other dragons to keep Cecil out of our way."

"Well, this operation is no good either.I don't know what to do.... "

Hayato snapped so much that Esha stopped eating dessert.

"Should I contact Ivan?

"Eh? Ivan the Brave?

"Yeah, that's right.Ivan should be able to fight in the Magic Land, and Excalibur should be able to attack light attributes.They must have a considerable advantage over the Pluto. "

Hayato thought, well,

I didn't know Ivan could fight in the Devil's Land, but the Brave sold his name like Ash, so he could fight anywhere.Then you can hit Ivan instead of Lunaria on the Pluto.

Thankfully Hayat has an item called the "Promise of the Brave".It's about not breaking out at the base and helping Hayato in trouble for free.Since it is a magical covenant, if Hayat asks for help, the brave Ivan must respond.

Lunaria also has the "Demon King's Oath", so I had to listen to Hayato, but Hayato didn't ask so strongly, so the Oath has no effect.

"What is it? If you think about it, you'll be done.All right, let's go.Lunaria will be waiting for you at the Demon King Castle. "

"Wait a minute. You want to borrow the help of a brave man without my help?

Well, yeah.

Lunaria has a little wrinkle between her eyebrows.

"It's an insult to the Devil.I am stronger than a brave man.Then it should be me who depends on the Devil. "

"I want to rely on you, but you're afraid of ghosts, right?

"I think we can fight in about five minutes.If you could just gather the ghosts somewhere else. "

"No, Ivan can fight normally without such trouble."

"Okay, okay.Then I'll fight hard enough.Please give me a chance. "

For some reason, it feels like it is a confident feeling reminiscent of the old Lunaria.And desperate. Hayat leaned his neck and Rosalie sighed again.

"Lunaria doesn't like to be thought of as a child she doesn't want."

"Kids? - No, I know how you feel.Then we'll need to analyze the Pluto again, so we'll leave the next battle to Lunaria.If not, I'll call the brave. "

"Yes, it's okay. I'm going to train today."

I don't know what to train for, but I'd appreciate it if you were motivated.

Now that the direction has been decided, we have opened the door to countermeasures for the Demon King named Pluto.

Lunaria and Rosalie went home late at night, but Ash and Len stayed.I have something to talk about, but Hayato would like to talk to you about a lot.

There are things I can and can't say about the moderates who turned around, about Vel, and about Ash and the others.

Hayat opened his mouth with various thoughts on what to talk about first.