Another Frontier Online

Moderate Turnover

"Ash, Ren-chan, I'd like to talk to you first, but Mr. Vale came to our base today."

Hayato is about to talk about Val.Ash and the others said they wanted to talk, but first we wanted to talk about what we had.

I just have a few things to say.

I don't think it makes sense for Vel to have memories or to have a manager other than Dite.It is also a delicate story that when Ash and the others get the treasure, it will be difficult.

The only thing that seems problematic is that Vale told Hayato to hold his hand, and that the hardliners would never rule over humans if they had the treasure.

Hayat told Ash and Len about it.

"Well, did my father see Hayato more as a threat than I did?I don't doubt it, but it's not about believing my father's words and pulling back... right?

"If you're going to pull back, you're not going to think of a way to get Lunaria to join Stampede, are you?Don't worry. Whatever they say, I'm on Ash's side and Renn-chan's. "

Ash looked a little surprised at Hayato's words, but immediately smiled.

"I'm sorry I doubted it.As a matter of fact, I'm mentally exhausted because all the moderate dragons have turned around.I just thought maybe Hayato might be too.I'm glad to hear that from Hayato. "

"Niisan, you've been worried about that all along.I'm glad Hayato is on our side no matter what. "

Oh, yeah.

Were you nervous until now? Ash fell on the chair like she was relaxed from her body.

Hayato looks at such ash and smiles reassuringly.

"We were taken care of in the Clan War, but we're friends, right?I deserve your help. "

"You're a cop. I feel like I've never been told that before - Esha, I've been afraid of my eyes."

"Never mind.Shall I change seats?Better next door than face-to-face, right?

Leaving aside the usual driving shade, Hayato proceeded.

"I'm done talking about me, but what did Ash and the others want to talk about?

"Oh, no, actually, I just wanted to tell you that all the moderate dragons turned around.Call me after the stampede.Apparently my father and I were negotiating.That seems to be why only the Fire Dragon has been stamped here lately.Other than the Fire Dragon, they were negotiating. "

"Is that what this is all about?Sure enough, it's just Flame Dragon Stampede these days. "

(But negotiation?I don't know what Mr. Vale negotiated, but could he turn around again?

There are ten Genesis Dragons.Ash and Len are allies, so there are eight enemies.The Fire Dragon was defeated once, so it doesn't seem to stamp for a while, but there are still seven left.It would be pretty tough to take down all seven of them.

Basically, this game is nothing.Although bound to some extent by rules, NPCs are human.If we see any advantage, we can negotiate and draw them into our ranks.

"Do you know why a moderate dragon turned around?On what terms?

"I didn't say that.I just got in touch with you through friendship, and I didn't tell you why, and I didn't ask. "

I see. If I knew why, I thought it would be possible for you to turn around again. "

Three people are surprised at Hayat's words.

"Hayato, don't think amazing.You want the moderate dragon to turn around again?

"Not only moderate dragons, but hard-line dragons as well.But is that what this is all about?You don't have to turn around, you don't participate in the stampede, you don't aim for the pieces of the treasure, and so on. "

Winning or losing a Stampede is also important, but collecting Shards of the Treasure is important to win this event called Stampede.You don't have to beat all the Genesis Dragons in the first place, you just have to fight the minimum you need.

Defeat these three dragons that appear in the Magic City, Spirit Kingdom, and Tyrannosaurus Dragons with Shards that were to be acquired in the King's City for now.

It is also conceivable that the dragons who turned back will attack the magical capital and the land of spirits, but the stampede is enough to win, and the purpose is not to destroy the dragons.

The timing is unknown, but it can be said that the situation where the five bodies simultaneously attack the same place is the worst.It would be enough to have a promise not to turn around and at least not participate in it.

Hayato thought so.

"That's your husband.We don't fight by force, we fight by talk. "

"I don't have the strength to fight.Well, fighting is the last resort.That last resort is the least I can use. "

Everyone laughs at Hayato's somewhat arrogant words.Because of that, from Hayato's point of view, Ash seemed to have lost a lot of strength.

"Did you lose a little shoulder strength?

"Oh, thank God.Nothing good has happened in the last six months, but I can finally defeat the Fire Dragon.I was a little relieved that moderate dragons had betrayed me, so I came a bit.It's thanks to Hayato that any situation will take shape. "

Ash said that before continuing.

"I don't know if we're actually negotiating, but should we find out why the moderate dragon turned around?

"Well, I think you should know if possible.Of course, so are hard-line dragons.It's best to pull it in here, but even if you don't have to go that far, it would be helpful to know the weakness... but it would be great to have negotiable information like Ren-chan's bucket pudding "

Hayato looked at Len and said so, and Len raised her right hand with a smile.

"Yes! Bucket pudding won't turn around.Also, it's time to turn around because we don't have a bucket pudding!

"Then I will prepare a five-star bucket pudding when I defeat the Pluto.I'm going to put more pressure on my arms. "

"I see. I'll curse Lunaria and pull her out.Uhihihi.... "

Len's eyes are serious.There is a will not to compromise at all.

"But isn't it hard to pull Lunaria out?You can't destroy all the ghosts, can you?

Ash nods at Esha's words.

"Certainly we can't destroy them all.However, Lunaria also said that we should gather the Ghost somewhere out of sight.The Magic City is quite spacious.The battle against the Pluto is decided to be a square, so I think we can do something about it if we can get it somewhere else.However, that would be difficult. "

"Can you guide monsters in the first place?You want me to earn some weight and lead you somewhere else?

I see. We can do that alone, but there's a lot of people on the stampede.There's no point in being defeated, even if you lead them. "

Stampede does not have Attack Priority, so anyone can attack monsters.Even if you earn and induce a Hate Value, you will be defeated.That way, ghosts will flourish somewhere in the Magic City.

Defeating a Stampede Monster will earn points for your contribution, so it will be difficult to ask players not to defeat it.

(Lunaria looked at the ghost and said Stan - it would be okay if he became incapacitated, but he fainted.Len fainted when she saw Maris' beetle, and that wasn't a bad status.I don't have the skills of Stun or Disable in the first place.)

Stun is not a bud status on the game, it is a mental problem of the person.Hayato also felt sick when he saw a giant spider.It slows down even if the character's status is OK.

(I can't think of any measures for Lunaria so far.Well, she said she would do something about it, and I hope so.If not, I'll call Ivan.)

Hayat decided to finish today's meeting with that in mind.