The day after the three simultaneous stampedes occurred, Hayato was heading to the Mist Mansion in the Magic City.

The aim is to restore the destroyed Mansion.

Even in the kingdom of kingdoms and spirits, there has been considerable damage, but among them, the Magic City has suffered a lot.

The important thing in this Stampede event is not to steal the Shards of the Treasure.Stampede occurs even if the facility remains destroyed, so reconstruction support must be provided before the next stampede begins.

Remaining broken means fighting your boss with less HP.Plus, you can't get Shards of the Secret Treasure.We need an early response.

Hayato has such an idea, but it is also simply a request from the mist.That's why I want to fix it as a matter of priority if my people are in trouble.

In the King's Landing, I have received reports that the Maid Alliance, the Butler Alliance, and the Tamer Alliance are safe.Then I carried my legs here early in the morning.

Hayat overlooks the Magic City.

Various facilities have been damaged by fighting the Pluto, but the NPCs have no sense of sadness.This tended to be due to the character of the Demons and Immortals of the NPC, but the consciousness that they were under the protection of Lunaria the Demon King made them so.

When I heard it from Rosalie in Gothlori clothes, I wondered what she was saying about falling asleep, but even if I asked Mist, it was a similar answer.

The Demon King and his close associates are quite admired in the Magic Kingdom, and the future is said to be safe with the Demon King now.Originally, even in a windy demonic kingdom where you could do anything, it was like an iron code that you would not defy the demon king alone.

With that in mind, Hayat aims for Mist's Mansion.

Along the way, Hayat thought about the magic capital.

Hayat doesn't come to the Magic City much.Because prices are basically high and most things can be bought cheaply in King's Landing.

And sometimes players have to be careful when buying goods in the Magic Land.

Almost no crops grow in the Magic Land, but some crops are magical and traded at high prices in King's Land and Imperial Land.It is a famous story that there is a merchant group that undertakes such a business in one hand, and it is quite threatened to buy and sell in large quantities without going there.

Hayato, who has neglected such things, is involved in production, so I know quite well.

Of course, there is no problem as much as buying a few pieces individually, but in the case of Hayato, it is sometimes said to be a production position, and most products are focused on the stars.You need to get a lot of materials, so you could get in trouble.Because I was aware of it, I basically didn't buy or sell in Magic City.

(Dragon eater replicas are also effective against Pluto Dragons, but not Ghosts or Zombies.Speaking of which, I need an Undead Special Attack weapon rather than a Dragon Special Attack, but there are a lot of materials I can buy in Magic City.Mist will buy it for me....)

Not only weapons, but also Ney and the others need to be equipped with effective defenses against attacks from the undead.In other words, there are many things that can be bought in the Magic City.

Hayato's weapons are the Holy Sword, a crossbow called the Vanish Cross, and an axe called the Zombie Crash, which always comes with an Undead Special Attack.

The Lexum gloves I gave Relic before also have undead Special Attack performance, but they are ineffective without combat skills, so they can't be handled by Neys and Mercenaries.Therefore, I don't plan to make it this time.

Vampire Mants, Lace Robes, Dura Hammer, and more are immune to Dark Attributes when it comes to Armor.It is also resistant to the magic of some Reapers, making it more resistant to attacks from the Pluto if equipped.However, it is possible to say that I don't want to equip it because there are many things that look creepy regardless of the performance.

(Then there are measures against undead festival.You don't have the performance equipment to zoom out, do you?I'm talking about not dying, but if there's any countermeasure, I have to prepare it.)

While walking with that in mind, I arrived at Mist's Mansion.

Mist stood near the entrance to the Mansion, surrounded by butlers and maids.They're all vampires.

Mist is a human as a character setting, but he is a vampire with magic that can be used with 100 Reaper Magic.Still, in the Magic Land, the birth of the righteous aristocracy made me stay in this Magic City.

"Hayato, thank you for coming."

"It was tough, the Mansion was the first target of everything."

"I'm totally in trouble.It's just a house where vampires gather, but it was attacked like an enemy. "

The cause is unknown, but Mist's Mansion will be destroyed first when Stampede begins.

Hayato delivered and repaired the reconstruction aid item before the Fire Dragon Crusade, but it was destroyed again at yesterday's Stampede.

(It's strange to think about it.This shouldn't be such an important facility.And yet you're my enemy?I know about churches and shrines, but it's not a place to be resurrected, and I don't know why.Maybe there's a bad reason for this mansion?

If Pluto or Vel is deliberately attacking, this is a problem for the opponent.Because it's about Vel, you can think of it as a lie, but even if you get caught, you should think of it as a reason to attack.Hayato thought so.

"Mr. Mist, is there something wrong with the Hayabusa when you say that this place is being targeted?

"I see, you can definitely think like that.But there's nothing special about this mansion, is there?There are health goods. "

"Dragons that are afraid of health goods don't seem to be afraid."

Hayato has previously made foot mats, magnetic necklaces, and sleeping macramas to give to Mist.I'd rather scold a dragon who's afraid of something like that.

Hayato asked Mist if he had anything other than health goods, but he didn't have any other furniture.

(I thought there was something about the Pluto countermeasure, but is it because of your mind?Well, if Lunaria joins us, we can handle it, or we can call Ivan.There won't be any need to look into it so closely.It is preferable to repair the Magic Capital facility from one end)

Once the stampede begins, the facility cannot be repaired in the meantime.If you don't repair the facility before stampede, you won't be able to get the Shards of the Treasure even if you defeat the Pluto.That makes no sense.

Another player seems to be taking care of the other buildings, so Hayato first looks at Mist trying to fix the Mansion.

Well, Mr. Mist, what should I make?I think I used to have a lot of furniture. "

It's the same this time too.Ten tables, twenty chairs, and fifty plates, forks, and knives, please. "

"Is the coffin okay?

"Yes, I was able to make it again this time.That was helpful - oh, yes.There is something else I would like you to make besides furniture and dishes, is that okay?

"Yes, say anything"

"Thank you very much. Five violins, five flutes and five trumpets, please."

"Violin....? Is it an instrument?

"Yeah, that's right.It's a little broken. "

Hayato has only seen instruments in the game.In the real world, there was a depletion of resources about a hundred years ago, and since all sounds can be expressed in synthetic sounds, instruments exist in museum colonies as relics of the past.

Instruments in this game are what you use when you use your music skills.Music, song, and dance skills are used to improve the abilities of allies called buffs, but the use of high-quality instruments can be more effective.

Hayato, who has never seen Mist's skill structure, did not possess those skills at least six months ago.Then there is the possibility that the skill composition has changed in the past six months.

"Has Mr. Mist moved to a support position?

"Huh? Oh, no, it's not.In fact, we are welcoming guests to the Mansion now.This time, their musical instrument broke down. "

"Oh, is that so?But is your stuff an instrument?You're a vampire, aren't you?

Mist's Mansion is home to vampires called vampire circles.Naturally, the customer will also become a vampire.But I've never heard of a vampire in a support position.

It wasn't a mistake to do what I wanted to do, but I didn't think it would go well with the Death Magic and Music skills.

"No, ordinary people.Don't you know the band Brunhilde?People who are traveling around the world to play music or get inspiration to make new songs without having to settle down. "

"Hee! No, I didn't know that for the first time.There were people like that. "

It may be a famous band, but Hayato knew it for the first time.Hayato, in particular, has neglected such a thing.Hayato, who was delighted to make production items at the base, had little information about what was unlikely to be involved in production.

"Yes, I have a night club at the Mansion, and I get music and songs performed at that the form of a place to stay or a meal instead. "

I see.Then I'd like to ask myself once. "

Mist smiles at Hayato's words.

"If so, I will hold a night party when the mansion is fixed, so please visit Hayato as well.I don't want to get tired of her singing too many times. "

"That's exciting.Ah, can I call a squad member?I think there's a lot of stress in the stampede, so I was hoping it would help. "

"Yes, of course. I don't have a dress code or anything like that, so I'm sure you all will... but..."

"Is there a problem?

"Oh, no, it's not a problem.I don't know if Asha and Relic know each other, but you two know each other in that band. "

"Do you know Asha and Relic?That's... "

Yes, you two are former clan members.

Former clan member of Asha or Relic.It refers to the clan where the brave Ivan was.The same goes for Cecil in the Imperial Capital.

"His name is Noat Vabek. It's such a lovely singing voice that it's called" Primadonna "... but it feels like nothing can be done but sing, so at the time, it was also called" Lazy Singing Princess "."

"That clan seems to have only troubled children.Relic-san is so decent..... "

Hayato felt like he didn't want to meet, but first switched to support reconstruction and started making the necessary furniture and dishes.