Another Frontier Online

Labyrinth Castle

After visiting Mist's Mansion, Hayat came with Ash to a place called "Rabilin Castle" in Imperial Territory.

It's a maze of over-built castles, and it's now a monster's nest.Since this is a castle abandoned more than a hundred years ago, it is simply said to be an old castle.

I'm here for an item called Broken Durahan Armor.There are many undead monsters here, but Durahan roams here as an undead frame monster.

Durahan is said to be the ghost of a knight who was decapitated and wears armor without a neck.

Hayato doesn't care about that setting, what matters is the Broken Durahan Armor you get when you defeat Durahan.Using this blacksmith skill, Durahammer Armor prevents Dark Attribute attacks and Death Magic Damage.

I came here with Ash because I had to produce a lot of that armor for Nay and the mercenaries.

Originally, Hayato didn't have to come this far, but Hayato has a skill called "knowledge of dismantling."This increases the number and rarity of Monster drop items.

It's hard enough to get to this old castle, so let's try to increase the drop items as much as possible.

The members are Hayat, Ash, Ren, and Relic.It was unusual to see relics at a regular party.

"It's been a long time since I've been here."

"I'm sorry about today, Mr. Relic.I have undead Special Attack gloves, so I was hoping you could help me. "

"No, if an old man like this can help, how much can you use it for?They also helped rebuild the Butler Alliance, and there were signs of improvement, albeit slightly.It is also thanks to Hayato.The headquarters also told me to listen to Hayato's request. "

"It would be helpful if you could say so."

Are you sure this is going to improve your engagement with the Maid Alliance?

I have heard that Relic and the maid chief are eating several times through Esha.As for Esha, the maid chief is in a better mood than welcome, and tells Relic to invite her to dinner every day.

The real reason for the meal was that the maid director should only want to eat with relics, but as a table setting, it was a consultation to manage the fixing of the maid and Butler guilds.That would mean that the lie has really gone away.

As for Hayato, I sighed a little and said that I could never tell you the real reason.

With that in mind, Ash looks at Relic.

"There's no healing magic today without Dite.I want you to be careful because the only way to recover is with Hayato's cooking or medicine.I can tell you that, but in terms of defense, Relic and Len don't change much. "

"Yes, I want to be careful"

"I'll be careful!

Other members are gathering materials for reconstruction elsewhere.Diete's case is a little different, I'm looking into Vel and Genesis dragons, but I had to let go of my hand for a while and sent a voice chat.

Nay and the others are on their way to pick up the ingredients for the instrument.Flutes and trumpets use craftsmanship skills, but materials are metal.Because I don't use adamantite, I don't have any particular difficulty collecting the ingredients.

However, violins are created with woodworking skills, but in addition to wood, they require a "horse's tail".This item is occasionally sold in NPC stores, but was not sold anywhere due to stampede.

So I defeated a horse monster and aimed for a drop item.A regular horse, a unicorn, and a pegasus that can be ridden are not imaginatively good, so the monster is an eight-legged horse called Slapenil.

This slapnil is a fairly powerful class of monsters that boasts the same strength as the giant wolf Fenryl, but is not very popular with Tamer.

It's not as fast as Fenril, and it doesn't use magic.Not flying like Griffon or Pegasus, but simply because it is a strong horse, Tame's difficulty and strength are not proportional, making it a merely collectible monster in Tamer's neighborhood.

Maris resented it and said, "I'll definitely tame you later!I was breathing roughly.

Walk through the old castle with that in mind.

Basically, there's no zombie undead here.Most of them are undead spirits such as Durahan and Ghost.

Physical attacks against spiritual monsters are difficult, but they can be attacked anyway.If you go deeper into the ancient castle, or higher, there will be powerful spirit monsters, but since Durahan is only a weak monster, physical attacks alone will not be a threat.

Nevertheless, Hayato and the others proceeded to the back with caution, saying that the chronic mind was not good.

There were about two parties in the hall where Durahan was heavily populated, like Hayato and the others.It is now a weekday morning.There will be more at night.

Basically, when a monster is defeated, it appears again in a few minutes.The place of appearance is random, but the general place is decided.Hayat and the others moved to a place where Durahan would never get along with the other parties and made it a campsite.

Even though it's a campsite, it's not really about setting up tents, it's just about hunting monsters as a basic strategic base.

Ash summoned nearby Durahan to the camp using his skill to earn a Height called the Male Walkman.

And then he snapped Durahan closer.It feels sad from the looks of it, but this can't be helped.Every monster is equipped with AI, but it is not as high-performance as Dite.Even if they know we're going to be defeated, they're going to attack us.

(If even monsters around here have AI similar to Dite's, I think the game will be jammed.Well, even if it's not AI, it's hard if the other person is human.)

The last event, Clan War, was an interpersonal match.That was tough, but this time Stampede and Vale and the other dragons are human, not AI.Hayato, who knows the circumstances, would have fought interpersonal this time.

I don't suppose it's a problem just to fight, but in Vel's case, I'll take measures other than a stampede fight.He turned the moderate dragon around and told Hayato to back off.

Most players win this Stampede event, but it doesn't matter if they lose.You can say that most of the ideas are good enough to earn contribution points and get a prize.

Nevertheless, as a Hayato who knows various circumstances, I don't want to lose this event.I also have a lot of questions and problems.

The presence of administrators other than Dite, Vel's secret treasures, and Ash and Ren's troubles.

A lot of things bother me.

"Hayato, what's wrong?You don't have to fight, but it's dangerous to be blurry.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking.What does it look like?

"Hayato's skill has a high drop rate.And with Relics, it's faster to defeat monsters.I think we've gathered quite a bit, but I'm going to continue because I still have plenty of room in my item bag.It's time for a little break. "

"Roger that. I'll cook something."

It was Len who responded the fastest to Hayato's words.

"Bucket pudding, please!

"I like it. But I can't make it today because I haven't brought a bucket.Patience with regular pudding. "

"I'm sorry. Hayato may have been cursed without a regular pudding, but Hayato saved his life....."

"I'm worried about life-saving snacks... by the way, why does Ren-chan like curses so much?

Hayato asks while making pudding.

I know Len is a collector of cursed items, but I don't know why.Nevertheless, it wasn't just a shake of the subject that interests me.

The asked Len is thinking in arms somehow.

"Eh? Something bothering you?

"No, I think there was something that triggered it, but I forgot about it.But I feel like I've had a cursed doll since I got a heart attack.Where did that doll go...?

(Ever since you realized something?Oh, no, do you like cursing before you go into virtual reality?Then don't stimulate your memory any more.Diete-chan said she would be fine as long as nothing happened, but I don't know what triggered it, so this conversation is over)

"Hayato, can I have a moment?

Ash put his hand on Hayato's shoulder and looked at him as he tried to change the subject.Then he turned his back toward Len and Relic, taking care not to hear.

"Ash, what's wrong?Are you scared of your face?

"Len is certainly cute.You can say the best in the world.I know you're interested, but think about your age.You're too young for Hayato, aren't you?Wait three more years. "


"By the way, Len can't do it unless he's stronger than me, right?I think Hayato is strong even if he doesn't have the strength to fight, but he's still alive.We need to be able to defeat dragons alone. "

"The dragon you're going to take down is not about Ash, is it?Anyway, that's not what I heard.It's just a talk.The weather is nice today - don't be suspicious.Oh, yeah. Did you know Ash was Noat Vabek?

I shook another topic as I struggled to divert my serious eyes from Ash's feelings.

"Noat Vabek? Have you heard of him anywhere?

I'm sure Ash's words could have been heard by Relics.Relic said, "Oh," and approached the Hayats.

"I heard a nostalgic name, but do Hayato and the others know about Noat?

"Actually, I was going to ask Relic.Actually, it looks like Mr. Noat is staying at Mr. Mist's house. "

"You're leaning there now.And the band?

It seems so.I haven't seen him since I just heard about it, but he says he will hold a night club when the Mansion is fixed.I wonder if you can show me some music there.All clan members have been invited, thank you for your time. "

"I'm looking forward to it."

Relic looks happy, but Ash leans her neck and says, "Noat Vabek?".

Did you see that? Len shouted a small voice at Ash to help him.

"Niisan, look, it's Primadonna."

"Oh, that's him.I've only heard a song once.I forgot where I heard it. "

"I know it's hard at stampede, but sometimes I think you need to take a breath, so why don't you join me at the club?

Ash was a little surprised by Hayato's words.And when he exhaled, he smiled.

I see. The squad members also told me to relax more, and it would be nice to take a breath.But you're pretty breathless coming to places like this.You can swing your sword without thinking about anything. "

"It seems dangerous to hear just words, but that's good.Well, I'll take care of the preparations, and Ash will focus only on Stampede.Normally, you'd be covered in more.Do you think it's better to live like Asha?

And when Ash sprays a little, he says, "Shall I tell Asha?"He smiled and slapped Hayato on the back.Though I thought it was the same with Ash that erupted, Hayato cooked and behaved like Ash and the others.

Then the break is over and Durahan is hunted.

Having enough items, Hayato and the others returned to their base.