Another Frontier Online

Evening party

Three days after I went to Labyrinth Castle, Mist's Mansion in the Magic City was restored.

And there are evening parties scheduled in the mansion today.

I originally planned to do it sooner, but it took more time than I thought to recover.Although furniture and dishes were relatively easy to assemble, it took time to create instruments, especially violins.

The reason it took so long to create it was because it didn't collect the ingredients well.

To collect the "horse's tail" needed to create the violin, Ney and the others went to defeat a horse monster named Slapenil, and the NPC said they were disturbed there.

Players cannot fight each other except in Clan Wars.There are no Clan War events at the moment, so interpersonal combat is not possible, but there are no restrictions when it comes to NPC.You can attack players under any circumstances.

Ney and the others were attacked by the NPC where Slipnir was.Hayato has received reports that he was unable to defeat Slapnil on the first day.

I had the option to give up the place and defeat other horse monsters, but Ney's fighting spirit was on fire.

The NPC can fight back from the player instead of attacking.Then I fought to defeat him.However, at that time, Rosalie in Gothlori clothes lowered her head and asked for help.

Even as a rosary, it originally dealt with restoring facilities in the Magic Land, and since it was not a stampede, you could fight regardless of your country.I didn't like it at first, but eventually I broke down and defeated the NPC that would get in the way with Ney and the others.

As Rosalie once said, the Black Dragon clan is short of firepower.Nay's Excalibur Replica ignores the opponent's Defense, but unlike a true Excalibur, it does not deal that much damage to physical attributes, even when cooking or using items.

However, Rosalie's weaknesses improved when she joined the front line.

Rosalie's giant sickle "Scream".Named in the sense that the opponent is guaranteed to scream, the weapon has a "combo boost" that is a constant range attack and a temporary but increased base damage each time it hits.

Additionally, it has a unique skill called "Madness" and can be used arbitrarily to double all abilities, including movement speed, instead of being healed by magic or items.While removing does not heal for 5 minutes and has the disadvantage of reducing abilities by less than half, it boasts unparalleled strength during skill.

Nay and the others fought with such a rosary.Unfortunately, we were unable to defeat the opponent, but we were successful in defeating it.He then defeated Slapnil and brought a lot of "horse tails".

The ingredients aren't that hard to make, Violin.It was delivered to Mist for a specified number of days, and the reconstruction of the facility was finally completed.That's today's lunch.

Then Hayat logged in again at night and came to Mist's Mansion with Esha.

"My stomach doesn't swell when I hear a song."

"I'm surprised at the sudden total denial.In general, Mr. Noat is a former associate of Esha's, right?

"That's right, but I couldn't do anything but sing Noat, so I had a lot of trouble.You did your best in the Clan War. "

"Even though Asha is also a maid, you can hardly do anything, right?

"Is that a declaration of war against me?

"So don't hold on to Belzeve.Anyway, were you glad your clothes stayed made to wear?I made a dress. "

Mist said there was no dress code, but even though it was virtual reality, Hayato wondered how fashionable a woman might want to be at this time.

Esha is indifferent to what she wears, even in reality.Sometimes I seem to be looking for clothes in an online shop when I'm free, but for some reason I don't shake my neck and buy it after a few seconds.That's when I'm choosing pretty clothes.

Hayato doesn't say anything because it seems kind of dangerous to point it out, but there are times when I think it would be better to buy something that is not so expensive.I don't know if I am reluctant to stay or if I don't think it suits me, but it's a delicate matter so I couldn't step into it as Hayato.

At the very least, Hayato suggested a dress that was virtual reality.

"If your sewing skills are negative, the durability of fabric gear will gradually decrease just by wearing it.It is dangerous unless it is equipped with self-repairing performance, so it is difficult except for this made-to-measure clothing.There's nothing wrong with simple clothing when you're not equipped with anything. "

"What are you afraid of?"

Basically, when you are not equipped with anything, you will be wearing simple clothes.

Hayato has bitter memories of this behavior.When the brave Ivan broke out at his base, Len's Dragon Curse targeted Lunaria, even though it was a force majeure.At that time, all the equipment came off and Lunaria went into normal clothing.Although it is a regular garment, Hayato has been knocked down by Lunaria, who became embarrassed, taking a straight right.

With that in mind, Hayato became a little light-hearted.Besides, if the negative disadvantages of sewing skills are too severe, I feel a little sympathetic to Sha.

"If you have a dress with self-healing skills,I'm not wearing it for your husband, just to say. "

"I don't know if you're going to make a dress like that... a random self-healing skill is really rare.If you can do that for any reason, I'll give it to you.Let's go then.I think everybody's already here. "

Hayat said so and both Esha approached the entrance to the mansion.

After being picked up by the mist at the entrance, you will be guided to a place called the Great Hall.There were already a lot of people there, enjoying meals and cheering.

There were clan members, but most of the people there looked pale.Hayato speculated that he was probably a vampire and looked at him a little.You won't suck blood, but it's a little creepy.

Mist smiles at such a hayato.

"Rest assured.I won't let you act like I'm attacking you.There's plenty of tomato juice and it's safe. "

"I hope the tomato juice doesn't run out.Um, are we the last?Sorry I'm late. "

"No, I know you two are busy.Now let's get you ready. "

Mist said so and headed for the stage in the hall.

It seems that there are some people who already have instruments, but they don't have all of them because they have free chairs.I thought it would take a little longer to get started, and I looked at Esha.

"Um, what kind of person is Mr. Noat?

"It's hard to explain who you are, but you're about the same age as us.I usually sleep all the time.I remember saying that sleeping is a hobby. "

"Isn't that a song?

"Singing isn't a hobby, it's a job.I didn't know, but in reality he was quite a famous singer.Maybe that's what's affecting it. "

"You work as rarely as an actor.In an era of resource depletion, it's almost computer synthesis, isn't it?I guess composing lyrics is also AI. "

"Yes, but Noat did it all by herself.However, you said that people were not very required to sing at the time, so they lost their motivation.He said he was happy because virtual reality requires songs with beneficial effects. "

"That's the way you think."

In doing so, there was a woman walking around like a zombie on the stage.Hayato guesses that the woman is Noat when she sees the vampires clapping.

Esha is right, she is in her early twenties.The hair is about the length of blonde hair and whether it touches the shoulder or not.Dresses are white based dresses, aware of ancient Greek Petros and Kitons.

Hayato stared at Noat, but honestly, I thought for a moment that he was a different person.

(She seems kind of sleepy and is very cat tall.Is Mr. Mist a singer enough to admire?

But I think Hayato's idea was a mistake right away.

When the music was ready, Noat's sleepy eyes were tingling and his spine stretched.And I sang at an incredible volume from that tiny body.

Because it is in virtual reality, its voice is digital.However, the tone of voice reflects the reality.Register basic information such as age and name before starting the game, but also voice.Unlike NPCs, virtual reality begins differently, but they probably register their voices in the same way.

Even though it was a long song, Hayato felt it was over soon.That's enough to give me back my applause.And Hayato applauds.

"I've heard it for the first time, but it's amazing.I want to hear it in real life. "

"Virtual reality really goes through the computer, so it's probably different when it's real.The chocolate parfait I ate in real life is better than virtual reality. "

I was given an understandable comparison, but I somehow understood what I had to say.

Now, let's move on to the main meal.

"You're not hungry because you ate dinner in reality, are you?

"This is another belly."

"It's a different stomach or a virtual stomach.Well, then I'll say hello to everybody.I have to thank them for collecting the ingredients. "

Hayat broke up with Esha and walked toward his clan members and Nei and the others.