The members I know at this evening's party are Clan members, Neys, Black Dragon, and Rosalie.Diete hasn't come, and she contacted Hayato to talk to him later.

I'm somewhat familiar with the vampires that Mist knows, but I'm not that close.It's like a relationship between a shopkeeper and a customer who simply knows about the connection between health goods.

They said that the goods were good, and now they want me to make something like this, but they cut it to the point of having a conversation that doesn't feel like we're listening to each other deeply.

A few minutes later, they arrived where Nay and Rosalie were.

Everyone, it's the same equipment as usual.Hayato is losing confidence in her image of her woman.

"Hayato, that song was amazing.I'd like to hear it again. "

Hayato's confidence is gone, but Nay admires Noat's song, which she doesn't realize at all.I decided to reply to Hayato about the song.Nevertheless, Hayato is more concerned about Rosalie.

Ney and the others thought so too.I thought so too - that's fine, but it looks like Rosalie has finally decided to fight with Ney and the others, right?

Rosalie sighs slightly at Hayato's words.

"I thought it would be good when I was free.But don't expect me to join you anytime soon.I've told you many times, I serve Lunaria. "

"Looks like there's a line you can't give up.Yes, thank you for gathering the ingredients.Thanks to you, I was able to make a violin. "

"That's fine, but who is it?I didn't think I'd get away with it. "

Hayato doesn't know that either.I've never seen it in the first place.If they knew the details, they'd be the only ones.

Hayat turned his gaze on Nay.The Ney is thinking with his arms around him.

"To tell the truth, I don't know.There shouldn't be any Rare Monsters in that place.It's not a monster frame, it's just an NP-Human.I suppose you didn't want Slapnil killed. "

Since Rosalie was nearby, Nay changed her name from an AI protection perspective to a human rather than an NPC.

Rosalie is a rare monster NPC coming out of Demon King Castle, but she is not a monster.Hayato has heard through Nay that he is chasing people away because he simply doesn't like them in the Demon King Castle.

In this case, it is also somehow inconvenient for the NPC, so I can guess that they were chasing Ney away at that place.Ney says that's why he didn't want Slapnil killed.

"What's the reason you don't want Slapnil killed?

"Come on? Maybe you didn't want me to take the tail off your horse.I've heard a lot from people I know to get horse tails, but they don't seem to sell them anywhere, and they don't see them at the auction.Besides, I heard there were some suspicious people in the unicorn and Pegasus habitat that were disturbing us. "

"Are you kidding me?But why?

"I really don't know that much.I saw the other person's name, but I didn't know it because it was unknown.I have no idea who disturbed you for what purpose. "

The NPC's name will never be known unless someone introduces it to you or says it to you.In the case of monsters, the name is basically known from the beginning, but the NPC does not know the name even if it is an enemy.Rosalie in Gothlori clothes also appeared as an enemy at the Demon King Castle, and I didn't know her name.

"What kind of guy, by the way?

"It's my uncle in the second half of the 30s.Oh, yeah, it's about the costume, but I had an interesting weapon. "

"Funny weapon?

"Yes, that's a gun.You call it a handgun, not a rifle like Asha has?I had it.And it's funny how to shoot.I think that's a quick draw.I wonder if your outfit matches that, or is it a so-called gunman?I was quite reluctant with the tent hat. "

Quick Draws are so-called quick shots.It's a technique that pulls a gun out of a holster and shoots quickly.

There are no guns in this game that use gunpowder, but there are magic guns that can be attacked by consuming MP like Esha has.Esha used to say it wasn't that unusual, so the NPC probably got a magic gun for some reason.

"No, it was amazing!At the end of the battle, Rosalie narrowed her distance from the opponent all at once, but the opponent responded accurately at short range with that quick draw!I thought you were hit, but Rosalie played a gun attack with a scythe!I can't believe you're going to shoot a gun!

"Hey, Ney, don't get too excited because it stands out.Most of the time, you were planning a gun attack.Even though it's a straight line attack, it's not normal.

The members of the Black Dragon nod well in the words of Nay and Rosalie.In other words, from the standpoint of ordinary people, they are probably unusual.

(Surely it is impossible even if I am told to hold back the gun attack.Ney and Rosalie are probably good at reading reflexes or the other person's behavior.)

With that in mind, a prominent figure arrived at today's evening party.

Lunaria in a bright red dress.It is no exaggeration to say that the beauty is polished in a flashy dress that can be said to be a piece of craftsmanship.

The Lunaria looks to Rosalie.

"Well, it's not good to leave me alone.I'm scared of strangers.It's about time the Alondites unleashed their true power. "

Behind her appearance, Lunaria, full of lunaria, came to Rosalie for help.I didn't know from a distance, but when I looked close, the movement of the eyeballs became difficult.

"Even if you can participate in this kind of place, it has improved somewhat.But not yet.Please go again. "

"Recently Rosalie has been tough on me.Spoil me even more. "

Hayato decided to see if this was part of the countermeasure.

Lunaria, are you okay with the ghosts?

"I thought about measures.Simply put, I close my eyes and attack.This is it. The Samurai technique passed down to the eastern country of the heart. "

Samurai hey

(Samurai is always said to be the eastern country.As a Japanese, it is subtle, but since it is no longer on Earth, I don't think it is necessary for it to be an eastern country.)

Considering that it didn't matter, Rosalie sighed a lot.

"I'm not a member of the Holy Magic Ten Swords, and I can't do that.Lunaria-sama would normally overcome difficulties without doing such a thing, and it would be a monster, but it would be a dragon, but it would be better if it was truncated.Come on, let's go again!

"Wait. Help me, please.Basically, this dress is bad because of its low defense.I want to equip it with the usual Inferno series.Then we can handle it. "

"I didn't bring it today.It's mostly a night club, so I can wear a dress.Make it more appealing than defense. "

"I can't go up because I don't have that status-ah, nasty, it's cowardly to use Madness to increase STR.I can't resist...!

Using the skill "Madness", Rosalier, wrapped in a red and black aura, grabbed Lunaria's neck and dragged her away.In that state, the STR is higher than Lunaria, so it becomes more powerful.

Nay, who was looking at them, roared, "Hmm."

"What's wrong?

"No, Lunaria is certainly strong as a Demon King, but she doesn't seem to be that demonic.That's what it's all about. "

"Indeed. I want to twist my neck when I'm told it's charming."

"As I watched the Excalibur replica earlier, I suddenly pushed that Aron Dite was cooler than that.I gave Hayato everything he needed to make an Alondite Replica. "

"Oh, yeah. Looks like he's kind of confronted by a brave man.I'm going to make it if I can afford it. "

"But I have an Excalibur replica that everyone made for me.If you can be as ambidextrous as Cecil, I'll equip you with it.Speaking of which, Dual Wield Stream is said to be implemented in advance, so it may be implemented in the next version upgrade... OK!We'll get the ingredients next time, so make sure you make them!It's a replica, but it's cool to have two conflicting swords!

"I don't know if ambidextrous will be implemented, but I think we can make it after the stampede.I can't afford it right now. "

Hayato said so, and the world announcement unfolded.

"A stampede occurred in Magic City Zardgear.Pluto Onyx Rod is beginning an invasion.Please hit the defeat.I repeat... "

(Even though this place has just been fixed, is it already stamped?But is it still easier in one place?All the players come to the magic capital.)

Immediately after Hayato thought so, the door of the hall opened momentum.

"Excuse me, I think it's a good time to have dangerous people gathered here."

There was a man in a black rider's jacket and two other men and women.One of them overlaps with what Ney said earlier about Gunman.

As soon as Ash rushed towards Hayat, he pulled out his sword and confronted him.Len was also in the attack position.They must be trying to protect Hayato.

"Agres....! And you guys....!

(Agres....? Well, he was against Ren-chan in the last clan war.In other words, the Tyrannosaurus Agresberion. So the two left and right are also Genesis Dragons?It wasn't a dragon stampede, it was a human attack.I knew there was something here.

Hayat tightened his mind with that in mind.