Another Frontier Online

Fighting the Genesis Dragon

In his black riders jacket, Agnes smiled as he looked across the hall.

"There's no use for vampires.I'll miss you. Go home. "

I know it's a bad provocation, but I hate Agnes' face so much that I can't stop it.A few of the invited vampires jumped on Agnes, breaking the mist's hold.

But as soon as I heard something bursting, the vampires that jumped in collapsed.Hardly seemed to Hayato, but I assumed that a man dressed as a gunman had shot him with a magic gun.

Gunman's man then performs a technique called gunspin to rotate the gun and then returns the gun to the lower back holster.

"Hey, Agnes, you're good at pissing people off, so don't talk too much."

"That's right. You can say a genius who unconsciously pisses off his opponent.You should start over from the egg age. "

"... don't say anything that hurts you because you're one of us now."

For some reason, Agnes is being rejected by the two of us.

(Isn't that a provocation?You don't like conversation in any other way than Mr. Lunaria.I'm scared of my face. And "I'm on your side."The attitude of Ash earlier, the two of them were moderates (Genesis Dragon)

I understand the relationship, but I don't know what these three came to do.He just said that there were dangerous people gathering.When Val came to the base, Hayato said he was dangerous.In other words, apart from Hayato, there are others who the dragons think are dangerous.

Hayato was thinking about that when a man from Gunman stepped forward.

"Ah, I'm sorry.I'm Pat Farson. It's like a little mistake, so forgive me.And, please, can you give me a woman named Noat?I heard the boss come get me. "

Mist walked out in front of him with a smile in the annoying hall.It's a smile, but it puts enough pressure on the surroundings to say it's lethal.

"You want me to come to an uninvited banquet and give you a guest?A lot of dragons are innocent, right?

"I didn't grow up well.But I don't like you, brother.I'm actually ordering a favor in front of the building.I don't want to waste my health, so please give me one here honestly.Don't worry, I'll handle it properly.VIP treatment, huh?And I'll return it as soon as I'm done. "

"We are proud that there can be no better treatment than here, so the negotiations are fractured."

Agnes, who was watching such an exchange, wrinkled between his eyebrows and looked at Pat.

The old man's pissing me off, too.

"My intentions are deliberate, and I'm not unconscious like you.Provocation is planned. "

Mist pulls Rapier out while Agnes leans his neck.Already in combat.

This is the situation, but the voice says "wait".Then Noat walked softly with sleepy eyes.

"Promise me if I go over there, I won't do anything to these people?

"Are you Noat?... oh, I've definitely seen it before.I've heard him sing in the old Clan War.Nice singing, huh?

"Thank you for that. But that's not the answer to the question.So you promise?

"Of course. I'm pacifist.Noat won't do anything if she comes.I'm a bit of a gentleman looking like this.I keep my promise. "

Pat says that with a smile and his hands open.The gesture is deliberate, but it looks like it is.

There was a voice that did not read the air.


Soon, Esha was holding Belzeve and unleashed Destroy.Ten magical formations lined up from the muzzle to the opponent, and lasers attacked Agnes while destroying it.The impact of the surrounding vampires knocked back was mainly on Esha.

"Whoa, whoa."

Pat is surprised, but takes the attack without hesitation.

It would have been an attack that could have been defeated with a single blow, but Pat was totally intact.Pat looks at Asha with a faint glance.

"If I get that, I'm a mess, but as the boss said, there's someone who can fight during the stampede.The Goddess of Destruction is also powerless in the present situation.Try fighting for the same gun, and it's time again. "

(Boss means Mr. Vale, right?You mean you attacked me using the game's system?Besides, that doesn't work for NPC opponents, do those three treat each other like monsters while stamping?It's a lot of trouble)

While stamped, the NPC can only fight in their country.Now that Stampede is occurring in the Magic Land, Esha's attacks on monsters under its influence are completely ineffective.

Nevertheless, Esha knows such a thing.Destroy has flashy effects.Not to defeat the opponent, but to create a gap for a moment.

A member capable of fighting the Destroy of Esha jumped on Agres and the others.


"This is what happens after all.Well, that's fine. Ash, I'll tell you which one's up.I don't think you'll get hurt because you're Mr. Vale's son. "

Ash waves the dragon eater to Agnes.Agnes hit Ash with a pair of metal reinforced gloves.


"This is good! Len and Mist, get Randall!

Wow. Is my opponent Len-chan?Let's get along like old times.Forget about the curse. "

"The hardliners are enemies!If something tastes better than Hayato's pudding, I'll think about it!

Ren confronts the woman Ash told Randa to.

Randa is a clergyman who wears glasses and wears three pairs of black hair around her shoulders on both sides.And as you can see, it uses sacred magic.

Ren tried to gradually reduce the opponent's HP with the curse, but Randa used the magic to gradually restore her HP instead, and no damage was done.

There, Mist attacks with Rapier.But Randa attacked with his staff.

"I'm scared. Even Ren-chan said it would be difficult.I'm a woman, so I want you to cut me some slack. "

"Even women will be dragons.And I mud my face as the organizer of today's event.I need you to pay for that. "

Rosalie and Nay are the ones who will deal with the rest of Pat.

"Perfect.Let's continue with yesterday.If a man runs away, my career will be scratched. "

"Oh dear, I didn't abandon my young sister to chase me - and two of them.Sex men are tough. "

"It's a hot season.I hear you've had three times in your life.

I don't need a hot season like this.

As Pat said, Rosalie and Nay attack.They're terribly well connected, and they're both in close combat with Pat, but they don't interfere with each other's actions.

But even in such a coordinated attack, Pat used his gun to intercept the attack.Even though members of the Black Dragon are supporting Ney and the others.

Hayato, who was watching the battle a little further away, was suddenly pulled behind him.When I looked behind in a hurry, it was shady.For some reason, Esha is with Noat.

"I'll run away from the back entrance.Ash and the others will take the fight to our stronghold in King's Landing.Relic and Maris have already gone outside, so we're the only ones left. "

"Oh, yeah.But don't you have to do that to get back to base with the transfer ring?

"Then we're the only ones who can escape.I have to take Noat with me.I'm leaving the Magic City with Noat because Lunaria is supposed to work hard as a guard.At least as long as the Magic Capital is out, so can I and the Relics. "

You can fight NPC opponents if you reach a location where stamping is not occurring.Esha says she's leaving the Magic City.

The more Hayato thought about it, the more he noticed Noat's gaze.

Though my eyes seem sleepy, I've been staring at Hayato since before.I heard the song earlier, but I haven't spoken to it.Hayato lowered his head slightly to Noat, just in case.

"Um, at a time like this, it's Hayato.Greetings. "

"My name is Noat Vabek. Call me Noat.Are you the rumored Hayato?What kind of trick did Asha use to get under you?

I've been asked similar things about relics, but depending on how you answer, real life is more likely to be in danger.Hayat carefully chose his word.

"Well, I suppose they serve delicious food.Especially the chocolate parfait. "

Seems like Asha. Feed me, if you can.I want to live a life of singing or sleeping.I won't say anything more about luxury, so take a little rice and a little bath. "

Hayato somehow felt a bad atmosphere towards Noat.Maybe I shouldn't compare it, but it's worse than Esha.

"Well, you're not feeding Esha, are you?I'm just hiring. "

"Unfortunately, I wonder if there's any rice coming out of it somewhere..."

Escha sighs at Noat's words.Then Noat's head was slightly punched.


"Don't say anything stupid, I'll run away right away.In general, Noat is being targeted, so please be more sharp. "

"Asha-chan quickly says something imprudent.I told you to try and distract the dragons. "

"It's obvious to anyone who sees which one is being reckless.Look, I'll be out in a minute.This confused situation is our chance. "

Hayato and the others passed through the vampires in a hurry and left the hall.