Hayato and the others leave Mist's mansion through the back entrance.

There was a fine carriage for the royal family to ride, and the maids and butlers who were in Mist's Mansion were preparing for it.

And Maris sat in his seat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please get in.I'm leaving the Magic City right away!

"Is Maris the driver?

"Animal training skills and riding skills influence how the carriage operates.I can make it a lot faster.I'm proud of the comfort of riding. "

(Does it mean manipulating horses?Whatever it is, Maris is the best.)

Maris has 100 animal training skills and 100 riding skills.If that skill is important for moving the carriage, there will be no better suit than Maris.

Hayato and the others get into the carriage at once.

Relic and Lunaria are already sitting inside, ready to go.

I can't stand to leave Ash and Nay and Rosalie behind, but now it's our top priority to get Noat to safety.And Esha, Relic, and Maris can't fight in relation to their country.And Hayato can't fight in production.I mean, there's no point in staying here.

The butler closes the door from outside the carriage.Then he lowered his head over the window and said, "Please send my regards to Noat."At the same time, the butlers and maids around me lowered their heads.

It is explained that if you go east along the road from here, you can get through the forest.

Even though Mist's Mansion is in the Magic City, it is in the forest.And the forest is Mist territory.Escaping through the woods means the same thing as being able to escape beyond the reach of the Magic City.

Hayato lowered his head and called out to Maris as the leader.

Maris nods and the carriage starts moving.

And all of a sudden, it went faster.The surrounding trees that can be seen from the carriage window flow at a considerable speed.

(Impossible speed.)

Virtual reality means no particular shaking on unpaved roads.The magical capital of Zardgea is much wider than the King's and Imperial Capitals, but Hayato was relieved that this speed would allow him to get through the woods quickly.

If I can afford it, my heart will calm down.Hayat looked at Noat to see what was going on.

"Noat, why are the dragons trying to catch you?

"Come on? I don't know unless you ask the dragon.But maybe I can just imagine. "


"I only have songs.Either I want you to sing or I don't want you to sing.I think it's very likely you don't want me to sing because I was told you were a dangerous person. "

Hayato, I see.

He himself was said to be a dangerous person, and Vel told me to hold my hand.Then I can guess that Noat doesn't want you to do something the same way.But what do you mean you don't want me to sing?

You may be able to protect it without knowing the reason, but on the contrary, if you know the reason, it is likely to be advantageous with stampede.Hayato decided to hear more about it.

"You mean there's a song that works for dragons?Song skills are mainly about improving allies and reducing enemies' abilities, right?Do you have a song that works on certain monsters?

"Hmm? That's true, but there's no such thing as a dragon singing.There are "Bremen" that attract animal monsters and "Serene" that make the human type a charming bad status, but there should be no song against the dragon... "

"Okay, but tell me all the songs you can use..."

Hayato said so, and the carriage was struck.The carriage, which is not a big shock, should not shake, and everyone tilts their necks.

"Nah, something attacked me!Someone following me!?

Maris heard a voice of sorrow.

Hayato immediately pulls his neck out of the carriage window and looks behind the carriage.

There was Pat, who was doing a dexterity gun spin while riding a horse.

Hey, Western movie.

"Pat came after me!Maris, speed it up!

"Here, this is all I have!

I caught up to whether Pat's horse was fast or whether the carriage was slow enough to run side-by-side.

"I've been skipping a date with you two cute girls, so I'm going to get you some results.

Pat stops the gun spin and shoots at the carriage.

Once again, the carriage is hit.

"Ladies and gentlemen, protect the carriage!If you run out of Carriage Health, it will break!

Maris screamed, or Esha took out Belzeve and shot Pat through the window.But it didn't work at all.

"It won't work for me if I don't get out of the magic capital.You don't want to waste it, do you?

"You don't want to be attacked without any damage, do you?

Shooting a gun in front of you, even if it didn't hurt or damage you, makes you want to avoid the muzzle reflectively.And now it's night. Every time I shoot Belzeve, my muzzle glows.This flashes and somewhat interferes with the opponent's attack.

Esha shot at it in anticipation.I brought a lot of juice that was served at the night club, so you can say all you can shoot.

Asha was right, Pat backed down against Asha's attack.

Esha leaves the carriage window in half and shoots at Pat in the back.

Can you get yourself out of the window?

Hayato was thinking about it despite the dangerous situation.This game is basically impossible to get out of the window.That was the case at least six months ago.It can be said that it was difficult when the brave man went mad because of it.Soon, such restrictions seemed to have disappeared.

(Oops, I didn't have time to think about that.But can we get past the Magic City?

Shortly after Hayato thought so, the carriage somehow changed direction.

I didn't say I was going to go far, but I felt a little uncomfortable that I had changed the path, even though I was supposed to leave the Magic City by going east along the road.

"Maris, I think I've changed my path. What's the matter?

"Dragon zombies and ghosts are blocking the road!It's going to be a little far, but I'm going through the woods from another path!

There must be monsters there because they're stamping.Destroy them, but Esha, Relic, and Maris can't do any damage to the Stampede monsters.We have no choice but to run.

But if all the roads are blocked, we can't escape.We'll need to fight somewhere.

Hayato, a player, can attack, but Hayato cannot fight in a production role in the first place.However, Lunaria is not the only country that belongs to the devil.

"Mr. Lunaria. Next time, if there's someone blocking the road, can you take him down?

"If there are no ghosts, you can do it.I wouldn't do it if I were here. I mean, I just saw it through the window.Honestly, I'm about to fall. "

Say something like that quickly.

Though I think Lunaria doesn't make sense as an escort, I wonder what Hayato should do.

It is a bet to hope that there are no monsters.And it's not realistic to run around the Magic City until the stampede is over.Hayato bothers his head about what to do.

Hayato, may I have a moment?

"Mr. Relic? What's going on?

"Yes, I've noticed that Noat has songs that work for the undead.And now that I'm staying at Mr. Mist's house, my country should belong to the Devil's Land.I was wondering if Noat could attack. "

"Is there such a thing?

For some reason, Noat was tilting his neck, but Relic nodded with a smile.

"This glove was made by Hayato, but its name is Lekyem."

"Um? Is that what this is?I mean, why are you talking about it now?

"Reyes also means funeral songs.There is a song called "Rex" that deals considerable damage to an undead type of monster.Isn't that right?

When asked by Relic, Noat tilts his neck slightly before swinging vertically.

"It's not wrong, but it's a song that purifies the undead.It also suppresses the occurrence of undead for a while.Rare songs that cannot be used without sacred magic skills and singing skills.Of course I can sing. "

"Well, if there's a song like that, it's okay if the roads are blocked- suppressing the undead?

Hayato saw Lunaria sitting on her lap in the corner of a carriage.

"Lunaria, you can fight without ghosts, right?

"I promise as a demon king.If you lie, you can drink a thousand needles.I'd like you to turn it into a thousand cookies, if possible. "

"I don't care, but if you can fight, can you beat the Pluto?

"Stop laughing, even a dress can win."

"I don't know... I see, Vel and the others tried to take Noat because this was bad.Maris, change of destination. Towards Magic City Square. "

"Huh!? Are you sure?!It's time for the Pluto!?

"Fine. All the facilities in the Magic Land have been repaired, so use this stampede to target Shards of the Treasure.Now the most dangerous thing is Mr. Mist's mansion.Let Ash and the others do their best to keep the Mansion from breaking. "

That's what Hayato said, and he started making food and medicine that he thought would be needed in the fight ahead with his production skills.