Another Frontier Online

[]/(n, vs) battle/battle/battle/(P)/

Hayato makes various items in the carriage.

It's only improvisation, but it's better than nothing.There are also some items that have been made from scratch.I was going to give it to Ash and Nay today.Give them to Lunaria.

"Mr. Lunaria, I'll give you potions and dishes, so use them as you like.And we have a set of Dura Hammer armors. What do we do?She said she'd be fine with the dress, but maybe we should equip it.

Lunaria becomes a figure of thought as she receives medicines and dishes from Hayato.

"Would you rather be in a dress or Dura Hammer?

"... maybe Dura Hammer."

Well then, I'll equip it.

"Do it."

Hand over a set of Duraham Armor to Lunaria to change Lunaria's gear from dress to dress.

It's not the usual red armor called the Inferno series, it's black armor, but it's not that bad in terms of performance.There is a weakness in being vulnerable to sacred magic, but this stampede is a powerful performance because it is equipped to greatly reduce Death Magic and Dark Attribute attacks.

Then Hayato took out two rings and four bracelets in total.Give it to Lunaria and Noat.

"These are rings and bracelets that prevent knockbacks and stuns.At Stampede, Ash and the others said it would be a lot easier with this, so equip it. "

Lunaria is a necessary piece of equipment to engage in melee warfare in the first place.

And so is Noat.Hayato does not know the scope of the song's effects, not just those of Rex.It probably won't work if we don't get to the square, but that's where the Pluto attacks.Physical attacks can be disruptive, but ranged attacks such as Dragon Lower can be involved.I thought about giving it to you in fear.

Lunaria and Noat are equipped as soon as they nod.

"I feel kind of invincible.And then Noat will be completely invincible if she kills the ghosts. "

"That's good.But never fall.Because Pluto has an ability to Zombie a fallen opponent called Undead Festival.If Lunaria turns into a zombie, no one can defeat her. "

No countermeasures have been found for the undead fence.There is only one way to prevent them from being defeated.In the case of Lunaria, they can be revived at the Magic King Castle, but it is far from the square of the Magic City.If you are resurrected, you will lose a lot of time.

"If the Demon King turns into a zombie, it's a shame to the last generation.Don't worry, I'll never fall down. "

"I don't know if I'm ashamed of myself, but I'd like you to do your best in a direction that doesn't."

In the meantime, Hayat contacts Ash and the others to say that the equipment is fine.

Defeat the Pluto, but it is also important to obtain Shards of the Treasure.If the facility is destroyed anywhere, you won't be able to take the shards of the treasure even if you can beat the Pluto.

Many players have gathered in the Magic City for this Stampede.And time is at night. Originally, it should have occurred at a later time, when there were fewer players, but this time, it seems that the stampede was made to coincide with the time of the night club, and now it is a time when there are many social players.

It's just Hayato's speculation, but the other bases will be safe because the players are protecting them.

The most dangerous building now is Mist's Mansion, where dragons gather.Although Pat is attracting us, a dragon named Agres and Randa is fighting Ash and the others in the Mansion.

"Ash, I'm sorry about the fight.From now on, Lunaria will attack the Pluto.Do your best not to destroy Mr. Mist's mansion. "

Sometimes during the battle, I assumed that the answer would not come back, but a few seconds later, I heard a voice.

"Don't say words that are very motivating!Okay, I don't know how to get Lunaria to fight, but I'll take care of it!

I wonder if he's still fighting.Ash answered with a lot of excitement.Len, who was also listening to the chat, said, "I'm cursing!The response came that I would work hard.

"Mr. Hayato! We'll be in Magic City Square in about five minutes!The Pluto is just coming out!

In Maris' voice, Hayato looks at the direction of travel from the window opposite to the window where Esha is standing.

It was hard to see because it was night, but something in a black circle appeared above the sky so that some of the stars could not be seen at all.When it glows for just a moment, the black liquid falls off.After the liquid moved like a will, a dragon was made.

The Pluto Onyx Rod, like the Fire Dragon, first unleashes the Dragon Roar.

Afterwards, he attacked the surroundings with dark dragon braces and death magic.Also, I regularly created zombies and ghosts with the magical "Created and Dead" of the Dead.

(Are there many ranged attacks, if any?Maybe the goal is to zombie the inner guard and the rear guard with an undead face rather than the front guard.)

Hayato thought it might be a strategy to defeat as many players and NPCs as possible and use an undead face.If you can sharpen the opponent's power and even use it for your own, it's not wrong to actively target them.

That's what Lunaria said to herself.

"Yeah, that's right. Prepare to launch this time.Because it will appear in a carriage.The East Side Road "

"Mr. Lunaria, what's wrong?

"I contacted all the black roses.I'm going to the square now. "

"Black roses? Oh, you're not talking about Rosalie... right?Everybody?

"The ten saints of the black rose are ten, as their name suggests.The leader, Rosalie, is in Mr. Mist's Mansion, so the remaining nine are fighting in the square.I just sent a voice chat saying I'm coming. "

"Oh, that's what I mean."

"Well, I'll get ready, so let me know when the ghost disappears.Thank you, Noat. "

"Okay. Then I will purify the surrounding undead with Rex.Undead won't come out while you sing, so Lunaria will be fine. "

Noat activates Rex before singing.Then the surrounding undead fell apart.

(Wow. It's damaging, or it's definitely purifying.The Dragon Zombie is a blow, or you can't beat him in an instant. - What's Lunaria doing?

Immediately after Noat sang, Lunaria, who confirmed that no ghosts were around, somehow tried to get out of the carriage window.

"Hey, Lunaria, what are you doing?"

"Ready. I'm a demon king, so I need to be there.Royal to the carriage roof into the square.I told everybody that. "

"You're in a shootout right there.If you hit it, it's going to be tough, so let's stop. "

"The Devil doesn't care.Besides, the Demon King needs to be dressed.The demon king that everyone yearns for.It's not good to break that image. "

"Ordinary Lunaria is the one who's ruining my image."

Hayato tried to stop it, but it was impossible because of the STR.

Lunaria goes out the window and goes up to the roof of the carriage.And he made a royal move in the direction of progress.Long silver hair is in the wind, but since it is virtual reality, there is no resistance from the wind, and Lunaria stands normally.Speaking of brilliant, it would be brilliant.

Pat, who was chasing him with a horse, looked at it and tilted his neck, but set his sights on Lunaria.Nevertheless, the attack from Esha and the horse were unsuccessful in targeting and did not seem to hit.

Our Lunaria turned her back and looked in the direction she was traveling.There's no way to hit him. He looks so sure.

Looking at this, it looks like a demon king.

Hayato thought it would be better to give up and follow up on Lunaria's actions.

"Asha, get Pat out of my way wherever you can.Lunaria is standing on the roof of the carriage. "

"What are you doing?Then, it's time for the juice to run out, so please make it extra.And chocolate parfait. "

Hayato begins to make juices at Asha's request.

"Let me be the wall of Lunaria.That's right, I can't take a flying tool with a razor blade, but I think I can handle a few shots. "

Relic climbs the roof just like Lunaria.I didn't feel my age, or I moved to the roof dexterity with one hand.

Immediately afterwards, Maris said, "Wow."

"What's wrong?

"I can see a figure on the roof, but what is that?


The center of the Magic City is a square, but there are many houses around it.There are mostly brick houses.There were several people on the roof.Street lights are fairly bright, so you can see someone even at night.

When Hayato saw it through the window, it was, in any case, the women in Godzilla clothes.The women are lined up on the roof at the same interval.

One of them raised his sword diagonally.

Demon King Lunaria, let's go!

A fairly loud voice echoes around.Afterwards, the weapons held by the other women in Gothlori clothes were raised diagonally before they sang.The women in Godzillari clothes are on top of the buildings on both sides of the road, so it's like passing between them.Normally you say it when you leave the castle, but you say it with momentum.

After the surrounding players and NPCs had stopped moving for a moment and turned their gaze toward the roof, they immediately turned their gaze toward the carriage.Pluto Onyx Rod also looked at the carriage with a surprising look.

Immediately afterwards, the NPC and the others cheered.You can say cheer.The NPC that can fight with this stampede belongs to the Devil's Land.If the demon king who had not participated in the stampede came, the tension would rise.

The players took the ride and cheered.Most players like things that are irregular.

(Guys, I'm glad you're here.)

Hayato looked around with his slightly chilled eyes thinking of such a thing.