Another Frontier Online

Pluto Crusade

A loud cheer is pouring down on Lunaria, the demon king, who is royal on the roof of a carriage that came into the square.

I would like to say what happened to the setting of interpersonal phobia, but it seems that the feeling of wanting to show something like a demon king is winning.

Lunaria is blind to the people around her and looks at the Pluto.And I pulled out the sword that was pointing at my waist, Arondite.Then he turned his sword toward the Pluto.

"Tens of millions can't get away with the good news of my absence.I will rust this magic sword. "

You're just scared of ghosts and locked up in a castle, right?

I can't do that, so I'll keep an eye on the situation.

Have you seen the Demon King coming? The players and NPCs pave the way wider than the carriage can pass through the square.It feels good watching the waves break, but it's definitely dragon brace.

The Pluto is about to unleash a Dark Class dragon brace on the location.


Hayato shouted, "I'll take care of it!"and skillfully manipulated the horse.The carriage suddenly turned left and was about to penetrate the hedge.

"Please vacate there!

The players and NPCs were paying attention to the carriage, so they avoided hitting it.And the waves are cracking again.Immediately thereafter, the dragon bracelet was released.

There were no players or NPCs in the carriage that was originally about to pass to the Pluto.But there was someone chasing the carriage.Then the carriage suddenly turned suddenly and disappeared to the side.In other words, the person who hit the dragon brace was the one who was chasing the carriage.

"You're lying, man!

Pat was caught in the dragon bracelet of the Pluto.He never fell, but he took damage and rolled to the ground.

Pat tried to get up immediately, but stopped moving tightly.Because it was already surrounded.

"You're the gunman that Rosalie-san was talking about, right?And they were attacking Lunaria.You deserve to die. "

"... it's definitely a hot season.Uncle, have you done anything in your previous life?

A member of the Black Rose Decalogue surrounded Pat, pointing at his weapon.The battle begins shortly after.

Hayato saw it through the window of the carriage that stopped.

(All right, Pat and the Black Roses will manage.Then it's just the Pluto.)

"Mr. Lunaria, I'll leave the rest to you.If you lose here, you'll look bad.

"The Demon King is cool at all times.So, Demon King, you can burn that strength into your eyes in the prime seat - but when you finish Noat's song, you'll have to keep it safe. "

"If you wear it, wear it until the end.Maris, run around the square to keep the song going.Just watch out for dragon braces. "

"Roger that! Everybody, let's go!

When Maris says so to the horses pulling the carriage, she starts running immediately.Then Lunaria jumped off the roof of the carriage and walked towards the Pluto.

Originally, the waves cracked, but as Lunaria walked out, they began to crack even more widely.

The Pluto was clearly frightened.I'm afraid of the Demon King even with his status as a Boss Character at Stampede.

The Pluto turned away from Lunaria and looked at the carriage.Then shoot the magical "Nightmare", a magical bullet that embodies the nightmare.

Maris steered the carriage at once.Then it moves while stitching the waves.

"Looks like you're using a strategy to stop Noat's song rather than beating Lunaria."

Esha, who stopped attacking Pat, said that while drinking juice.

"Well, I guess that's a mistake.But is Mr. Lunaria still strong in that state?An Alondite with a fallen ally would be quite powerful. "

Lunaria's sword, Arondite, is unsealed whenever an ally is defeated and ultimately nearly twice as strong as usual.In addition, the swordsman is wrapped in a black aura, and the attack range is wider.In that state, I don't think I can beat anyone first, but now it's just a normal Alondite.Hayato thought it was strong, but not strong enough to overwhelm the dragon.

"Even without that sword, Lunaria and Ivan were on the same side.I suppose Lunaria was better at pure swordsmanship.That's why Ivan told me to take it down with him. "

Clan War before Esha and the others lost their memory.So Esha buried Ivan and Lunaria together in Destroy.It was a trick, but it was a trick because I couldn't win without it.

And the Pluto remembers the strength of Lunaria.When Ash was a clan called Dragon Seoul, he didn't fight the Lunarians, but he could see Clan War as an audience.That strength is probably in the corner of my memory.

"Your opponent is me, Lunaria the Demon King.It'll be over as soon as I'm staring. "

That's what Lunaria said, flashing the left rear leg of the Pluto in the Alondite.

Aron Dite ignoring his Defense has a lot of Basic Attack, but he couldn't reduce his HP bar in millimeters to the Pluto, which has HP for boss characters.

The Pluto smiled at Lunaria, reassured to learn about it.

"What, it's no big deal to say demon king.I was scared to death. "

"Bibi is from now on.This magic sword has recognized you as a strong enemy.It's a wake-up call for a black swan.The attack will not stop until you fall, so you should be careful. "

A black trajectory remains in Lunaria's shaking arounddite.Black Swan, an Alondite specific skill, has been activated.

Although it is a virtual reality, there are laws of physics in this world.Of course, it's not exactly the same as reality, but people can't jump ten meters or attack ten times in a second.

But Lunaria's attack even twists the laws of physics around it.Black Swan is such a weapon skill.

As Lunaria jumped up, she approached the face of the Pluto nearly ten meters away.


A series of attacks on the face of the surprised Pluto.The speed completely ignored the laws of physics in the world, and the surroundings were filled black because of the trajectory of the Alondite.

The Pluto's HP bar is shrinking, cheering from the surroundings.The players also resumed their attacks.

"Oh no, Pat! Do something!

"It's too hot for me!Knockback or Stan, stop the song!That way we can handle it!

Once the song stops, I can call a ghost monster.That was the advice I was aiming for, but it didn't make sense.Hayato is giving Noat equipment that will disable them.

Unaware of that, the Pluto did it as advised, but the song did not stop and the Lunarian attack did not stop.

"You can't!

The Pluto tries to stop Lunaria's attack by scratching and biting her, but Lunaria continues to attack more and more.Lunaria is attacking the entire body of the Pluto at super high speed, so the body of the Pluto is gradually filled with black.

"Destroy some facility!Don't let them take your shards!

As Pat fights the members of the Black Rose, once again advising him to do so, the Pluto moves away from the square.

Although Lunaria is attacking, it will take some time to defeat her.

The players understood the purpose of the Pluto, so they said, "Protect the facility!I was inspired with a loud voice.

However, players and NPCs can only partially disable knockbacks and stuns.The Pluto gradually moved to what appeared to be a shop.

Master Maris, please move to that location.

"Huh? Ah, yes!

Esha gives Maris instructions.It's a little off the square.

And Esha climbs up to the roof through the carriage window.And I stood up for Belzeve.And look at the scope.

"Esha, what are you..."

"No damage, but you'll be able to draw attention.Destroy "

A normal effect is triggered, and laser-like attacks blur the face of the Pluto.

It could be said that the turning point was when the Pluto saw what was happening to Esha.Lunaria's attacks are stacked up, players' attacks are added, and Pluto's HP Bar disappears at that moment.


The Pluto walked softly, but fell to the ground exhausted.Then it becomes a particle of light and disappears.

"We have successfully crushed the Pluto Onyx Rod.Stampede participants will be awarded contribution points and Dragon Seoul shards.I repeat... "

Everyone cheered when they heard the world announcement.

But soon I can't hear the cheer.Another dragon appeared in the square.

"A stampede occurred in Magic City Zardgear.Mining Dragon Pat Falson is beginning an invasion.Please hit the defeat.I repeat... "

(Metal dragon...?Pat is the gunman!Is there any limit to seeing things that haven't turned into dragons before?Besides, it seems strange to be in a dragon state immediately after a stampede... no, I don't care about that...)

Hayato thought a lot about it, and the pat looked towards the carriage.

"My boss will get mad at me if I go home without my hands.I'll take you home alone, okay?

Pat's tail is targeting and destroying the carriage.The member in the carriage was thrown to the ground.Pat's gaze is on Hayato.

Pat sprinkled Stan and Knockback around with a dragon lower and winged wings.Hayato himself is not equipped to disable them.Stan's effect stiffened the body.

When Pat approached Hayato in a low-altitude flight, he lifted Hayato dexterity with his forefoot.And it jumps up into the sky.

Hayato couldn't move, but when he moved his eyeballs and looked at the ground, Esha and the others looked at us.I don't think Noat can do anything because Esha and the others can't move anyway.

I thought it was bad, but Hayato remembers that this might be a chance.

(Perhaps you can take me to the base of the Genesis Dragons?I don't know what you're going to do, but I have a transfer ring here, and I'm sure you can escape if you're imprisoned.Then let's gather some information there.I may be able to talk to Vel again)

Hayato thought so and tried not to resist in particular.I can't move in a stun state in the first place, but I will do nothing.

"Mining Dragon Pat Falson has retreated.I repeat... "

When such a world announcement unfolded, there was a subtle cheer in the magical capital Zardgear.