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Hayato descends onto an island called Dragongrave that floats in the air.

According to Pat, the island is a hemisphere about 10 kilometers in diameter, and some ancient dragons used all their magic to turn themselves into islands.

"Why is that called the Dragon's Tomb?

"This island is not just floating.It wasn't a problem until a few hundred years ago, but it's gradually lowering altitude.A dragon that is about to die because of its magic supply will die here and send magic to the island.That's why they call it the Dragon's Tomb. "

"Why did you use magic to turn yourself into an island in the first place?

"I don't know. That's what Randa-chan left behind.Randa will be back soon, so ask her. "

(Randa is a priest-like woman who attacked Mr. Mist's mansion.I bet you were fighting Ren-chan and Mist.Pat's chase must have left Nay and Rosalie free.I don't think I'm going to lose, but I'll send you a voice chat later.)

I was able to acquire Shards of the Secret Treasure with the Stampede of the Magic Capital Zardgear.In other words, the Mansion was not destroyed.But I don't know what happened to Ash and the others, so Hayat thinks to check it out later.

"Okay, this way.Stay close to me.There are a lot of hard-line dragons here.If you're not near me, you'll be attacked soon. "

"If you need me, don't you have to be defeated?You're going back to your base when you die.

I have a transfer ring in the first place so I can return to my base at any time.I followed him very closely to get some kind of information.Hayato, who has no fighting power, not only makes items, but also contributes to them.

"I haven't tried, but can you do that?


"This is a special field.Things are different, but you know what I mean when I say it's like Battlefield in Clan War?I hope it's a place where you can go back to death or metastasize?

(Fields that cannot return to death or metastasize?No, I didn't think about it at all.It's not exactly where you can't log out, but there must have been a dungeon where you can't transfer.I didn't think about it....)

Hayato checked if he could log out just in case, and it seemed possible to force him to log out.I don't know if I'm going to die or not.However, the transfer ring was marked "Unusable" in the item's information.

"Well, that's why you stay with me.It won't hurt, but it's just scary, right?

Pat walked towards the middle of the island with that.

(I can't help it. Let's leave it alone for now.)

Hayato walked after Pat with that in mind.

Hayato looks inside the island.

Sometimes at night, you can't see the whole place, but you can say it's a natural place.Whether there was a building or something made of bricks, there are pigeons and trees.

Hayato called out to Pat as he walked.

"Was someone living here before?That's a human building, isn't it?

"We Genesis Dragons have been in this world since the beginning of the world, but we have lost some memories and don't remember them well.I don't even remember whether the dragon that was behind this island was in front of us or behind us.But once upon a time, there was a dragon who could be like us.If you can't fly here in the first place, you can't fly here unless you're a dragon. "

(Is that the setting?But you can't do it without a flying dragon?Didn't you say you couldn't fly an ash type dragon?I wonder if I've ever been here before...)

With that in mind, I saw a castle-like building.

It is also tangled with vines and trees, but the prototype remains quite a bit.I'm guessing it's where Val and the others are at the root castle.

Pat went in there without saying anything, so Hayato followed.

A short walk takes you to a huge entrance.Unlike the outside, the inside is a lot smaller, but that's not the point.

Val is in the middle of the entrance.However, the look on Val's face is difficult to describe.He looks stunned and in trouble, and still looks like he's laughing.

Val stared at Pat with a bitter smile.

"Looks like you caught Hayato."

"Sorry, I really wanted to catch Noat to protect Onyx, but I got Hayato because he took the shards."

"No, it's not bad.It's rather the best. I used Pat's stampede once, but Hayato wanted to hold it. "

"I'm glad you said that, but I think the next stampede is a month away because I've been in a dragon state since the beginning.Isn't the plan a little crazy?

"Still. If Hayato is held down, he will be able to win with a stampede in the Spirit Kingdom.Well done for now.Leave the rest to me. "

"Yes. Then I'll let you rest."

Pat raised one hand and left the entrance while saying "That's cool" to Hayato.

Hayato and Vel remain here.

"It's a big deal.I can't believe you beat Onyx with the Magic City Stampede. "

"I didn't do anything.It was thanks to Lunaria and Esha that I won.It was thanks to Ash and the others that I got the shards. "

"Even if Hayato is involved in all of this?I still know how to fix the vampire mansion.But it's impossible to even think about stamping Primadonna into a Onyx.Besides, I won't be able to let you fight the devil king with a lot of unevenness.Are all the producers humble?

(Really? Even if I think of a lot of things, I don't think it makes sense without a member who can do it.)

"And you've made equipment that can disable stuns and knockbacks?If I could get Demon King and Primadonna in an abnormal state, I would have won.Hayato can be really troublesome. "

Smile for words, huh?

Val smiled all the time during the conversation with Hayato.I was a little angry with the manager when I met him before, but now I don't feel any dust.

"I have no choice but to laugh.I'm going to crush everything with items that produced our operation.Is it getting information from the administrator?

Turning from a smile, Val becomes serious.Hayato speculated that he had no good feelings for the manager.

"I'm looking into the other person who talked to you right now and I don't have any information.Yeah, that's right. Could you meet me again?I'm Diete-chan, the manager you met and the manager I know, and I want you to make sure it's the same. "

Val opened his eyes but immediately shook his neck to the side.

"I think it's a good suggestion, but even if the administrator is different, it doesn't seem to make sense.I have to make sure Ash and the others don't get the treasure. "

"Could you tell me about that?I'm guessing a lot, but I have no idea what's going to happen. "

"Unfortunately, I can't say that.No, I can't say it or I can't say it.This information is restricted by the administrator.I can't tell anybody else - when this is over, I'm going to punch that manager. "

"Well then, I guess I'll just have to shake my head and let me know if it's right..."

"I can't do that either.It's similar to AI protection, and I don't hear anything about it. "

Hayato decided to say whether it was true or not.

"Is it hard to remember Ash and his family back?

Val looks strange, but he knows what Hayato did.I shook my neck sideways with a slightly stunned face.

I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.

Can't I? If you want to write a story... "

"No, that won't be possible.It should make the text illegible in the same way as words.This is virtual reality. It's the world the administrators want... "

For some reason, Val is holding his mouth with his right hand.You seem to be thinking of something, but Hayato doesn't know what happened to Vel.

"What's wrong?

"No, think about it a little... by the way, does Hayato know I'm a movie actor?

"What? Suddenly?I know it for sure.I felt like I had seen it somewhere before, so I was going to check it out next time. "

"Well, then I'll tell you the best movie I've ever seen.Tell me what you think later. "

"What? Huh?"

Suddenly, Hayato was confused by a realistic story.

What are you talking about all of a sudden?

"Well, I'm sorry I had to bring you here, but this is the only way we can win.Stay on this island for a while.Rest assured, I'll treat you well, and I'll prepare a room with a bed.Thanks for the coffee. "

"Thank you."

"Let me show you... I'll tell you what to recommend, so don't go to sleep yet.Tell me what you think tomorrow. "

"Tomorrow? I mean, today, from now on?

It was already pretty late, so Hayato was going to go to bed when she logged out.Movies are short enough to last about ninety minutes.It will be quite a late time to go to bed from now on.

"I really want to recommend it.I'll tell you about Ash's movie later, but watch my movie today. "

Her face was laughing, but she felt uncomfortable with Vel's serious eyes.But I understand what you're trying to say.

(You mean you want to tell me something in that movie?... well, I can't tell Ash what's going on here, so you're telling me to teach it through real life movies.That's what you're saying, because it's obvious that you might be able to see the administrator.AI probably doesn't understand these interactions either.Then you have to say what you understand.)

"I can't help it.It's going to be a lot of trouble if you don't give me your impressions.But don't expect amateur feedback. "

I talked about it with a little emphasis on the hard part, but I don't know if it went through Vel.

But Vel nodded with a little smile on his mouth.

"Oh, that's fine."

Val guided Hayato to his room.

Thirty minutes later, Hayato was taught the recommended movie.