Another Frontier Online

Answer each other.

Hayato wakes up on an island called Dragongrave.

Pat, one of the Genesis Dragons, came to the hardliners.You will wake up in one of the rooms of the old castle.

Hayato began drinking coffee to think a lot.

This is virtual reality, even though it's under threat.Log out and it'll be real soon.There is no sense of danger at all when it comes to being exposed to Hayato.But that was the problem.

Hayat didn't contact anyone in virtual reality yesterday.I logged out without that, so I got angry in the real world with Asha, who logged out the same way later.

According to Esha, Ash and Len were in turmoil and had enough momentum to wage an all-out war on this dragongrave.

Despite this situation, there is no audio chat from Hayat.After Diete investigated the situation and found out that Hayato was already logged out, Esha logged out and came to check the situation.

Speaking of virtual reality, I was somewhat worried about Esha, but when I logged out, Hayato watched the movie in a breathtaking way.When I logged out, I was told to contact you first, and Hayato's liver was cold.

In the first place, the film recommended by Val was a horror suspension movie, and I felt uncomfortable listening to the shameless expression and scary voice.

Hayato was caught and told that he was spying on Ash and the others through Esha without logging in again.Today's prize made it necessary to treat Asha to delicious food, but there is a history of asking Asha to do otherwise.

Ash and Len seem to have settled down, but I was told why only Esha knows Hayato's words.

Len says, "It's the power of love!She said with her eyes shining, and the troubled Esha replied, "That's right."

I thought Hayato would give me an excuse, but I couldn't say strongly because the cause was Hayato.

Afterwards, you'll be watching Vale's featured movie with Esha.Because I thought it would be better to look at the situation alone than to look at it alone.

The movie revealed that when I was five years old, I was caught in a fire and lost my memory, but the protagonist fights the cursed doll with the psychic powers acquired at that time.

When I told Asha about this, I said, "Is this a comedy movie?Hayato replied that it was a horror suspension.

The contents look like this.

The doll was cursed to take life when the owner turned eighteen, giving the owner tremendous power instead.Even if you throw it away, the fact that you own it triggers a curse is an incredibly annoying doll.

After a lot of research, the information turns out and the hero fights the doll with superpowers to help the owner's girl.

Unfortunately, the owner is dead, but we managed to destroy the cursed doll.

However, a few years later, when the hero celebrates his eighteenth birthday, he suddenly has difficulty breathing and falls to the ground.

And I remember, when I was five years old, I owned the doll.And using the power of the doll, I recovered the memory of killing the family that was bullying me in the fire.

It ended with a doll laughing at her suffering self.

Esha didn't seem to know why the hero died after watching it, and Hayato explained it from the beginning, but she could say that she understood the contents of the movie better.

And it has nothing to do with the content of the movie, but as for Hayato, it's a pity.Esha wasn't scared at all.As for Hayato, who was expecting Esha to be scared, it was a surprise.Besides, even though it was late at night, I ate the stocked popcorn and it didn't move at all.

That's around 2: 00 a.m.And now it's eight in the morning.

Sleep a little, but still sleepy.Though it may not be enough to cause abnormal bioreactions, the headgear has a security forced logout.Hayato wanted to log out early in the morning to avoid that.

And think about the movie again.

(After seeing that movie, I think the key is that the protagonist regains his memory.The rest runs wild. Ash and Ren-chan are more likely to regain their memories or run wild when they acquire Dragon Seoul's treasure.Or both?

The hero girl regained her memory just before she died.

And with the shock of memory and retrieval, I let my psychic powers run wild, killing my boyfriend who was celebrating his birthday together.By the way, the boyfriend isn't Val.

The role of Val is the boyfriend of the girl who owned the doll.He was killed at the beginning of the movie and left.Clearly, Mob. Val said it was a good movie for her, but she wouldn't recommend a movie that didn't feature a star.

That's why I'm sure it was definitely a movie to show Ash and Len.

And the protagonist girl looked like Len.A woman who can imagine what it would be like when Len grows up.Hayat checked the star, but he doesn't have to look into it.

The main character is Ash and Kirka, Len's mother.

(It is highly likely that Ash and Ren-chan who recovered their memories will run away.The movie will kill the protagonist, but it won't happen because there's no such thing as dying in this virtual reality.But it's a runaway. Ash doesn't know what kind of dragon Ren-chan is anyway.Let's hear it next time... it's hard to hear because the dragon is naked.Ok, let's ask Asha)

When Hayato thought so much and got off the bed, he heard a knock on the door.

When Hayato answers, "Please," Val comes in.

"Good morning, Hayato. Did you see the movie?

From Hayato's point of view, Vel is normal as usual.When you suddenly hear about the movie, you come early in the morning to see if your intentions have been communicated.

Hayato started exchanging information named feelings, thinking it would be necessary to exchange information while talking about the movie.At the very least, don't talk about getting your memory back exactly as it was in the movie.

"Good morning. I saw a movie.I don't have enough sleep because of this. "

"That was bad.So, may I ask what was interesting?I don't think there are many places where the main character can be said to be interesting because he encounters a lot of trouble. "

(Tough times... Tough times mean when Ash and Ren-chan got the treasure.I think you're asking me if I understand what the consequences are, but please tell me.)

"I knew the last scene was interesting.I didn't know you were such a dick.Especially when I found out why the protagonist could use his psychic powers.Is there another scene where you kill your boyfriend?I don't know if it's insanity. "

When the protagonist learns the reason why he/she can use his/her psychic powers, when he/she remembers the past.The scene that kills my boyfriend is runaway.It is a bit difficult to convey what you understand, but Hayato tells you that these things happen when you have the treasure.

Val is acquainted with Hayat's words.

I see. Actually, I think that's a good scene.It doesn't suit me. "

(I think the answers were correct.But I don't know what to do in the future.If I win hardline dragons by being here, Ash won't regain their memories or run wild.I think that's the best idea, but maybe it's another administrator's idea.They're trying to get Vel to win.)

Hayato thought about it and Vel approached.

"Let's talk about the movie again.Actually, Ash made a suggestion. "

"Suggestion? From Ash?

"Agnes and Randa, the hard-line dragons that raided the vampire house, are being held there.He said he wanted to trade it for Hayato. "

"Those two and me alone?

"That's right. As for me, I want to take it."

"Whatever I say, is that okay?I think you brought me here quite a bit. "

Tough dragons make Hayato dangerous.And I'm sure I've brought a lot of indifference from the storytelling.

"It's not a bad deal for those two and Hayato alone.And... "

Val stares at Hayato.Hayato didn't know what the gaze meant, but he seemed to have some sort of feeling.

"I want Hayato to stay with Ash and Ren.Hayato thinks he'll cover it no matter what. "

(Probably when I got the treasure.Do you think I can manage even if I get my memory back and run wild?Expectations are too high.)

"I bought too much. I'm just a production job, so I don't think I can live up to your expectations."

"Perhaps, but I'll bet on Hayato.Looks like he's strong for gambling.Of course, I'm not going to give Ash the treasure like this.I will continue to target the Shards of the Secret Treasure with all my might.But if Ash and the others get the treasure of Dragon Seoul, stay with us no matter what happens. "

(That's what Pat said yesterday.Well, no matter who tells you, the answers are the same)

"Yes, of course. Because Ash is my best friend and Ren is my best friend's sister.So don't worry about it. "

"Okay. Thank you, then.The exchange of hostages is in an hour, so please rest for a while. "

Val said so and left the room.