Another Frontier Online

Families in the water.

The exchange of hostages was to take place in Dragongrave.

The reason is simple. Because the moment Hayato leaves this island, he can escape with a ring of transition.Hayato can only be treated as a hostage on this island, so the exchange will also take place on this island.

And today I'm going to write a magical pledge not to fight each other.It's just a pledge for today, but it should be enough.

The pledge is to be received by Hayat.In other words, all Genesis Dragons wrote a pledge to Hayato that they would not fight each other today.

Hayato is helping the moderates, but Vel has decided that Hayato is fine.And no other Genesis dragon will contest Vale's decision.

The conditions led to the exchange of hostages.I've already received a pledge from the hardliners, other than Agnes and Randa, and all I have to do is take the two of them and four of Ash and Len.

(Is this a historic moment...?

It would be a historic moment if the dragons wrote a pledge not to fight for a single day.Nevertheless, there are very few people who know it, but it's not like it's in history because it's a virtual reality story.

And the way Ash and the others came here, they decided to use a Griffon flight run by the Tamer Alliance.

A Griffon flight is an air transport service in which four Griffons carry a single gondola.Basically, it is a transportation method that can only be used by people like royalty and big merchants, but this time, permission was granted because Maris will be the owner of the Griffon.

Originally, Ash and Len were dragons, so I wish they could fly to this island, but Ash is not a type of dragon that can fly, and Len doesn't want to be a dragon in public.The hostages Agnes and Randa will also be brought in as human beings.

Because of these circumstances, I decided to use Griffon flight.

As for Hayato, I wondered if Agnes and Randa could transform into dragons and escape, but there seemed to be a lot of restrictions on stampede and dragonization, so I could do it, but I was very nervous that problems were likely to occur later.

(Pat also said that he was forced to become a dragon and caused a stampede, so there must be a lot of restrictions.Ash also used to be a dragon in Clan Wars, but I hear he didn't become a dragon in Stampede.There must be a lot of restrictions on Ash and Ren-chan)

Hayato's speculation is correct.

The Stampede event appears to be a random stampede for hard-line dragons, but it cannot be played on the game's system.

The number of times you can stamp or dragonize is determined by a week or a month, and if you ignore it and stamp or dragonize it, you will have to stamp in a weakened state, and the number of monsters will be reduced.

The same is true of a situation in which stamping does not occur at all, with the disadvantage of forcing stamping after a certain period of time to occur in a weakened state.To avoid that, Val and the others are stamping out with the best performance.

On the day Hayato returned to the game, Stampede was able to attack the King's Capital with five bodies due to various circumstances, but it is difficult to attack with five bodies from now on.To that end, they were stamping with measures such as who, when, where, and how to eliminate weaknesses.

Hayato doesn't know the details, but he has some predictable information.

Hayat thought of things and saw something flying in the eastern sky.Definitely a Griffon flight.

This is the eastern edge of Dragongrave.There were only Hayat, Vel, and Pat.There were other Genesis dragons a little further away, but this time they weren't near each other because they didn't touch each other.

The Griffons are slowly approaching.

And Gondra with Ash and Len, and Maris the Lord.Then there was Agnes and Randa, who were being held hostage.Agnes looks a little dissatisfied, but Randa seems to be having fun somehow.

A Griffon flight landed on the ground and four people came down from Gondola.

Ash and Len smiled as they saw Hayato's face and exhaled.And then it gets closer.

"Looks like a lot of trouble."

"Well, a little.But it wasn't that bad. "

"I didn't feel like it until I heard what Esha said.Instead, give me the pledge.Me, Len, and Agnes and Randa. "

Hayat receives the affidavit and looks at it.After confirming that there was no problem, he lowered his head to Ash and the others.

"I'm sorry I didn't get in touch."

Hayato prioritized the conversation with Val while trying to get in touch, and then immediately logged out to see the movie without doing anything.That was what drove Ash and the others, but when the situation of Hayato was conveyed from Esha through reality, it finally dissolved.

Nevertheless, since Hayato was definitely in contact with the other party, Ash immediately told Vale that he would exchange Hayato with Agnes and Randa.

As for Ash, Hayato was more important than having two people who didn't know when to dragonize.

Ash turned his gaze away from Hayato and saw Vel.The eyes did not seem angry, but Hayato seemed to think that they were not favorable.

"As promised, I brought the two of you.In exchange for Hayato. "

"It's been a long time since I met you as a human being, and you're pretty clerical, huh?

"There's nothing in particular to talk about.I'll take Hayato home soon.There's nothing to talk about. "

"... I see."

Having seen this exchange, Hayato felt a little sympathy for Vel.

Ash hates Vel because of the fake emotions Diete implanted.It is due to the disadvantage that Ver is disliked by Ash instead of erasing his memory, which is far from his original emotions.

In Diete's story, Ash was still on his father's side, but it was only to motivate Vel.I don't really hate it.

Hayato was thinking about what it would be like to win this event.That doesn't mean hardliners win or moderates win.I think it is a victory not to follow the speculation of the fake manager.I don't know what the purpose is, but I don't think he's a good guy when he's acting like he's threatening Vel.You must not let such a man achieve his purpose.

Hayato decided to make a proposal.

"If you're not going to fight today, why don't you join us for dinner?I'm a little hungry too, so I'd like to get hungry before I go home. "

Everyone is surprised at the words.But soon Pat laughed.

"Oh, isn't that nice?Sometimes I think we should eat without the family, right?Three years-- no, it's been about four years, right?We're far away, so why don't we talk about this for a while?

Ash only looked disgusting, but Len was happy, and Vel tried to chew off the laughter.

No one said yes, but Hayato took out the saw.

"I'll get the table, the chairs, and the food.Wait a minute. "

Hayato says that and creates a variety of things with his production skills.I also made pudding at Len's request.

"Then we're going over there, so talk slowly.Haven't you been quiet for a long time?

Pat tapped Ver on the back, then took Agnes and Randa tied up with ropes and walked towards the other Genesis Dragons.

Then I'll be with Maris.

"Can Hayato stay here?

Ash, with a slightly troubled face, asked Hayat for help.But Hayat refuses.

"You can't stay with me because my family is drooling.Besides, it's been years, right?I know you don't like your father, but why don't you talk to him so he doesn't get too emotional?Besides, it's not good to look like that in front of Ren-chan. "

Hayato also tapped Ash on the shoulder.Then he turned to Len with a smile.

Len doesn't hate her father, Vel.The three of them smiled happily at Hayato after eating together for a long time.

Val also thanked Hayato by lowering his head lightly.Hayato shook his right hand slightly to the side in front of his face and gestured, "Never mind."

Hayato then moves towards Maris.

"Thank you for coming so far.I'll make a chocolate parfait, so I wonder if you could eat it and wait a little longer. "

"It's totally fine.And Griffon flights are Tamer Guild flowers.I wanted to do it once. "

"That's good.But if you have this, you don't need two passengers.If you can fly without riding skills, you can use this one. "

There are financial problems, but I would love to enjoy them if I could fly.The dragon caught me by an eagle, but I didn't enjoy flying, so I wanted to revenge.

"We can now both ride together.


"That's what Hayato was able to do during the six months he was away.Do you want to ride our Lancelot?You're going to be riding with me. "

Well, I'd like to ask you someday.

(Maybe Diete-chan...?But did you say that Diete-chan is only configurable and cannot be programmed?Let's ask him how he did it.I am also concerned about the room closest to that reality)

Hayat waits for Ash and the others to finish their meal with that in mind.

Ash was sitting on a chair and eating food without disturbing his voice, even though he didn't seem to like it a bit.And Len is always happy.

I just had a faint smile about Vel, but Hayato seemed happy.

(I wonder how it feels to keep an eye on Ash and the others while I remember them.Besides, Ash doesn't like it.I hope this meal leads to good results)

I don't know if the conversation was playing, but it seemed like it was quite fun, so Hayato decided to wait for the three to finish their meal.