Another Frontier Online

Rabbit: Dragon Seoul (Part 1)

A girl leaned against a large sofa and looked at the monitor with a doll in her arms.

The monitor itself is filled black and shows nothing.The girl is just staring at the black monitor.

Soon, however, the girl fell to the left with her doll in her arms.

Shortly afterwards, a man came into the room through the entrance.

"Len...? Isn't it here...."

The man could not see the girl from the position where she came in and the angle of the sofa.

While lying down, the girl raised her right hand up and waved as if she could see.

"Niisan, here."

"Ah, there you are... what's the matter?

The man comes to the front of the sofa in the middle of a large room and questions the girl with the doll - Len.

"Niisan, why did your mother die?

The man frowned and looked at the monitor.Understand there.

It's already over, but I'm guessing you've been watching a movie before.Len only sees movies in which her mother plays.

"What movie did you see?

"Um, the one your mother fights the cursed doll with the psychic."

"Oh, the owner of the doll dies on his eighteenth birthday.The original owner of the doll is her protagonist mother.That's why he died. "

Ren wakes up and stares at his brother, Ash.

"Is that what this is all about?So, the first scene of the fire is the main character's house?

"That's what it is. Incidentally, the doll you're holding is a movie item."

"Maybe this doll is cursed, too?

Len sounds naughty.You know that there is no such thing and you have heard it.There can be no curse in an era when everything can be explained scientifically.

"There is no curse.Unless it's a fantasy world. "

"The world of fantasy... to me, my mother is like a fantasy.Why did your mother die?

Ash thought what Len said shifted to reality.It's not an emotional statement, but it sounds like Ash's ear is blaming someone for Len's words.

Ash and Len's mother, Kilka Brandle, died when Len was a baby.

From Len's point of view, it was before I realized it, and when it comes to the mother, it's only the actress in the monitor.Every time I watch a movie, my story and role are different.I'm watching a movie thinking about who the real mother is or whether it's all a different mother.

"That's a tough question, but it's probably your mother's fate."

Ash has no choice but to say so.It's not someone's fault.If there was a cause of death, it would have been longevity.

Ash has only a few memories of her mother, Kilka.However, Ash's assessment of her mother is that she is in a hurry to live.

According to his father, Vel, Kirka wanted many people to have hope.

Decades after the resources are depleted, the planet will be finished.Plans to find a planet other than Earth, called the Frontier Plan, have low expectations.

Ultimately, they will either migrate to the colony with a small number of people or wander around the vast universe in cold sleep searching for the same planet as Earth.

Everyone knew how irresponsible it was to have hope in such an era.

But even so, I want you to live with hope.I want you to believe in human possibilities.Kirka had this feeling about what she could do as an actress - that is, she wanted to entertain a lot of people with entertainment called movies.

Speaking of movies, it has long been said to be a work that is completed by CG and synthetic sound.However, Kilka wanted to show human potential, so she didn't use anything like that.Only me without stuntman in the action scene.I have risked my life several times for instantaneous footage.

The movie Ren was watching this time was an actress and an early movie with no dreams or hopes, but this movie triggered him to meet Ver and make a movie that was more hopeful.

Entertainment in a world of depleted resources is often for indoors.Kirka's movie entertained many people.There must have been something fun if you were alive, and it was no exaggeration to say that you gave such hope.

However, Kilka did too much.

Though it was meant to entertain and give hope, I set up an impossible shooting schedule and twisted my life.That can only be described as ironic fate.

"What is destiny?

Len's rudimentary question.But I can't explain it to Ash.

"No, I just kind of said something like that."

"What is it? I don't know after all.But you didn't have to understand, so you wanted him alive--you remember your mom, right?It's a little out of line that I don't know your mother. "

"Um... I'm sorry.Do you miss it? "

"It's not your fault, is it?And most people in the world don't know their parents.I'm not that lonely.It's just that I'm the only one in the family who doesn't know her. "

I see. I'll tell you what I know. "

"Yeah, thanks... that?Speaking of which, didn't you have business with me?

"Oh, that's right.Actually, I got an e-mail.The email says you've been chosen as a test player for the Analyzer Frontier Program, but it looks like you're going to be able to experience virtual reality.Me, Ren, and my dad seem to be eligible to participate. You want to go?I just have to go to the designated place at the designated time. "

"Virtual reality? Something like a game?

I don't know. But I think it's quite enjoyable because it's an incitement to virtual reality that's not different from reality. "

Len nodded with a smile when she thought for a moment.

I haven't been anywhere lately and I've just been in the house.Besides, his father, Ver, lived a self-depraved life without even working as an actor.I tried to force him out.

I just jumped out of the room to persuade my father, Val.

Ver heard Ash and Len's wishes without any particular objection.

Together we embark on the spaceship Aphrodite and enter virtual reality.

It was the same space as or more than reality.There is no such thing as a virtual reality that completely reproduces the five senses.But it exists in front of us.

Ash and Len have forgotten time to immerse themselves in the world.

Time passed, and Ash and Len rarely returned to the real world.This virtual reality is more fun than reality.

I also teamed up with a team called Clan.His name is Dragon Seoul. I took my name from the place where my mother Kirka was last in the movie.A woman with a noble soul like a dragon.That's Kirka's last role.

Ver, his father, never fought much, but he was always by Ash and Len's side.Ver, unfamiliar with the game, had a lot of mistakes, but Ash and Len were happy to teach his father something, so they taught him a lot.

And you can have friends outside of your family.

A friend of Vale's arrived at the clan's base.

"Didn't think Val was involved in this?

"Pat, it's been a while.It's been about five years.

"More. Since Kirka's funeral.More than ten years have passed. "

"Oh, I see.Still an actor?

"Of course. I didn't fly a big hit like you.I have trouble eating because I don't work every day.I'm also doing this to earn a living - by the way, is your good-looking guy Ash?And the beauty there is Ren?

Pat shifts his gaze towards Ash and Len.Are you sure? That face is a smile.

"Yes, it's Ash.It's been a long time, Pat. "

"Oh, it's been a long time. The last time I saw you was a little smaller, but there's a shadow.Still, Ash looks just like Val when he was younger - is that the handsome actor Ash was in the movie last time?I thought it looked like Vel. "

"Yes, my line was a two- to three-word chorus, but I was allowed to star."

"I see! But it doesn't matter if you play choi.Before Vel could sell, he was the first to be played without a line in a horror movie.From now on. "

When Pat slapped Ash on the shoulder, he turned to Len.

Len doesn't know Pat.If you haven't seen Vel since Kilka's funeral in the first place, that was before you realized it.

"Don't you remember Ren-chan?It was small. "

Um, can I speak to Uncle Pat?

"That's Pat's brother.I'm an uncle, but I always want to be called oniisan. "

"So, Pat, does oniisan know about me?

"Of course. Ren-chan doesn't seem to remember, but I saw her when she was little.But I'm surprised.Ren looks like Kirka.In a few more years, I think you'll be quite beautiful. "

"Hey, Pat. Are you whispering at Len?Think of your age. "

"I can't believe your idea.That's why... well, Vel won't grow.I was just interrupting by calling Kirka.I can't believe Ren-chan's going to have a hard time saying that to her this time. "

"Um! Did Dad, Mom and Pat have a triangular relationship?!

About Len's unknown mother.That's information I'd like to hear anyway.Len shows a strange bite.

"Why do you say that?That's not true. We're both in love.I tried to hide my relationship, so I took care of it.I was surprised at the two of you who thought they didn't find out about it. "

Val panicked about the old exposure story, but Len wanted to know more about her mother and asked Pat to dig for leaves.Of course, Ash is also interested, so I'm listening.

It was a long story that didn't end in a day.