Another Frontier Online

Rabbit: Dragon Seoul (Part II)

More time passed.

In the meantime, a fellow actor enters Dragon Seoul, and members other than Ren are composed of actors.

There were a lot of problems with my strong members who were actors in this era, but thanks to Vel and Pat, the clan has a good relationship.

Even though I haven't been working here lately, Val, whose acting skills are at first glance, and Pat, who doesn't play the leading role but is famous for being a sidekick.As long as I was an actor, I was able to make various adjustments by getting two respected people in between.

However, although it is not so problematic, there is a collision.

"Hey, Ash. As an actor, I'm more of a senpai, so I'm going to show you some respect.

"Senpai is the same age, and it's almost the same as appearing in a movie, so it's like synchronization."

Ash and Agnes were sometimes of the same age, and often argued before they were called fights.A rival rather than a friend or best friend.

"By the way, does Agnes get acting instruction from his father?

"Sometimes I get to see it, but what's the matter?Virtual reality is so real, it's gonna be acting practice, right?You don't think it's gonna be practice here?

"No, that's not what I meant.I've never been taught acting by my father. "

"Is that what Mr. Vale said about acting so well that you don't need guidance?

"That's not true. I wonder if my father thinks I don't have the talent to be an actor.My father hasn't been angry with me since I was a kid, and I don't object to anything you do.Sometimes I wonder if you're more interested than letharistic. "

When Ash says so, he looks a little dark.

It can be said that Vel quit the actor after his mother, Kirka, died.After that, I stayed at home and stayed close to Ash and the others.

But Ash once saw Val practicing acting while reading some script in his room.

A room with no one but my father.Yet the room was an illusion that there were many people making some kind of story.A scene comes to mind in a room with nothing.

Inspired by the appearance, Ash aspired to be an actor.

And I told my father that I wanted to be an actor, but the reaction was weak.However, Ash continued acting practice dreaming of going to a movie with his father one day.

In a world where resources are depleted, work without physical productivity, such as actor work, is challenging.Besides, the waste of resources makes most movies CG.

Ash had no problems because his parents were wealthy, but others were not.Even famous sidekicks like Pat have a hard life.It would be impossible to aim for an actor in such a situation.

Ash says nothing about the actor business from Vel.I'm just asking you to do whatever you want.And Val likes the actor's job and stays home all the time without it.

To be honest, Ash is angry with Ver's attitude and has often bumped into him over the past few years.

It was just a distraction for Ash to get into virtual reality, but unexpectedly, Vale was actionable in this virtual reality.Ash is immersed in this virtual reality, I think it is a good stimulus to have the same actor friends.As long as you and Len are here, Val is in virtual reality.

I've been here for a few years, but I've been expecting Val to work as an actor a little longer.

But something happened to my head.Even though Ash had never been instructed in acting, Val was instructing Agnes at his age.

I also want to bite Vale and Agnes.

But where does Agnes blow when he doesn't know about it?Ash laughs with her nose.

"This is the only baby you've ever been given.Did you tell Mr. Vale about it?She asked me to teach her acting. "

"... no, I never said that."

"Isn't that why?It's too sweet because I'm a parent and child.If you're gonna teach somebody something, you gotta keep your head down and beg for it, right?You can't tell me because you don't have it.

"... Agnes is so stupid."

"I know you're selling fights.I'll settle this right here.Draw that sword.What a cool title for a dragon eater.I'll beat you and get that title. "

"I wish you had eaten dragon steak first.It's my first time cooking, so I'm scared.Almost. Is this title okay?Well, I'll fight you.Put the gloves on. "

The title of dragon eater given to the first player to eat dragon steak in this virtual reality.It belonged to Ash.I ate it first, but it also meant defeating the dragon first.

If you win, you get the title.There's no such system, but Ash and Agnes started a fight.

Three women are staring at those two.

Randa dressed like a priest, Suien dressed like a wizard, and Len.

"I like being young!

"Oh? You're young, so you've lost a clan war, so you have too much power?But it's a shame it was the top eight. "

You were strong.

In a recent event, Dragon Seoul lost the Samurai clan "The Samurai" in Clan War.Best 8 is not a bad ranking, but I really wanted to go higher.

"That's fine, but do you know where your dads went?I haven't seen him since. "

"Looks like you're back in reality.Recently, I went to investigate because I was in a hurry. "

I see. I may not have been back in reality for a while. "

"I had a lot of trouble getting rid of the giant dragon last time.Was it about a week?But in the end, Ren-chan's curse was the most damaging, and I even got the title Dragon Curse.Looks like it's only for the first one. "

Really?You don't seem so happy...?

"But, Ren-chan, don't you like the curse?I think it's the right title.

"Hey, you. You shouldn't say the curse is perfect for a girl.Ren-chan's gonna get hurt, isn't she?Would you rather curse a girl than dragon cars?Wouldn't that be better?

"I like Ren-chan's curse very much.The blonde doll in the pod is a cursed doll, right?I do remember it was a movie item. "

"Ah, you know what?It was a movie starring my mother. "

"No, I know nothing about it, because the owner of the doll that the hero Kirka was trying to protect at the time is Suien here."

Len looks at Suien in surprise.And when I stared seriously, there was certainly a sign of it.

"I'm sorry, I didn't notice at all...."

"It's okay. That movie was about thirty years ago.Of course I don't know... it's impossible, I'm old! "

Soon after Suien said that, Val and the others returned to their base.

Val, Pat, and Eddie, Onyx, and Odo looked in a hurry.

"Father, welcome home. What's wrong with everybody?

"I'm in a little trouble."

Val said so, and the announcement flowed in virtual reality.

The members of Dragon Seoul are gathered in one of the rooms of the base to talk.It is a base inspired by the ancient castle, and although it is spacious, it will be difficult to find something slightly old-fashioned.

But it doesn't matter.

Sometimes we have to decide as soon as possible.Whether it stays in this virtual reality or returns to reality.

The anazer frontier plan using this virtual reality was discarded.Because of various circumstances, the AI, which governs the world, said it would not allow its destruction.

Then the AI took over the spaceship Aphrodite and told him to flee to the end of space.

And while I'm in this virtual reality, I'm pressing people to make choices.

You can either disembark and live in reality, or you can escape together and live in virtual reality.

Val looks at everyone.

"Guys, what do we do?No, what do you want?We all don't have to do the same thing.I don't think it would be bad to erase the memory here and get off the ship, or to lose the memory of reality and live in virtual reality.This spaceship can feed itself on electricity, food, and more.If you stay in virtual reality, you won't have to worry about your life. "

The spaceship Aphrodite pod has the ability to amplify by removing trace amounts of electricity from sleeping humans.Its electricity and energy from sunlight can also be used to grow food by automation.

There is a limit of 10,000 people, but this ship alone can be said to have space colony-like performance.That's right. Maintenance is necessary to prevent the deterioration of the machine, but it's a calculation that lasts about a hundred years.

"There is only one day left before the spaceship leaves Earth.Make up your mind. "

Everyone shuts up about Vel's words.Somehow, the mind is determined.Virtual reality is clearly more human than reality.

I am a movie actor because I want to entertain people, but it has been gradually becoming obsolete since Kirka died.There are few films where people play a role.

And even if we were able to bring resources back from other planets, it would still take time for the Earth to moisturize.

Does the entertainment of movies flourish under such circumstances?Is it possible to live in the first place?

It's fine if you've earned quite a bit before, like Val, but regular actors can't even eat that day.It's not a dream or hope.

Besides, I'm starting to think that working as an actor in this virtual reality is not a bad choice.

The first person to speak up in such a situation was not an actor, Len.

I want to stay here.

Everyone stared at Len.

"Is that what Len wants?Why? "

"... you need a reason?I can only say that this is more fun than reality.And then I might say, "You can run around freely."

Len was weaker when she was a child.When I was ten years old, I had surgery and finally felt a little weaker than usual.

"... I see.What about Ash?

"If Len says I'm staying, so am I.My mother told me.It's your brother's will to protect Len.I want to protect it, and I want to protect Len myself.Besides, actors may be able to work in virtual reality. "


"Okay. Then I'll stay."

Val said so, and the other members said that they would stay in the world.

On the day the world ended, members of Dragon Seoul enjoyed their last hour at the base.

I have already conveyed my wishes to AI.The next time I wake up, I can live the life I want.

The memory is somewhat altered by AI, but that can't be helped.I can't completely alter my memory.Only a small amount of memory is manipulated to suit real-world circumstances.

It is also possible to say that certain memories are completely erased, but there are many risks involved.It's more likely to bring back memories when contradictions arise.

Ash had a dream of going to the movies with Val.

But the priority is number two.The most important one is my sister, Len.I said that Len would stay in this world.Then Ash will stay in this world the same way.

And Ash felt the possibility in this world.I hope that maybe I can work as an actor with my father in this world.There will be no movies in the fantasy world, but there will be no discomfort on the stage.I believe it is more likely than reality.

Ash had something he wanted to do before he lost his memory.

"There's someone I want to see last time.I'm coming. "

Ver looked at Ash's words.

"Why don't you stay here with everyone for the last day?

"Even if you say last day, you just lose your memory of reality.My relationship with my father hasn't changed, and I'm still with him, so you don't have to be with me today, right?I'll lose my memory, but I want to see the strongest man once. "

"The strongest man...?Blackjack Ivan. "

"We can still make it to that base.He's my age, but he's at the top of the world.He's different shapes, but he thinks he's like his father.So I'm going to go and talk to him. "

Even if you lose your memory, you are likely to remember what you felt on your skin.

Val, his father, was at the apex of the actor's world.And Ivan is the pinnacle of the world.Ash wonders if there is anything she can gain from meeting.

Effort, talent, strength... something else.Ash wants to feel it.

Well, then be careful.

Ash nodded at Vel's words and left the base.

After walking along the meadow for a while, I heard a voice saying, "Wait."

Len is coming after us.She looks worried.

"Brother, are you sure you want to go?

Ash nodded looking back.

Sometimes Len denies what Ash does.So when Ash gives in, he tells me there's nothing I can do.Ash knows that.

Ash and Len's brothers and sisters made the usual exchange on the sunset meadow before walking towards Blackjack's stronghold.