Another Frontier Online

Residential escort

The day after Hayat returned from Dragon Grave, Ash and Len arrived at the base when he logged in early in the morning.

In the afternoon, I open a coffee shop in the real world, so I basically only log in in in the morning and at night.I have been logged in quite early in the morning, but it is unusual for the two of us to come so early.

I'm worried that something went wrong.

From Dragon Grave, Maris took the Griffon flight and returned normally.Hayato had the impression that there was nothing particularly wrong at that time.

Although Ash had a slightly unpleasant look at Vel and Ash's meal, her attitude was usually a smile to Len.When I returned to my base, Ash thanked me.It was just a thank you that Len seemed to be having fun.

Ash told Hayato about what Val did to his mother - using Dragon Seoul's treasure to revive the dead Kilka, and eventually destroying the treasure after being trapped in the treasure.

Kirka's case is a setup that Diete thought about, and Ash hates Vel because of Vel's desire to leave a real memory.

From Hayato's point of view, it was just a setup, not something that lasted forever, but an act that I thought could be improved.I could say I felt sympathy for Vel.

Ash and Len arrived at the base early in the morning, just before we thought it would work out like that, so we shouldn't worry about it.

Hayat exchanged greetings and then asked the two of them.

"What's wrong with you so early in the morning?Is there a problem?

"It's not a problem.I talked to Len yesterday and he wants us to live in this hub. "

"Huh? You live in this hub?

"That's right. I forgot to tell you yesterday, but I'm sorry.It's our fault Hayato was captured at the stampede of the Magic City. "

"Raise your head.I don't think it's mostly Ash's fault.

In the first place, it was just after the stampede.Immediately after Lunaria the Demon King defeated Pluto Onyx Rod, Pat dragged and captured Hayato.

Ash and the others who weren't there aren't responsible at all.

Rather, it could be explained by the fact that Hayato underestimated herself and did nothing about it.Equipped with equipment to disable knockbacks and stuns, they could have escaped the scene.

You could say that you didn't do it because you weren't fighting.

Hayato thought so, but Ash and Len seemed different.

"We are stampeded and relying on Hayato, but there is something we have underestimated.Hayato was caught in the crossfire by his fathers.We should have protected Hayato, the hard-line most dangerous. "

(The hardliners say it's dangerous.But that's it?I think it happens that things are going well)

Cecil of the Imperial Capital and Noat of the Magic Capital still know, but Hayato is only making items that seem to be effective, and when it comes to doing things, it's just doing what is right.I think it just happened to roll well.

Ash and Len talked and came up with one result, as Hayato and Ash seemed to think differently.

"Hayato is likely to be targeted in the future.I happened to have Agnes and Randa so I could exchange them this time, but there is no guarantee that I can do the same.That's why I decided to live here and protect Hayato. "

Ren nodded well in Ash's words.

Originally, we could come back with a transfer ring before we get to Dragongrave, even if we were taken.This time, I left him intentionally captured for information gathering and negotiation.I was able to get the information, but I don't think Ash and the others who don't know about the situation felt uncomfortable.

I have also heard that Hayato's capture has created a momentum for Ash and the others to wage all-out war on hard-line dragons.

(Vale asked me to stay with Ash and the others.I don't think the hardliners are going to take me anymore, but I think we should let Ash and the others like it here.Besides, I don't think it's bad to live with Ash and the others)

"Okay. Then use your spare room upstairs as you like.There are only beds, desks and chairs in the room, so if there's anything I need, I'll make it. "

"Actually, I brought furniture from home.Can I put it in your room?

"Of course I don't mind. You can change the layout as you like."

So Len raised her right hand.

"Can I put away my cursed gear!?

"... that's fine, but don't I have to put it in a drawer or something?I'll make a closet or something. Instead, let me make it. "

"Keep your favorite curse gear in visible range and you'll be fine.That's why I want to put it down. "

"I think it's my fault I'm feeling better, but I don't mind my own room.Just don't leave it in the cafeteria or in the store.Well, I'm surprised to say it modestly. "

If there is a sword in the cafeteria that feels strange, I feel that the meal is not delicious.I don't mind if it is in the store, but it is not for sale, so I can't put it there.

So the door from the cafeteria to the outside opened momentum.

"I see. So Master and Ash live under one roof.I've been feeling something.Good morning, sir. "

Esha came into the dining room.The smell at this time is exactly what I told you.

"Um, can you stop saying that?Good morning. "

"I'm just telling you the truth.

"If you say there's a problem with malicious language, do you understand?I mean, I know. "

The interaction between Hayato and Esha made Len's eyes open.

"Isn't it better for Asha to live here instead of in a maid's guild!?That's good! Let's do it!

"Len-sama, what are you saying?

"It's okay. I won't bother you!I'll lend you cursed goods!I just want to taste the atmosphere!

"I don't know what's bothering me, but rather, I don't like talking about cursed goods and atmosphere.In general, I don't have any shop work right now, and it doesn't make sense to live here. "

The store hasn't reopened yet.I have nothing to sell in the first place.

Hayato basically doesn't put anything of poor quality in the store.Medicine and the like are sold cheaply because they can be used even if they are of poor quality, but the equipment is basically four stars or more.

Poor-quality equipment is returned to the material, which is used to create new equipment.

And recently, we've only made dragon eater replicas, Dura hammers, rings and bracelets that nullify knockbacks and stans, and they've been handed over to Nay's Black Dragon and Ash mercenaries, and there's nothing to sell.

"Hey, Esha. I'll do it myself.Can you live in this hub?

"Ash-sama? For what reason?

"When we're gone, I need Hayato's escort.The other thing I want you to do is talk to Len.It would be more fun to have a woman, not just me and Hayato. "

"Yes! That's it! I want to stay with Mr. Esha!

It's obviously another intention, Len, but Ash is right about that.Esha is definitely strong.Melee battles can be a bit difficult, but if you're going to defend Hayato by enclosing it in a base, then Esha will be a good fit.

After all, the opponents are hard-line dragons.It is a bit unforgivable for other members in terms of attack power.Apart from Lunaria, the Demon King, the surroundings will not allow him to live on the base.Besides, Demon Kings can't fight with stampedes other than the Devil Kingdom.Fighting in King's Landing and being even stronger is limited.

Given that, Esha is qualified.

Even if Ash and the others were to escort Hayat, it would be impossible to be together all the time.As for Ash, I'd appreciate it if Esha would escort us while we're gone.

"I understand the situation.Then there's nothing you can do.Then we'll do that in the Maid Alliance.By the way, please have three meals with dessert and a nap. "

"I didn't mean it at all, but am I the one preparing it... no, I'm just kidding.Ash, don't look so sorry. "

(In the afternoon, Esha and I are not in the real world, but I don't know what to do about the excuses around here... but I wonder if Ash and I will be there this afternoon because they have a regular dragon hunting job.Let's talk to Diete-chan.)

After Ash and Len moved upstairs and Esha headed to the Maid Guild, Hayato contacted Diete.