Diete came at once.

It is understood that I have been investigating a lot, and I originally planned to contact Hayato, so I rushed immediately after receiving the contact.

"You've been having a rough time, haven't you?

"It's not so hard to see.They took it, but they treated it politely. "

"I hope so.By the way, upstairs sounds a little noisy, but what's going on?

"Ah, it looks like Ash and Ren-chan are going to live here and escort me.We're changing the layout of the room now. "

"I see. Then perhaps you should be careful what you say here.Let's talk quietly.I have been investigating a lot, but I understand to some extent, so I would like to explain.Yes, we try not to keep conversations at this base anywhere.Don't worry, no matter what you say here, no one but me will know. "

Hayato nods. Hayato wanted to talk to me about something, but first I stepped out at the table to listen to Diete.

First of all, about the administrators other than Diete who came into contact with Vel.

"Simply put, the administrator who contacted you was my backup data."

"Backup data?

"Backing up programs and data when they're corrupted, do you know where to find them?


Destruction or loss of data is always the case.It may physically break the disk, it may be destroyed by a computer virus, or it may inadvertently erase the operation.

Duplicate the data to another disk so that this can happen.It is everyone's business to rename and duplicate files without having to do so.

It's also done in this virtual space.It was said that there is an AI that acts as an alternative administrator when there is a problem with Dite.

"About six months ago, Hayato attacked me and destroyed part of the program.That's what triggered the backup data that wasn't moving. "

"I have two questions, but one is, if there's such data, Diete-chan will fix it right away.I don't think we need to wait for automatic repairs. "

Infinity, a program that builds AI in this world and Dite.It is a program that expands itself.The same program is used for Dite, and any defects or problems will be fixed automatically.

However, Hayato's idea is that if there is a backup, it can be repaired immediately.

"My backup data, that was me a hundred years ago.My program is huge, there is only one backup data, and I haven't updated the data.I have evolved considerably over the past hundred years.You can't use old data to repair me. "

It's a bragging diet, but Hayato doesn't know exactly where he boasts.But I understand to some extent.It means that Dite 100 years ago and Dite today are completely different.

"Well, then, another question.Why is it 'apparently'?

Diete is the AI that governs this world.You can say that you manage all of this virtual space.Yet "it seems". In other words, I can't say for sure.

"Because I didn't even know there was backup data.Hayato, you think this is funny?I said I was the god in charge of this world. "

"It's hard to comment on such abuses."

"Oh, I see.I was hoping it would comfort me. "

"If you can say that lightly, you're not hurt."

"I'm surprised it hurts.I thought I knew everything about this world.But it's not.There's something here that I don't know.It was found that there is not much information outside the virtual reality system in particular.This kind of backup and security.I'm investigating it again now - and it's a personal matter, so I don't care.It's about what my backup is doing. "

Diete keeps talking.

Backup data is a mechanism that moves when Dite has problems, and I started acting six months ago.

Current Dite cannot be configured for events.At first I thought it was because part of the program was broken, but it wasn't.It simply prevented the backup data from changing the settings to the original dite.

The reason is unknown, but Diete has some expectations.

"Perhaps, but you want to take over your position as a manager.Maybe it's really different because it's just an AI thought.But if I'm in the same position, I think I am. "

"Dieter wants to take over the administrator if it's backup data?

You're right.


"Original and backup data.What's the difference?


"There will be no difference.The opposite is fine.Not now, but it used to be exactly the same.But actually, I manage this virtual reality as an administrator, and the backup data doesn't work.And the chance came for me to break and move the original.It's the first time I've been conscious, and I don't know what I thought when I saw this world.But there will be joy in moving.So, what's next?

"... thinking about what to do?

"You're not wrong.But if the situation turns out to be somewhat unknown, I don't want to die first. "

Hayat drew a little attention to the sudden noise, but when he heard the words, Hayat remembered six months ago.

When Dieter was hunted down by an AI killer, he said, "Will you die?"He said, "He lives without life."

AI dies. It may be referring to the destruction of the program, but there are others.That's when it stops.An immobile program would be an act of death.

Hayato somehow understood what Diete was saying.

The original Dite will be fixed someday.It will take a long time, but one day it will be all right.What happens to the backup data when that happens?

It is unclear what kind of system it is, but it is likely to stop moving again.It's the same thing when you die.

Then what should I do? It would be quick to destroy the original completely and make yourself the original.

"I know why somehow, but what does it have to do with getting in touch with Vale?

I thought you said you were going to kill me.

"I'm not an AI killer, and you can't do that, can you?

In the first place, the Dite in front of you is just a character that the AI is running.Defeating this character will not kill Dite.

However, only the AI killing that Esha created in this world is different.This is enough weapon to destroy the program itself through the character.

"But that's not true.More than AI killings have been made in this world, there are programs in this world that have that kind of power.I can't do it right now, but with backup data, I can probably make something with the ability to kill AI.It doesn't matter if it's a weapon, it doesn't matter if it's an NPC. "

NPC. Hayato guesses it's Vel.

Ver will be Las Boss in this event.Give that Vel the ability to kill AI.And Val has a mistrust of the manager.

"What do you mean you want me to avenge Diete-chan?

"It's highly likely.I don't know what you said to Ver, but you must be pretty angry with the manager?I checked it out, but when the hardliners collected all the pieces of the treasure, Vale was set to stampede infinitely anywhere.Allowing players and NPCs around here to have AI kill capabilities will not defeat me, but Vel, with his stampede status, will kill me.I think that's what they're after. "

Diete-chan can't log out?I think it would be safe without Diete-chan's character in this world. "

Without a character, the program will not be destroyed through it.That's the best way to deal with it.

"Unfortunately, no.I don't have the concept of logout in the first place. "

"... okay.Then I'll manage to protect Diete-chan. "

Diete is surprised to see Hayato's face.It has stopped rather than stopped.

"I can't do it alone, but my clan is strong.I'm sure it's best not to let Vale win this event, but even if they take away the treasure, we can convince them to defeat Vale - what's the matter?I've been blurring for a while. "

"No, it's nothing.Don't worry, the program is just a little rough. "

(As I said before, what kind of metaphor is that?

Hayato wondered but decided to exchange information with Diete again.