Another Frontier Online

Exchange of information

Hayato and Diete exchanged further information.

Ash and his colleagues gather treasures and speculate about the hard things that happen.

Tell Diete Hayato's speculation about seeing the film presented by Vel.

Diete was convinced that it was also highly likely.

To erase the memory of reality was to forget the desperate reality and live happily in this world.However, people are different when it comes to that desperate situation.

Esha could not find hope without despairing that she had no purpose in life.So I lost my memory in reality and tried to live in virtual reality.Because even in a fictional space, if there is a future, there is hope.

However, unlike Esha, some people wanted to erase their memories and start over with virtual reality for the past they wanted to forget.If you remember that, you don't know how to act.

It can be self-destructive and attractive.You may feel an urge to destroy everything.It varies from person to person.

If you tell Ver that Ash and Len may regain their memories and abandon themselves, Ver will definitely be furious.Although he is not being polite, Vale cares about Ash and Len.They will try their best to collect Shards of the Treasure.

Diete says she can do it if she's trying to take over the administrator's backup data.I said I wouldn't think of anything like that if it was my old self.

Diete also explained that there are circumstances suggesting the possibility of doing so.

Diete says that there are features that have recently been updated.

It's a system where emotion changes status.It is a system that exists only in NPC, but can significantly improve status due to severe negative emotions.

Headgear required to play games.It has the function of checking the physical condition of the main unit.Because there is a mechanism to force a logout in case of too weak bioreactions.

The mechanism of forced logout does not exist in the pod on the spaceship Aphrodite.There is a function of checking the body, but the body is completely controlled in the pod, so it does not weaken.

However, not only the body, but also electroencephalography.

An emotional system using the electroencephalogram system was introduced at some point.

I don't know how strong it would be if Vel were to become a stampede and improve his ability with emotion.If it's for Dite alone, there's no doubt it won't help.

"I mean, the purpose of keeping the hardliners from gathering the pieces of the treasure is the same."

"No, I suppose so, but isn't it because we collect shards, that Ash and the others will regain their memories?I think that's going to be tough. "

Ash and Len abandon themselves or pull themselves away is something that Hayato would like to avoid.I don't know how to get my memory back in the first place, but it's possible that the backup data suggested it to Val because Val believes in it.

"That's true.But, Hayato, if you're with Ash, there's a chance you're not. "

"What do you mean?

"Even if your memory came back, you wouldn't have abandoned yourself or pulled it away, would you?I admire that it was because I had a good relationship with Hayato.I wonder how you trusted Hayato while saying it. "

"Don't say that in front of Esha.Probably because I get shot in Belzeve. "

"I guess. Anyway, Ash-kun and Ren-kun, I don't think it would be a big deal if we had a better relationship with Hayato, even if we had our memories back."

"That's a hopeful observation, right?

"Hope is important.Besides, I'm sure Ash and I are going to live together, right?Then keep your bond as close as you can.On top of that, I want you to make sure Vale doesn't take away the shards of the treasure.Of course, I'll do what I can.In the meantime, it seems that I will recover my memory when I collect the treasure, but I will find out how I am trying to get it back.If we know that, we might be able to do something about it. "

Hayato nodded.

(Well, I don't like getting along with Ash and Ren-chan.I thought it was NPC before, so I felt that there were some parts that I had been a little reluctant about.Let's talk a lot - ah, yeah)

"Um, how do I explain my time in reality?

When Hayato is back in reality, there is no Hayato character in this virtual reality.Doubting that you are no longer living together can be a lot of trouble.In the first place, I can't talk with AI protection, so it may give me distrust.

I was hoping that Dite would have a good idea.

"You don't have to say anything in particular.Ash, you think NPCs are sleeping with logged-out players. "


"Yes, I recognize that players are asleep from the moment they log out of bed.It is slightly different when it is a forced logout, but there is no problem because the system complements it at will.Is there anything else?

(It's convenient. But don't worry about that, okay?Well, what else should I ask you?Yes, about the update.)

"Maris said she could ride two, but Diete-chan didn't miss the program, did she?How do updates work?

Diete said he was only asking for "Infinity."

If you ask me to make a system like this, it will be made to the specifications.The same was true of the room closest to the reality Hayato had seen before, which was still on the way, but the space was gradually expanding.

They also seem to be asking for requests from other players, and they are responding in turn.

Then Hayato decided to hear about Stampede.

It was the NPC that stopped them in the battle against the Fire Dragon and the Pluto.If you cannot win without the NPC in the first place, it is possible that fewer players will participate in future stampedes.

Hayato was concerned about the growing number of players who participated but didn't really do it if they could only win at the NPC.Cecil and Lunaria are the ones who end up stabbing him, but until then the player will have to lose some HP.

Diete denies the concern.

"In other words, there is widespread information that we cannot win this stampede without supporting the NPC.It was a stampede that I had never won in nearly six months, but I was able to win by supporting the NPC.Rumors are spreading that it might be such an event in the first place. "

"You think players alone can never win an event?Would you rather be motivated?

"That's right. The NPC seems to be the key to victory.I don't think so at all, but I think so because of the difficulty.I don't know about motivation so far, but I haven't heard anything about not attending the event in particular.Because there are prizes in the first place, there are more people who want them. "

I see. By the way, what's it like in Spirit Land?Phantom Dragons must be making a stampede, but is there a powerful NPC that can fight on the spot?

"There are a lot of NPCs out there called elves and dwarfs, but there are no such powerful NPCs as Cecil and Lunaria."

"Then we'll have to find a weakness and help Ash and the others to win.We need to gather more information next time. "

"That would be nice.Now, let's talk about it around here... "

As the conversation was about to end, I heard footsteps from the stairs.It was Len who showed up.

"Ah, good morning, Mr. Dieter!

"Hey, Renn-kun, good morning.You're staying here with Ash from today?

"That's right.Hayato is a must to win the fight against hardliners.We have to guard them from now on!Enemies approaching will be cursed!Uhihihi.... "

"You're not wrong.Hayato himself is not a fighter, but Ash, Ren, and of course everyone else deserve to be protected - why are you staring at me so seriously?

Len is staring at Dite as he talks.And she was talking to herself with bumps.

"... the spice triangular relationship is also alive... like this, Hayato-san and Dite also seem suspicious, and there may be a development of joy and embarrassment...?A triangle of love, hatred and curse unfolding under one roof...!

I don't want to know as Hayato, but somehow I did.I talk to myself in the first place.

"You know, Ren-chan, Diet-chan doesn't live here, right?... I wonder why Ren-chan looks so sad to Diet-chan anyway?

"I was wondering if that was an ant.Well, I can't find anything here, so I'm afraid I'll give up. "

"I'm sorry too... but I won't give up triangulation!

"It may be early for young Ren-chan, but it's also important to give up in life.

Hayato said such a thing while relaxing his mouth slightly that he was about to become busy while he was at the base.