Another Frontier Online

Living together

It's been a week since Ash, Ren, and Esha started living on the base.

In the meantime, about two stampedes occurred and several facilities were destroyed.Since it is an Imperial and Magic City, it will not take away the shards of the secret treasure, but it cannot be left broken, so Hayato is creating reconstruction items for it.

Even today, Hayato logged in early in the morning to start making reconstruction items and equipment for future battles.The place to make is not a room, but a dining room.

Ash and Len do not hesitate to come to the room when they are making items in the room.Only in the morning and at night, Hayato started making items in the cafeteria because she lived with him.Ash and Len will talk to you here.

There comes Ash.Then he sat opposite Hayato with a table.

"Good morning, as soon as ever."

"Good morning. As usual, can we just have breakfast with bread and salad?

"Oh, I'm sorry.Len will be here soon, so please wait a little longer. "

"Understood... by the way, did you tell Ren-chan to lie down and stay away from the pajamas?

"... I'm sorry about yesterday.Len is weak in the morning.She also seems to regret it, so I think it's okay now.She must have been so cozy and uncomfortable. "

Hayato and Ash were having such a conversation, and Len came down the stairs.

Ordinary clothing or full equipment.Equipped with the usual cat ear hood robe.

"Good morning...."

It has a very small end. Besides, I hid my face a little with the hood and made it look smelly.It wasn't like that yesterday, but I think you remembered yesterday in the morning.

It's hard to go on without worrying about it, or finish the story with a laugh.Len is old. Making the wrong choice can be traumatic.Hayat wondered how to greet him.

But Ash has a reputation for lack of delicacy.

"Len, there are other men here than me, so be careful.Hayato is a good guy, but he's still a man.I don't know how old Bloody Cat toy pyjamas are. "

"Niisan! You act like nothing happened at this time!"Why steam it back!?Curse me!?

"I see.I'm sorry about that.... "

(Is that a bloody cat costume pyjamas?What's wrong with a normal cat pajama?Or did Ash say, "This is still a man"...?

Anyway, Hayato sees Len trying to say hello.

"Uh, good morning.I think I looked good on you.That bloody cat. "

"... Hayato-san, and my brother.Learn femininity, both of you. "

"But, Len.I'm a man. No matter how much I learn, I don't think I'll ever know about women.I can't trust a man who says he understands femininity.You're a con artist, that's it. "

"No excuses!

"... yes"

Len sighed a little and saw Hayato this time.

"Yes, that was my accident yesterday, but Hayato will be able to run away with that, too.No matter how strong you are, Esha is a maiden. "

"I think there was a misunderstanding in the first place.If that's the case, I'd rather run. "

"So you're going to see Mr. Dieter?

"Don't get me wrong, okay?

Hayato said so much, and I saw Esha looking at us from the stairs.The gaze is hard to describe, but I will never miss it.But the atmosphere is completely different from what Len is saying.

"Good morning, everyone.I declare at the outset that I will not let you escape, Master.I'll have them feed you till the end.Incidentally, breakfast is served in a large bowl of beef bowls.Lots of spring onions and red ginger. "

(Feeding is not a real story...?

With some anxiety, Hayato prepared breakfast for everyone, based on Len, who was sparkling at Esha's remarks.

After breakfast, Hayato and Ash drank coffee, Esha melon juice, and Len orange juice.

"Hayato, what are your plans for today?

"Well, I'm going to make a Magic City reconstruction item.I wonder if there are a lot of furniture.It takes about an hour, then shopping in King's Landing.Even the Imperial Capital needs reconstruction items, but we don't have the materials.I have asked Relic for another shopping, so I plan to go myself. "

"Well, then I'll go shopping with Len.Just in the morning as usual, right?

"I intend to. I'll be quiet in my room this afternoon."

"Okay. I'll go dragon hunting with the regiment this afternoon.I'll leave the afternoon guards to Esha. "

"I understand.I have a report from the Maid Guild in the morning, so I'll be there first. "

Once the situation is confirmed, each initiates action.

Hayato started making items in the dining room.Esha went to the maid's guild, and Ash and Len were each doing their own thing in the dining room.Although it is Hayato's escort, I enjoy each hobby because I can't help but be nervous all the time.

Ash starts wiping the dragon eater and armor with a towel, and Len puts the cursed item on the dining room table and examines it.

After that time, I saw Hayato making a lot of items while Len was drinking orange juice.

"I always think Hayato seems to be having a lot of fun making items, right?

"Huh? Really?

Hayato reacts to Len's words while making items.

Production of items that have been repeated hundreds of thousands of times.It can be performed unconsciously at the same level as Hayato moves his fingers.Enough to be able to talk while making items.

"That's right. Hayato seems to be having fun when he's making something, whether it's furniture, medicine or food."

I see. This is the first time I've been pointed out because I've been making items in my room so tightly.I felt like I smiled when I made an item with a very rare performance. "

"I want to see that smile!They see me in my pyjamas, and let's share the shameful situation!

"Are you ashamed of my smile?But now that I'm making furniture, I might not get that smile. "

Furniture does not have special performance even if it reaches 5 stars in quality.I'm happy with the five stars, but I don't think I'm going to smile that much.

"Oh, yeah, I remember with the furniture, but do you both need anything in the room furniture?I've heard that before, but I live here and I'm being escorted, so please don't hesitate to tell me. "

"I don't have anything in particular.I put a lot of cursed gear in the room, so there's no place to put other furniture. "

"I don't think so, but don't invite me to that room."

"Neither do I.I like simple rooms, so I don't want to leave anything behind. "

"Roger, if you need anything, just let me know."

It is Hayato's feeling that even his brother and sister are quite different, but it seems fresh to Hayato without relatives.

"Speaking of which, I didn't want to put anything in the room like your father or your brother."

When Len said so, Ash creased between her eyebrows.But it didn't seem that uncomfortable, so I opened my mouth with a sigh.

"Sure, I remember living in a big room and being surprised that nothing happened.But then... "

Ash said so much and stopped saying anything.

"Niisan? What's wrong?

"Eh, ah, no.I wonder what it is. There was an image of my father and a lot of people in this empty room, but I couldn't remember what it was. "

Hmm? Niisan, you're still young.

"Even if you're not old, you've forgotten so much - Hayato, what's wrong?

"Oh, no, I'm finally finished with the reconstruction items.Shall we go shopping now?If there's a shop we both want to go to, let's take a look around. "

Hayat hurried to fix it.Because I got a little caught up in Ash's words.

(Perhaps the current memory is a real memory?Shouldn't it be irritating?)

Hayato thought so and then took the furniture he had made to the warehouse once.

Then the three of them went shopping in King's Landing.