Another Frontier Online

Shopping and people I know

Hayat, Ash, and Len walk on the main street of King Anhemdal.

Sometimes in the morning on weekdays, there were few players, but there were many NPCs, so I was full of energy.The dragon is attacking us in a situation of stampede, but in addition to what I think, it is likely that our ability to rebuild quickly and defeat two dragons has affected us.

Hayato thinks about where to go first.

There are a few things about shopping, but I decided to go to the herbal shop to get the ingredients to do the medicine first.

Herbal shops sell various kinds of grass.It is popular with players with pharmaceutical and cooking skills because it handles a lot of grass, but it is also popular for other reasons.

In virtual reality, this game can almost completely reproduce the five senses, so there is a way to enjoy the aroma like aromatherapy.It's popular with players who enjoy it that way, even if they don't have pharmaceutical skills.

When Hayat explained that he was heading to the herbal shop, Ash leaned his neck.

"If it's a grassy item, it's faster to pick it up in the nearby forest.I think Hayato can get a lot of herbal knowledge. "

If you harvest grass with herbal knowledge, you get more and rare grass is harvested.It would be much cheaper than paying for it at the store.

"I can't harvest the grass I'm going to buy unless it meets climatic conditions.I have a place where I can collect it whenever I go away, but I don't have time to go there, so I think I'll settle it with money.Dragon eater replica sold for a good price.It's okay to spend money. "

I see. I don't even know where the grass is growing... okay.All right, let's go to the store. "

Len stopped Ash from walking right away.

"My brother is already in too much of a hurry.Sometimes you can walk slowly as you look around the city. "

"No, if the shop is out of stock, what's the problem?So I thought I'd go early and buy it. "

"It won't sell out that easily.The product I plan to buy this time is a little expensive because it is difficult to collect.I don't think I can buy enough to run out of stock, even if I have to. "

This game may also sell out products from stores run by NPC.There is a unique distribution route, which changes the number of arrivals and the price.Worst case, the store may collapse.

(When it comes to NPC, the contents are manipulated by humans.Sometimes the contents of the store change, and everyone lives in this world.)

"Mr. Hayato, by the way, what kind of grass do you buy?Funny grass?

"Why did you think I'd buy it?I buy thunderbolts and snowflakes.It's quite expensive because it can't be harvested without a specific climate.I'll buy something else, but I wonder if that's the main thing today. "

"I don't know, but what do you use it for?

"The two are anti-stamping measures.How about Phantom Dragon Countermeasures?

Hayato has never carefully seen Phantom Dragon's stampede, but the information provided by Diete shows to some extent the other party.

Phantom Dragon Suien Mikazuki is a dragon that spreads fog that triggers a bad status around it. It is not so strong, but it is recognized as a difficult dragon to fight.

The main bud stats are venom and paralysis.Poison deals damage to HP and MP at regular intervals and paralysis lasts for a few minutes.

There are several types of poison, and this poison is not so powerful, but it is plain and troublesome.The paralysis also occurs once every few seconds, and the body becomes stiff only for a moment, so it is disliked because it will stop halfway even in weapon skills.

Both can be recovered with poison potions, paralysis potions, or sacred magic, but Phantom Dragons generate a series of mists, so they quickly have the same Bud status when recovered.

"I can also make rings and bracelets that are poisonous and paralytic, but they both use knockback and stun disabling.We have to deal with it another way. "

"Does that mean there are poison and paralysis drugs?

"Ren-chan, that's awesome.That's right. "

"I did it. I'll have a pudding, please!

"No, I didn't say I'd give you a pudding if I was right, did I?Well, it's temporary, but there's medicine that doesn't poison or paralyze you, so I thought I'd buy some ingredients to make it.Well, I'm sure other people will think the same thing, but it's not going to sell out. "

Hayato went to the herbal shop to talk about it.

When Hayato and the others stepped into the store, it seemed that other customers were talking to the clerk.

There is no particular problem with that, but Hayato is familiar with the customer.

The customer also noticed Hayato and stopped talking to the clerk and approached.

"Hayato of Daedalus... right?

"It's been a long time... I'm sorry, I don't know your name."

"No, of course not.I've never named it before.But you remember me, don't you?

"That's the way to put it, but it's harder to forget.You're with the Devil's Summon Monster Research Council, right?

"Yes, thank you for that passage."

The bowed man is a member of the Devil's Summon Monster Research Council who fought in the Clan War.The reason Hayato remembers is because he is dressed up in a fuzzy manner, but he does not say that.

Ash and Len didn't seem to remember, they were wary at first, but they listened to Hayat and took off their guard.

The man was wearing a dark hooded robe, but he took off his hood as he rolled it over.There was a gentle young man there.Young face with slightly brown black hair that looks late teenagers.

Hayato thought he was older because of the sound of his voice, but apparently he had a low, sinister voice.

"I'm late.I'm Adrian, the leader of the Devil's Summon Monster Research Council. "

"As you know, Hayato is the leader of Daedalus.They are clan members Ash and Len. "

Adrian smiled after they all said hello.

"This is the first time I've talked to you like this.Hayato and the others defeated the Duke demons, so I wanted to talk to you about it.Is your time okay now?

"Uh, a little bit."

Adrian smiled a little.

According to Adrian, after losing the Clan War, he wanted to take his feet to his base several times, but he was reluctant to think he was busy during the Clan War.I went there once after the clan war, but Hayato was absent just because there was a maid in the store.

However, I recently discovered Hayato at the stampede I was attending and was about to meet him next time.It was a shame to see you here at such a tip.

"Hayato's clan definitely finished in fourth place.If you lose to a squad that is in the fifth place in the rankings, you can give up. "

"It would be helpful if you could say so.But I wasn't expecting a Duke demon.I knew something unexpected was coming. "

Hayato was listening to various stories about the Devil's Summon Festival from the Maid Alliance.I had heard that you would do something that you could be accused of wrongdoing, so you could say that you were ready.If I had seen it without knowing anything, I might have been more panicked.

"I was surprised, too.I didn't expect an attack to cut that demon's HP by two thirds.And the vampires have come back many times, and I thought, "

"No, no, I didn't think I could summon a boss to come out in a big fight."

Hayato and Adrian are always talking.It's not sportsmanship, but we've worked hard together.

After that, I talked about my memories of the Clan War, but Adrian looked sorry.

"Oops, sorry.I only meant a little, but it's been longer than I thought. "

"No, I'm fine.By the way, did you talk to the clerk earlier?

"Oh, actually, I came to buy some grass, but it was sold out, so I asked when it would arrive."

Hayato gets a little anxious.

Put simply, it's a flag.I feel like I'm putting up a big flag.

"By the way, what is that grass...?

"Lightning grass and snow grass, right?Everything seems to have been bought in bulk by a gunman and a clergyman - Hayato, what's the matter?Besides, Ash and the others look like they're having a hard time, right?

If you think about it, is it a herbal shop that destroyed it in the Imperial and Magic Capitals?Don't take measures that are easy to understand)

In the case of Hayato, there are other ways to disable the status abnormality, but I don't want to rely on it if possible because it is a lot of trouble.

Hayato wondered if we should go grass picking.