Another Frontier Online

Phantom Dragon Measures and Mass Production

Hayat finished his shopping in King's Landing and returned to his base.

We have everything we need to make reconstruction items.All I have to do is make it, so there is no problem with that.

The problem is phantom dragon countermeasures.

Even if phantom dragons are weak, they are not weak enough to win with poison and paralysis.Even plain damage from poison cannot be left unattended, paralysis cancels attacks, and the total damage over time will be lower than usual.

I was supposed to make medicine to do something about it, but I didn't sell the ingredients to the store.

(When it comes to horse tails, Pat doesn't like Vale's maneuvers.Still, hardliners are rich.What do you do for a living?

We are harassing each other from a standpoint, but Hayato would say it is a disgusting attack.

For now, there are other measures.

It's an ultra-eclair that Asha taught me.

Ultra Eclair is a fairly large Eclair, but its effects have a Condition Abnormality Disable.Normally sweet foods have the effect of gradually restoring HP and MP, but this was a sweet with a completely different performance.

(There is nothing I can't make, but I use too much ingredient fabric, chocolate and custard cream.In the first place, the ingredients of dough and chocolate must also be made with cooking skills.I don't have time to prepare for the number of people.Only one or two people are in a state of abnormal invalidity, but it makes no sense.)

I don't sell dough, chocolate or custard cream in the store.These have to be made from different materials.

It would be nice if the dough had flour and water.Chocolate creates cocoa mass and cocoa butter from cocoa beans, adding sugar to both.Custard cream is made from eggs, milk, sugar, and thin flour.

We have plenty of chocolate to make a shabby chocolate parfait, but if you make a lot of ultra-eclair, it won't be for a second.

Besides, it takes a lot of time to get it together with members of the Black Dragon and Ash's mercenary regiment.It will take longer than going to pick grass.

(I didn't confirm it, but I think Pat and the others will be at the place where the grass can be harvested.I'll have to ask Ney and the others to pick it up again.I will lose to Phantom Dragon until he picks the necessary grass, but there should be no problem if even the treasure is taken away.But the facility of the Spirit Nation is definitely...)

"Mr. Hayato"


Len suddenly appeared in front of Hayato.Hayato was concentrating on his thoughts, so he almost fell out of the chair he was sitting on.

"Ah, I'm surprised.Ren, what's wrong?

"No, I've been thinking about it since I got back to the base. What's going on?Your brother went back to his room to prepare for the afternoon.

"I was wondering what to do about Phantom Dragon.I thought it would be better if Ney and the others picked the thunder grass and the snow grass. "

Really?Well, but is there another way to get it adopted?

"It's going to take a while, so let's stop."

"By the way, what did you do?

"It's a completely different measure, but there's a sweet called ultra-eclair.Eating it will invalidate the abnormal condition.However, it will take time because we will need a lot of ingredients.I was thinking about stopping it--you know, Ren-chan, my face is close. "

"Let's go!It's better that way than taking weird medicine!

"It's not a weird medicine."

I definitely just want to eat it.Hayato saw Len's face and decided so.

"No, you know what?I know you want to eat it, but it's hard to get the ingredients together as I mentioned earlier.I need a lot of dough, a lot of chocolate, and it's gonna take a lot of time just to make it. "

"Shouldn't I buy a lot!?I have money, so let's spend it!

Hayato explains the situation from the beginning to calm Len down.The problem is the time to make ingredients.Hayato can only log in in in the morning and night.I wonder if I can make ten even if I do it all day in time.

Reconstruction items need to be made, and equipment needs to be maintained.There will be fewer to make.It should take about two weeks to get everyone ready, but if you can't win, you'll need to get ready again.Given the time efficiency, it's not a very good choice.

Hayato thought so, but Len put his arms together and thought about it.And I looked at Hayato with a smile as if he was inspired by something.

"You just need a lot of ingredients, right?

I told you before, I don't sell it in the store.I wonder if they're selling flour or the first ingredients. "

"Then I'll make it!

"Ren-chan...?Oh, I see. I don't have to make everything.I'm only supposed to cook when I'm super-eclair, right?

"Yes! Surely fabrics and cocoa butter can be made even with low cooking skills, right?If you can cook with low cooking skills, I'll take care of it!

(I didn't notice because I had been doing it alone until now.You can make dough and chocolate like a subcontractor... even if I belong to a clan, I wouldn't have noticed this by myself)

Originally, the Black Dragon clan had fewer players with productive skills.Hayato was able to make anything, and he barely went to the hunting grounds, so he was just making it by himself.

Hayato was still satisfied, but in terms of production, he didn't rely on anyone other than collecting materials that monsters dropped.

Then I'll ask Ren-chan.Ah, but custard cream requires a lot of cooking skills.I don't mind about 20 fabrics. "

"Is there anyone else who can help me?--Ah, I'm here!

"Oh, I see.Someone could've asked. "

As Len noticed something, Hayato noticed it.Some people have quite a cooking skill.

Hayat contacts the person.When she asked me to come to the base because she wanted to ask me something, the person replied in two replies.

Enough for the man to arrive at the base.

I'm not here alone, I'm here alone.I wonder if the other one is in the position of a sidekick.

"Did you finally realize you needed my help?It's a little late, but I'll send a compliment. "

"Doesn't it get worse every time we meet?Could you please go back to the old, big Lunaria?

"Lunaria is more respected than ever by the people of the devil kingdom in the Pluto Crusade.That's why I'm doing so well. "

"Rosalie has been tough on Lunaria lately, right?

Someone with considerable cooking skills.

It's Lunaria the Demon King.

Four Star Cookies named Demon King Cookies are enough food to be traded at a high price in the Magic Land.The sales slightly underpin the finances of the Magic Kingdom.

"So what do you want with this demon king, Lunaria?I will do anything with the friendship of the same clan.Don't worry, I'll rust a lot with this alondite. "

"I need you to make a lot of custard cream."

"Custard cream?

Lunaria leans her neck slightly and looks at Hayato.

"I actually need a lot of dough, chocolate, and custard cream to make this super-eclair sweet.Ren-chan makes chocolate, so I want Lunaria to take care of the custard cream.I'd like to ask Mr. Lunaria for this because I have to be highly skilled in cooking. "

"Fufu, it's easy"

"Please shut up for a moment, Lunaria."

Rosalie's scythe came out in front of Hayato.I don't want to kill you. Somewhat stunned.

"Looks like Lunaria's not the only one in the mood, right?Please don't bother Lunaria with that.You may have forgotten, but even if it looks like this, Lunaria is the Devil King.

"This is what Rosalie looks like. Doesn't she say anything terrible?

"I'll be fine. Even if it looks like this, the Devil King.I feel safe because I can make as much custard cream as I can.Produces massive amounts of Demon King cream. "

(I said I saw it myself....)

"Well, Lunaria-sama, that's not what I meant, but the Demon King doesn't do that anymore - oh, I see.Hayato owes a debt to defeat the Pluto.That has improved Lunaria's reputation, so I will help you return it.I'll lend you a member who can cook with black roses, so make anything with custard cream. "

"Really? That would be great.I needed as many people as I could. "

"Wait. This is the request that Hayato has relied on me for.I should do it. "

"There's a lot more that Lunaria needs to do."

"Then I'll make it with all the black roses.It's not good to be out of the group. If you don't let me in, the Alondites will go wild.This is not a threat. "

Lunaria's negotiations continue.

Ultimately, Rosalie broke down and decided to produce massive quantities of ultra-eclair materials at the base from tomorrow.

Rosalie feels weak on her chair and quite tired.

"Miss Rosalie, it's been a tough time.Do you want something sweet?

"Whose fault do you think it is, Cora... hah, please have a Gato Chocola.And coffee. "

No matter what Hayato thinks, it's my fault, so I vowed to make you a five-star gato chocolate.