Another Frontier Online

My sister thinks

The day after it was decided to produce a large quantity of ultra-eclair materials, there were many people at the base.

Hayato had better manpower, but there were many unexpected people.

First of all, Lunaria and the members of the Black Rose are fine.This is Hayato's position.Rosalie doesn't have cooking skills, so she's just doing the routine, but the other three don't have 100 cooking skills, but that's the number.

She wears rose flowered eye bandages, black bandages around her face, and godzilla clothing like restraints, but her cooking skills are fine.

And unexpectedly, the maids who could be said to be Esha's colleagues.Asha and about a dozen maids are based there.

When I told Asha that I needed help making ultra-eclair ingredients in real life, I said, "I have a helper, so I'll take him."I wonder if this is the result.

I thought Hayato might be from the Maid Alliance, but there were many other ideas.

"That's a lot, isn't it?

"There are quite a few maids waiting for you in the guild.Well, unlike me, I'll put it to work soon.This kind of short-term work is also helpful, so please hire me.I am also praised for taking a job.By the way, I can't cook, so please don't put me in the head count. "

"There's no way I could put 100 minus cooking skills."

"But I taste it.It's no exaggeration to say that tasting skills are 100. "

"No, I know a few stars from the item information, and my tasting skills are not implemented."

Finish the conversation with Asha and see everyone.

"Well, thank you for today.I've told Ren-chan everything about the contents, so please follow the instructions. "


Len greets her in a slightly nervous manner.Everyone applauded me.

Hayato should have done it in the first place, but there are various circumstances.

There are too many women here now.It's a shame to be alone in a place like this.

It is possible to call Ash here, but it will be painful to stand without cooking.And Ash is handsome. There was also a desire of Hayato who didn't want to see a situation where there were a lot of women who wanted to talk about being handsome and having only themselves.

"Well, I have to make the ingredients, so can Rosalie see Renaria and the black roses, and Esha see the maids?It would be helpful if they could work as team leaders. "

(Ren-chan has a sense of responsibility and I thought I would give instructions to each of them, but I don't think he would do that.If this is the number of people, I think it is correct.)

Because Ash is the leader of the mercenary regiment, Len seems to know how to move so many people.

Hayato is reassured that it will be okay to leave this to her, and Rosalie, who has been appointed team leader, raises her right hand.

"I don't want you to feel uncomfortable, but can we work at the store?It's not like I don't like being with you, but this dining room is a little cramped. "

"Ah, yes. Lunaria sees a lot of people she doesn't know - no, I don't think she can be serious... Hayato, right?

"Of course. I don't sell anything in stores right now, so use as much as you like."

Lunaria nods with her helm on.

(Because there are many maids I don't know, Lunaria has been acting suspiciously since a while ago.I didn't even show my face, so maybe it's time to go to the limit.There were plenty of people in the square when the Pluto was exterminated, but are you okay when you're in the mood?)

"So we, the maids, cook in the dining room."

"Yes, I make chocolate here too, please."

(The maid squad...?That said, Ren-chan seems to be getting along with the maids.Maybe there is something like asylum desire)

"Master, are the ingredients in the warehouse?

"Flour, cocoa beans and eggs are all in the warehouse.And Mr. Relic will do some shopping, so you don't have to worry about it. "

"I understand.Now the operation "Ultra-Eclair Mass Production" is finally going. "

Esha says so, somehow the maids grab the hem of the skirt with both hands and pose as a cartesian.Len, who was looking at it, did the same thing in a hurry.

-What is this?

As Hayato wondered, the maids removed each cookware from the item bag.And start cooking.An ultra-eclair ingredient was made on the long table in the dining room.

The cookware removed may be a frying pan or a giant meat-cutting knife, but in this game, you can cook with any cookware, so there's no problem.

(I don't feel uncomfortable when I look at it.I make coffee with a knife, too)

Having watched it for a while, Hayato tried to move to a different location because Len and the maids had no problems and Rosalie, who occasionally came to pick up the ingredients, seemed to be handling it without problems.

Well, Ren-chan, Esha, good luck with the rest.I want to work with the black roses in the store. "

"Yes, good luck!

Len answers with a full smile.

"Will your husband go back to his room?

"No, it looks like Ash is practicing his sword in a multi-purpose hall on the third floor, so I'm going to make a reconstruction item there."

"Can I go check it out later?

"I don't know what I'm going to see, but I definitely won't.Ren-chan is the only one who can come. "

"I see. But, Asha-san, I can't believe you're feeling gelatin 'up to your brother...!

"Ren-sama has made a terrible mistake.It's a mistake to say the ocean is a mountain - see, that's what I mean. "

Soon, Esha and Len were surrounded by other maids.And I'm talking to Wye.And Rosalier, who came to get the ingredients, looked at it and figured it out.Lunaria and the members of the Black Rose also joined.

Hayato quickly escapes and moves to the third floor.

(She will do the work, but it may not be possible for a while.Well, I guess it's okay because the people gathered besides what I thought.)

On the third floor, Ash was pretending to be a dragon eater.

The more you pretend, the better your mastery and Attack, the less this game works.The ability to land an attack is affected by the person's physical abilities.

Hayat looked at Ash blurry thinking that masturbation was supposed to allow his head to move before he realized it.

When Ash noticed Hayato, he stopped pretending and approached.

"How was it? Do you think you can handle the food?

"I'm doing something else right now, but I think you'll do your best when it's over."

"Then I'm relieved.By the way, how long do you think we'll be ready?

"Well... it depends on today, but I think we'll have it tomorrow.Maybe if we make about 200 pieces, we can handle it. "

Ultra Eclair takes 30 minutes on Star Five, 20 minutes on Star Four, and 15 minutes on Star Three.Two is enough for five stars, but four for three stars.Hayato thought that if all the members of the mercenary regiment and the Black Dragon could be put together, they would have about 200 fights.

"Then pray not to have a stampede in the Spirit Kingdom today and tomorrow."

"When I wake up, I have to defend myself when I wake up.There's only one facility in Spirit Land, isn't there?It's a big tree. "

"It's a world tree.That's the facility.It's easy to protect only one facility, but it's unexpectedly troublesome because it's easy to attack.I think it would be better if there were more than one facility - is Hayat making reconstruction items here?

"Oh, I won't disturb you."

"I'm not interrupting.Oh, yes, I wanted to thank Hayato again.Thank you for letting me live in this hub. "

"What are you talking about?It's for the escort, right? I'm the one thanking you. "

Hayat will not be targeted by hardliners.Vale tells me to stay with Ash and the others, so the hardliners won't act like they're taking Hayat.But it's like Hayat and Vel's closeness, and Ash and the others don't know it.

I don't know, but Hayato thinks it's his turn to thank Hayato if he can escort me with a living escort.

"That's not true.Len seems to be having fun every day. "


"You've been living in this hub for three meals in the morning, lunch and evening, right?It seems like we've been eating lunch together with Asha, but lately we've eaten together a lot.Everyday seems to be fun. "

Hayat has been eating with Ash and Ren since they started living, immediately after morning login, before day logout, and immediately after night login.

"When I found out about my father, I was the only one eating with him.At one point, there was no one around because of the dragon's curse.I think that now we can have fun eating with everyone, and that living together is fresh and fun.I wanted to thank you for that. "

"As always, Ren-chan thinks so.I wanted to thank Ren-chan for having dinner with Vel. "

"I'm Len's brother.Besides, sometimes it's more a promise to Mom than to my sister. "

"... I see.Don't let them hate you too much. "

(I don't think this is a planted emotion.Probably something similar happened in real life)

As Hayato thought so, he heard a vigorous sound coming up the stairs.

It was Len who showed up.

"Ha, Hayato!Help me, please! Mr. Esha has taken out the Belzeve!Mr. Lunaria is holding us back now, but I don't think we're going to last that long!

"What are you doing?

"Love bananas are scary... I thought they were sweeter and sour, but it was surprisingly violent.This is the stampede of love...!

"It's Ren who's been running wild lately, right?Ah, Ash, I'm sorry, but I need your help. "

"I'm sorry. I don't want to participate in that stampede...."

"You're my escort, right?

Having made up his mind, Hayat and Ash went to the cafeteria with Len.