Another Frontier Online

Limit Dragonization

The next day, Hayato started making ultra-eclairs because of the abundance of materials, despite all the troubles.

Hayato works in the dining room as usual.

Ash was drinking coffee in the cafeteria today because there were no black rose members or maids.Len and Asha are there, drinking their favorite juices.

"Still, Mr. Esha, I was surprised yesterday.I didn't expect you to take out Belzeve. "

"That was Mr Ren's fault.It's not because I'm saying it's different. "

"Huh? Even so, how about we take out the gun?"

"We had a lot of colleagues, so we did it the same way as the maid's guild.I'm reflecting on that.But you need to use force to make your point. "

"... Mr. Esha or what are the maids doing in the maid guild...?

Maid training?

Len looked unconvincing, but she kept making ultra-eclairs, thinking that Hayato was still there.

Hayato has been kidnapped by a maid guild.I have no hesitation in using force from that maid chief.I wonder if that affects me.

In addition, I delivered swords and other items to the maid guild in support of the reconstruction of King's City.I've heard the word militant before, so it must be quite a force.

(Does the Butler Guild with Mr. Relic have that much power?I supported reconstruction somewhat, but I heard that it was kind of popular with female players and fixed quickly.)

A Butler Guild that is fighting for hegemony with a made-up guild.It would be normal to think that the more you fight for hegemony, the more you will need combat power.Hayato didn't hear that from Relic, but somehow he thought so.

(Thanks to Relic and the maid director, things seem to be going well with the Alliance these days and nothing strange will happen.)

Hayato keeps making ultra-eclairs silently with that in mind.

After a while, Ash called out.

"I haven't seen Nay and the others lately, but what are you doing?

"Ney and the others are going to pick thunderbolts and snowflakes.It looks like Pat and the others are here, as expected, and the samples are not ready. "

"Really?I wonder if Hayato's super-eclairs would help?

"Yes, but I'm pretending that I need those grasses to keep my hands from leaking.Without that grass, we can't prevent the poison and paralysis, so I'm going to alarm the next stampede. "

He tells Nay and the others to come home defeated by Pats.I can't make medicine without grass.If you think so, it was a maneuver to induce the opponent to be alarmed.

It has been confirmed in the Magic Land that hard-line dragons will be attacked in human form during stampede.If you're going to pick grass, Pat and the others will have to protect it, and it will be effective to nail it to the place.

Nay says it's not good to lose on purpose, but he tells them it's a plan and agrees to it.

"I think we can finish it by the end of the day, so get ready to fight.When stampede happens, it's up to the opponent. "

"That's true.However, the stolen treasure shards will be recovered in a direct confrontation, so we can only do it at this time.The problem is combat power.You might have to speak up a lot. "

"Do you think Agnes has the hidden treasure shards he's been robbed of?

"That's right. The shards of the treasure taken from King's Landing belong to Agnes.I intend to settle in the mountains of Boboda, his territory. "

The mountain of Boboda is a famous hunting ground with many dragons.Hayat went there with Ash and the others.

And every two hours, a dragon called Agresberion, which boasts considerable strength, appears as a rare monster.We can't defeat a small party, so we need to gather quite a few people to crush them.

The only way to take back the Shard of the Treasure is to defeat the Agressberion.

It's not a stampede, so there aren't hundreds of people out there like in a massive battle, and they need to be defeated in a normal battle.Less than fifty, including the men of Ash and Nay.At least a hundred people will be needed.

However, this is a normal fight.There is no tie to your country, anyone can join the fight.

(Ask your clan members and everyone else to help you.And why don't you ask Adrian from the Devil's Summon Monster Society?I hardly have any contact with it, but should I contact Bandit's clan...?

Bandit, Hayato's number one clan in the rankings when they fought in clan wars.The leader seems dumb, but Hayato thinks he was quite the person to talk to.

In the Clan War, he was finally in fifth place and received a prize, but he didn't hear that he retired from the game.Even now, I've heard stories about killing rare monsters.

Hayat doesn't know anything about the Devil Summon Monsters and clans other than Bandit who fought in the Clan War, but he thinks he retired after seeing no rumors.

The NPC hates this game for not suspending your account, but for doing something that is not humane.It's completely packed in this game.It would only be a waste to pay monthly fees in a situation where there are significant restrictions on games, such as not being in town or being put in jail.I can't make another character, so I have to retire.

(Bloodnite Gardell was asking the Bandit Guild to sabotage another clan.I heard the NPC caught me, so I think I'll be in jail even if I log in.I don't want to fight with you, even if you didn't retire.)

Having thought so much, Hayato thought.

I remember what Ash said in the mountains of Boboda before.

"Speaking of which, didn't Ash say he could defeat Agnes if he turned into a dragon?

"I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you, but somehow my dragonization is restricted."


"I feel like I can't transform unless I meet some conditions.I've never seen anything like this before... but maybe the hardliners did something.Nevertheless, I don't think Hayato will be able to defeat Suien or Agres without transforming. "

(Does it meet the conditions?What did Dieter do with the backup?

This event is not set by the original dite, but by the backup dite.I wonder if it's possible to set that up for Ash.

Hayat saw Len talking to Esha.Because I thought there might be some kind of restriction on Len.

I stopped trying to talk for a moment.This reminded me of a delicate problem.

Ash, Len, and the so-called Genesis Dragons are naked when in a dragon state.When it was discovered during the Clan War, Hayato was also called a sexual harassment bastard by Esha.

Hayato stopped cooking and whispered to Ash.

"Ash, is Len restricted?I don't usually do it, but I can't dragonize it. "

"No, what do you think?I don't talk about that either... because it was hard before. "

It seems that Ash also remembered that time and tried not to follow the same path.I would say it's wise.

"In Len's case, I don't normally transform, and it's okay, right?The Dragon Curse is strong and doesn't need to be a dragon. "

I see.I don't think you should poke the pigeon. "

Hayat and Ash nodded to each other.

"Niisan, what are you talking about with Hayato?

"Whether Len can transform into a dragon..."

That's what Ash said, and the surroundings freeze.It may be said that the glacial age is coming back.Hayato, of course, had never experienced it, but I felt that way.

"Niisan, I need to talk to you for a second."

"Chi, no.It's important.I wonder if that's what Len thinks because I'm restricted from becoming a dragon. "

When Ash hurried to say so, the glacial period ended.

She feels ashamed, but because it's important, Len is going to answer.

"Looks like I can't dragonize either.I haven't tried it in the last few years, but I can feel it somehow. "

I see.I'm sorry about that. Tell me about it. "

"Oh, I'm sorry too.I should have taken a little more care of it.But thank you for telling me. "

Len looked complicated, but raised her face as if she had noticed something.

"Hayato, I'm hurt."

"Even with that smile."

"Isn't there some kind of ultra-eclair left?I'd love to try it!This is it! We need to see if it works!

The highest quality of ultra-eclairs is quite likely to be made.Even at this stage, there were quite a few stars.Nevertheless, I would like to avoid wasting it.Then I decided to give you the super-eclair of the stars with a short effect time.

Um, if you're a star three, you can have one.

"I did it! So please!

"The taste is inferior to the five stars because it is three stars, but I hope that it will be real.I'll give you two stars that day. "

Hayato gave Len the super-eclair of the three stars.

Len smiled with a fairly large eclair.And after looking a little, I opened my mouth wide and caught by it.And chew.

"Wow! It's delicious even on Sun San!I'm looking forward to the show!

"That's good - Esha, I won't give it to you even with that face on."

"Do you still need force in the end?"

"Will you leave Belzeve alone?I'll give you a chocolate parfait, so hold on. "

It was snack time to say it was in the morning, but both of them were eating deliciously, so Hayato started making ultra-eclair again.