Another Frontier Online

Bandit's Base

After mass-producing ultra-eclairs to counter Phantom Dragons, Hayato and the others arrived at a facility where they could apply for clans in King Anhemdal.

The purpose is to investigate the clan's "Bandit" stronghold.

You can find basic information about your clan at this facility.Bandit is a famous clan, but Hayat doesn't know where the base is.Ash and Len escorted me here to check it out.

Phantom Dragon's countermeasures are over.Anyway, I don't know when Stampede will happen.Then I intend to proceed with the measures planned for Aggressberion after that.

There was a plan to defeat Agressberion first, but if a stampede occurs in the Spirit Kingdom during the battle, there is no way to fight first.

And the Agressberion countermeasure can be solved simply by increasing manpower.

There are monsters in this game, Anather Frontier Online, who cannot win without a hundred-person battle.

Hayato had heard that Aggressberion was one of them and had been defeated by about a hundred people before.Because Ney and the others have joined in the crusade.

There are still regular mob squads, like festivals, but recently, mob squads have been stationary and it is difficult for new members to join them.

Since it is only a normal fight, there is party attack priority, etc.Because that's why it's hard to fight unless you use a partying system.

Hayat thought of gathering people by his own hand.One of them is Clan "Bandit".

(I may not be able to help my lost clan, but that leader seems to be able to talk quite a bit.I don't think you will help me out with total goodwill, but I think you can handle it if the conditions are good)

I think that is influenced by the Devil's Summon Monster Research Council.When Hayat met Adrian at the herbal shop, he was applying to each other for permission to chat.

And when I asked for your help in the fight against Agressberion, I was told that if there were no problems at the time and date, I would help.However, there is a condition that we will help them if there is anything else they need.As Hayato, I naturally understand that you should do that much.

I thought maybe Bandit could do it because it was easy to install cooperation.

(Well, that's no good.After all, the maids of the maid guild, the butler guild butlers, and Maris are asking the Tamer Guild people, and I don't think the headcount is a problem.I also had Ivan contact me through Esha.With the Demon King and the brave, we can handle it.)

In addition, he asked Cecil, the collector, and Noat, the Primadonna.Quite a powerful team, I suppose.

Nevertheless, if you have a strong player, you will never get past it.You may also be able to help us play games in the future.

Hayat checked Bandit's base and headed there.

Bandit's stronghold was far from King's Landing.

(It's farther away than I thought.A clan like that wouldn't be strange to be near King's Landing.)

You can say that the clan's base will remain the status of the clan.Having a base in a place with a lot of players means that the clan is good.

Hayato's clan, the Black Dragon, was built right next to King's Landing because of a start dash at the start of the game.

It is no exaggeration to say that Hayato and Nay were pioneers in their respective fields at the dawn of the game, when everything was at hand.

Hayat did not have a base at the time and was doing open-air things in King's Landing.

Earn money, improve your production skills, and sell your items open-air while doing quests throughout the city.Hayato, who could not fight, was playing the game that way.

There, Nay came to buy the item and was willing to belong to the clan.Afterwards, the clan grew up with people they liked.

Leader Nay always wanted to do something new.

Go places where no one has ever been, defeat monsters that no one has ever defeated, and get items that no one has ever had.I liked that sort of thing.

Hayato uses his production skills to process what he gets.Sometimes we use it ourselves, sometimes we sell it.Unusual items are traded at a high price, so for a time, the Black Dragon was the clan with the most money.

At the time, fewer players had enough money to buy land to build a base.Hayat tried to build a base in the best place anyway, destroying the base he had originally used, and then building a base at his current location near King's Landing.

I thought Bandit had built a base near the King's City in a similar way, but that was not the case at all, and there was a base in a slightly inconvenient place to go to the King's City.

(I thought you were a member of that clan since the start of the game, but didn't you start the game during the Clan War?That would be amazing.)

A lot of people have started this game since the Clan War event started.Skill development is tough, but higher physical abilities are more likely to win interpersonal battles.Hayato began to wonder if Bandit was of that type.

But looking at Bandit's base, I realized it was a mistake.

There are multiple castle-like bases.In addition to Bandit's base, there are nine nearby.In other words, ten bases were densely populated.

(You mean you're allying?

There is no such thing as an alliance that works systematically between clans.But there is a clan of friends.Only ten clans can register, so it's common for multiple clans to build bases nearby and behave like the same clan.

But this is the first time Hayato has seen such a massive thing.

(I see. Now we can't build a base near King's Landing.That's right, there's no land.)

Around King's Landing and Imperial Landing are fierce war zones.The price of the land has also jumped considerably.But a little further away, a fairly large piece of land can be purchased at that price.If we build ten bases, we'll need the land, but there's no problem around here.

"Is this where Bandit is based?It's kind of amazing. "

Ash says that, and Len looks at the base with her mouth slightly open.

"The clan itself is ten, but Bandit may be a clan of hundreds."

Hayato and the others approach Bandit's stronghold and knock on the door.

A few seconds later, the door opened and a man came out.

"Who is it?"

The man stopped for a moment and looked at Hayato.

"Maybe Hayato of Daedalus?

"Nice to meet you.Excuse me, I'd like to see Bandit's leader. Are you here now?

Today is a weekday. And in the morning.Working hours in the workplace for the average working class.Nevertheless, a Bandit-level clan leader thought he'd be here from this hour.

"I'm here... what can I do for you?

"Actually, I wanted to ask for your help in the negotiation."

"Help us?... that sounds a little interesting.Then just give me a minute and I'll ask him. "

That's what the man said and closed the door.But the door will open soon.

"I'd love to see you.I'll show you around. Follow me. "

"Then I'll disturb you."

Hayato and the others walked behind the man.

The base appeared to imitate the castle in appearance, but so did the inside.There is an entrance just outside the entrance and a large staircase in the middle.

The leader appeared to be upstairs, climbing the stairs, and then walking down the long hallway to the front door.

A man knocks and then pushes open doors.

There was a luxurious table and Bandit's leader sitting at the top.

"Hey, it's been a long time, I haven't seen you in almost six months, how are you?

"Yeah, thanks.I'm sorry about today. "

"No, no, I don't mind.Besides, I thought you might like to hear something interesting.Even if I had an appointment, I'd give it priority. "

"Thank you very much."

(Well, first of all, I'm impressed, but what do you think?)

Hayat smiled at a man dressed as a barbarian while sitting in a recommended chair.