Another Frontier Online

Negotiating with Bandit

There was only the other leader and Hayato in the room.

The man who guided me left the room after preparing drinks and tea treats on the table.

"Let me introduce myself first.I'm Jolt, the leader of Bandit.I don't need the title, so I want you to call me as it is.And I'm not good at being tough, so please don't be respectful.I have to tell you, I can't use it. "

"Uh, okay.Then I will. I... "

"No, it's okay because I know.Hayato, is that man Ash and woman Len?

"Do you know him well?

"That's right. Our clan lost only to Daedalus, and it's only natural to investigate that clan.Hey, that did it.I didn't think there was a demon king.And a special maid.I've got some amazing people. "

"Um, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry."

"Never mind.It's just a story of losing a game according to the rules.I'm sorry, but I don't want you to apologize.However, if there is a clan war next time, I won't lose. "

"Please soften your hands then."

Jolt nodded with a smile before drinking tea.Then you look serious and gaze at Hayato.

"So I'm asking for your help, but what kind of help?

"I'm going to defeat Agnes Berion next time, but I was wondering if you could join me."

"To Agressberion? Oh, I see, we're going to get back the shards of the secret treasure.That's what our investigation team said.There's a chance we could take it back if we defeat it directly... well, there was Ash there.Dead Dragon Ash Brandle. Then it was reliable information. "

(Survey team? Is it possible that Agressberion was half-hearted that he had a shard of the secret treasure?Sure, Diete asked Ash for this information - well, that would be quick.)

"So, what do you think?I have a good number of people here, but it would be better if there were more strong allies. "

Jolt smiled at Hayato's words.

It's not an offensive laugh that makes people laugh, but it's a bit hateful.

"You're not gonna deny it, are you?I wonder if there's any benefit here. "


"You've seen this hub and the surroundings, right?Agressburion can defeat our clan and its allies alone.I wonder if there's any advantage in helping.It's like you gave me the information for free. "

(... it was so nice that you relaxed too much)

You will have given the information without any consideration.It is information that Hayato can tell me separately, but it is highly likely that it could be used for some kind of negotiation.Though the opponent was expecting some, he should have been dumb.

Well, I wondered what was going on, and Jolt was trying to keep laughing.

"Speaking of virtual reality, Hayato doesn't really show up.But on the contrary, I don't think it is good to have a feeling of discomfort.I was a little mean, but it would be helpful if you thought it was a joke.But I don't want to help you for free. "

"Do I have to pay for it?

"I don't need it because I can make money.I want information.Yes - for example, how to make a Dragon Eater Replica.Also, if you knew how to make the gun that the maid had, please let me know. "

Hayat can't hide his surprise.Indeed, the dragon eater replica sold at auctions and so on was made by Hayato.Some Ash has a real dragon eater that is not a replica, so I may have predicted it from there, but it's too accurate.

Jolt stared at Hayato with a smile.

"The dragon eater replica sold at auction was made by Hayato, wasn't it?I checked the merchants and found out that everyone belonged to Ash's mercenary regiment.And no one in the crew has blacksmith skills.I think only Hayato, who will become a mutual acquaintance, will be able to make it every time.

While thinking that Hayato was sharp, he wondered how to answer.

I don't know how to manufacture Belzeve, so I can't answer.It's not much trouble to find out about the Dragon Eater Replica.Until now, I had kept it a secret to earn money, but it was a delicate place to treat it because I went to some extent to the players.

Nevertheless, I don't know if it is possible to give the manufacturing method in the first place.Ash would definitely give it to me, but I've never tried to give it to Hayato himself.

"Thin reaction, isn't it?Maybe we were wrong about this?

"That's right... well, it's nothing to hide, so I'll tell you.First of all, I don't know how to make a gun, but I did make a dragon eater replica.So of course I know how to make it.But I don't know if I can teach you how to make it. "

I knew it! Our investigation team is excellent.The information you've been looking into is always accurate - now that you've given me one piece of information, why don't I return one?It's not fair to just take it. "

Return it?

"I can tell you how to make it by writing down the items you can do and the ingredients on paper.This was definitely investigated and tried by our investigation team and verification team.I'm sure Hayato did the same, but you found the method paper from the dungeon chest, didn't you?In my case, I can't remember because the members of the manufacturing team who are producing the items will never go to the dungeon.I knew I could do that after all the trials and mistakes. "

"That's the first time I've heard of it."

There are three pieces of information that are known.It's true that someone can teach you how to make new items in Dungeon Crates.And it is likely that Jolt does not know the information that NPC can teach him how to manufacture it.As for Hayat, I'm more than happy with the information.

Hayato has been able to add new manufacturing items only through the NPC.However, in the future, we can increase the number of items that can be made in this way.

When this Stampede event is over, I'm starting to think it's not a bad idea to focus on that.As Hayato, who calls himself the Production Jazz, I want to be able to make all the items.

(I have more fun.If you ask Diete-chan, she will answer right away, but that's not enough.)

It's no exaggeration to say that you have the game's strategy book over Dite, but it deprives you of the pleasure of discovering it.In Hayato's case, I thought the fun of the game was unknown, so I decided not to listen to it in the future.

"Well, how about that?If you tell me how to make it on paper, I'll help you fight Agressberion. "

Hayat saw Ash.This manufacturing method came from Ash.Because I couldn't decide if I could just give it to you by my own will.

Ash noticed Hayato's gaze, but after thinking for a moment, he said, "Can I have a moment?I talked to Jolt.

"I can tell you how to make it, but I'd like to do it after I join the fight against Agressberion."

"It's not like you don't believe in Hayato, but you didn't tell me you cooperated."

Hayato remembers a long time ago when he had a similar exchange.

"I'm not asking you to join me.If you can't drink it, the negotiations will be broken. "

(I'm sure you're right, but Ash is pretty strong.)

Jolt put his arms together for a while and thought about it, but he exhaled a lot before looking at Ash.

"... my goodness.Are you going to lose the negotiation?All right, we're losing.I will help you crush Agressberion.Instead, you teach me how to make a Dragon Eater Replica.Is that all right?

"Is Hayato okay with that?

"Of course I don't mind.But Jolt pulled back a lot easier, didn't he?Isn't there something behind it?

"No, no, there's no back.However, I would like to continue to have a friendly relationship with my clan in Daedalus.I wonder if this is proof of that trust. "

"I see. Then we will continue to work together."

Hayat stood up and raised his right hand.Jolt also stood up and shook his hand over the table.